5 Fun Things you Could do with your Partner – 2024 Guide

Seeing couples in love who really know how to enjoy hanging out together is a wonderful thing – it’s all about those moments when people forget about everything and focus on each other. After all the obligations and assignments during the day, sometimes we forget about the fact that our partner also needs our attention and that you need some mutual relaxation.

Socializing and spending time with a loved one helps us run away from all the things that make us stressed or angry. That annoying colleague at work, an argument with a friend, having a bad day, the pressure… everything. Regardless of whether you’d like to work on your relationship with your partner, or just get an idea for some new, fresh activities you can do together, don’t think twice and get active.

There are so many wonderful things that await you to discover their charms together, and we have selected a few that are our personal favorites. Let’s see what they’re about.

Make a book lover club

Are you and your partner book lovers? Or are you one of those people who always complain about not having time to read? Well – this needs to change. And is there any better way of changing it than doing it together? Not really! Set aside particular days during the month when you and your partner need to read a book. You choose. Try to pick the one that will be compelling for both of you – if you two like the same genres of books and movies, this shouldn’t be difficult.

However, if you don’t usually agree with their choices, try to find a compromise. Classics, mystery Agatha-Christie-vibe novels and stories, romantic tear-jerkers… whatever makes you happy.

Once you read it, choose the evening, make some super cool dinner and discuss the book. It doesn’t matter if your opinions don’t match – that’s the charm of this activity.  This could be a great source of deep conversations and opinion swapping and it might help you get to know some brand new things about each other.

Play board and video games

Remember those almost forgotten games from our childhood, like Cluedo, Monopoly, Ludo…? Who says that you need to be a kid to remind yourself of those funny times? It’s shopping time – hand in hand, go together and buy some old-school board games, playing cards, dominoes, and bring a whole bunch of new challenges home with you.  You can even organize tournaments – daily, weekly, monthly – and the winner should get a special reward of his choice.

Even better, you can play some old-gold, or some brand-new video and PC games – together or against each other.  It’s so much fun to get all competitive and remember some lovely earlier periods when you were children.

Discover new parts of the city

Walking is perhaps the simplest activity of all. It’s free, you don’t need any equipment or additional things, and it can be as small or as big a challenge as you want it to be. If you’re able to set aside some time on weekends, try to get out of the hustle and bustle and run to nature – it’s been proven that it reduces stress and improves mood. Make a lovely picnic or spend the day hitch-hiking – far from any distractions, you can enjoy each other’s company and be healthier at the same time.

Also, we’re sure that your town is full of the places you’ve never visited before. And even if it isn’t – if you have a car, you can easily stop by the nearest place around your city and discover some fresh date sites. If you don’t have a car – rent one. Hire bicycles or motorbikes. Go by bus or train. No excuses.

Start doing sports or working out together

We all have those decisions – I’m going to start eating healthier starting from Monday, I’m going to start exercising on Monday, I’m going to throw all sweets from the house, again on Monday… Monday that never comes. If you lack motivation, don’t start this journey alone. Instead, include a partner in your daily routine. In this way, you’ll get closer to them and motivate one another, and at the same time bring yourselves into top-form. Play tennis, run, sweat in the gym, go for a swim, chase a soccer ball… The possibilities are endless and it’s all about the compromise.

Also, along with physical activity, there goes a healthy diet that you should never forget to practise. But both of you need to stick to that! Sit down and make a mutual diet plan, then enjoy cooking some new, delicious meals. Not only will you become a better cook – you will also expand your menu and take care of your nutrition for your own good. The website is, among other online places, a true treasure trove full of amazing nutrition and healthy life tips and will undoubtedly benefit you in this adventure.

Go to concerts together

Are you two listening to the same music? If this is the case, everything is much easier. You never argue about the radio-station you’ll listen to while you’re having breakfast in the morning, or the song in the car that you love,  but that he hates. In such cases, it’s a great idea to search the Internet for all upcoming concerts and gigs in your town (and even out of it, why not!), purchase some tickets and go have some fun together. It’s an amazing feeling to hear your favorite songs live, and the presence of a loved one only adds to the enjoyment and euphoria.

In case you two aren’t really on the same page when it comes to the choice of music artists, songs and genres, nothing happens – you can still try to make a compromise and choose the concerts of artists you both can listen to. They don’t have to be your favorite ones, but what matters is that both of you will have a good time – and not only one of you. Take photos, listen to music, let yourself have an amazing time and make some memories that will never fade.

If you have already experienced those famous butterflies in your stomach – we advise you to keep them around. Do as many fun things as possible together, and never let yourself get bored. Simply forget about time, computers, TV and your mobile phones, and take advantage of every precious moment you two are spending together. If you want a hilarious spin, check out Ownage pranks which will give you some prank ideas for you and your partner!

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