Signs You Sexually Satisfy Your Partner

Are you wondering if your partner is sexually satisfied? This doesn’t make you dependent or needy. According to experts, seeking validation is completely normal. This is a powerful motivator of human behavior. There’s no reason to feel down, considering many psychologists concur that validation impacts your life positively, not just your sex life.

Here are a few signs you satisfy your partner.

Your Partner Initiates It

If you’re the only one who initiates sex (or neither of you does), that’s definitely a sign of dissatisfaction. On the other hand, your partner enjoys sex with you if they initiate it regularly.

You Cuddle After Sex

Sexually satisfied couples like to caress, cuddle, and share intimate moments after sex. Postcoital affection is more appealing to women than men and increases their satisfaction that much more.

Postcoital Flirting

If he’s flirting after sex, that’s a sure sign he’s impressed with your skills.

They Have a Positive Attitude

If your partner seems upbeat overall (and assuming you’re doing it regularly), the indication is pretty clear. Sexually unsatisfied people tend to be distant, irritable, moody, or depressed.

Sex is not an Issue

If sex is good, it’s not an issue in the relationship. It only becomes one when it’s not. Your partner is happy with what they’re getting if it seems like neither of you has a problem.

You’re Constantly Switching Things Up

Are they continually enhancing their repertoire of sexual skills? That means they want to reciprocate and make you happy. This is particularly the case for men because they tend to be more competitive.

You’re always trying new things, new positions, and new sex toys. If it feels like you’ve tried it all, rest assured that you haven’t. Read books and magazines, or watch erotic films together. Try a new type of realistic dildo toy. There may be aids you didn’t suspect existed! Check out this guide for most realistic product choices.

You’re Secure About Your Skills

You know you have skills if you’re not easy to threaten sexually. We live in a world where sex is a mouse click away. People who feel confident and secure about their skills are usually amazing between the sheets.

You Don’t Plan Sex

Unplanned sex is a sign your partner is satisfied. It’s not only one of the most common fantasies but also means you can’t wait to do it, which means they love sex with you.

They Examine Your Privates

Getting up close is a sign they are sexually satisfied and means they are creative in the sack. If they have an affinity for examining your privates, they are into you.

You Love Doing It

The extent to which you enjoy it is an obvious sign you’re good in bed. People who have satisfying sex are always looking for ways to enhance their experience. They are proud of their skills and aim to be the best.

The truth of the matter is that people who love what they do are usually good at it. This goes for almost everything, including sex.

You Don’t Brag, but They Do

People who show off their skills verbally are normally trying to make up for something; it’s a golden rule. A sign your partner is satisfied is if you never brag about your sex life or your sexual skills. On the other hand, your partner might brag to friends about how good your sex life is. This is not meant to be offensive to you. They are only letting people know how happy they are.

They go Down on You all the Time

Someone who’s extremely committed to your sexual satisfaction and your sexual relationship will regularly give you oral sex. You two have a super satisfying intimate relationship if oral is happening all the time.

These are the sex-related signs of satisfaction, but there are also others which are not strictly related to coitus. They are rather behavioral in nature. We look at them below.

You’re a Good Listener

Being a good listener is a sign that you’re also good in bed. This is a form of behavior that spills off into all areas of life. Active listeners are interested, committed, generous, and sympathetic. Active listening helps create trust in a relationship.

Research shows listening is a skill worth developing (or improving) from enhanced empathy to improved relationship satisfaction, including sexual.

You can become a better listener. Here are a few simple tips to follow.

Restate and Summarize

Repeating significant details or facts to your partner sends the message that you grasp what they’re trying to tell you. When they’re done talking, look for ways to link the details, summarize, and ask if what you picked up is accurate.

Encourage Them

Minimal gestures help demonstrate interest and include the following, among others:

  • Have open body language
  • Make direct eye contact
  • Nod your head
  • Maintain an engaged expression

You’re Perceptive

You’re probably satisfying your partner if you think you are. Experts say you should trust your intuition regarding your sexual prowess. If you’re naturally perceptive, you’re good at reading the room. This includes how your partner assesses your sexual performance.

Understanding Your Motivation

As we stated in the beginning, there’s nothing wrong with seeking validation, including sexual validation. However, you need to explore your motivations for your partner’s approval. Are you wondering if they are satisfied because you want to make them happy, because you’re seeking recognition, or because you’re afraid they’ll cheat on you if you’re not good?

Studies have shown that many people stray because the emotional connection to their partner is absent. Unsatisfying sex isn’t the only cause of cheating. This isn’t meant to make you feel even worse; far from it. It’s only to say your relationship’s sum total is not defined by sex.    

Final Thoughts

Good communication is the essence of a healthy relationship, so just ask if you’re still unsure whether you satisfy them. They will either put your fears to rest or suggest an improvement. With so many toys out there, that’ll be easy to achieve.  

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