5 Reasons why Vape Pens are the Best Option to Quit Smoking

A conscious decision to quit smoking is the first step towards becoming a nonsmoker. The decision can be made because of many things, be it the need for a healthier life, the need for being a good role model to your children, saving some money, or only getting rid of the addiction. Out of all these, the need to become a healthy role model to your children is perhaps the most important since deeds speak more than words. With all the smoking bans implemented in many cities, it is hard not to feel like a second-class citizen when you want to smoke publicly. You always have to go outside or enter a smoking zone (like the ones in airports) where you feel special.

Methods to quit smoking are also plenty, from programs and courses to various substitutes for nicotine. However, there’s one that has proven to be highly effective. It’s switching to vape pens or e-cigarettes. Vape pens have many advantages comparing to other methods. Their purpose is to satisfy your need for nicotine, excluding all the health risks that come with tobacco smoking. Here are five reasons why vape pens are the best option to quit smoking. Find on this link more information about the best kits and ingredients that will adapt better to your condition, making the transition even more doable

1. No more coughing

A typical side-effect all the smokers get after they spend some time smoking is the cough. As soon as you’re out of bed, it welcomes you, not stopping until a couple of minutes pass. It irritates you and all those around you. Moreover, it shows you can expect some more breathing complications in the future.

The first benefit of switching to vaping most smokers’ notice is the cough is gone. This awful ritual of morning cough is gone. The reason for it to begin in the first place is that cigarette smoke containing dangerous toxins damage the back part of the throat, causing slime to accumulate. When you quit, you cough all the slime out, and you’re done. Vaping pens do not cause further damages and slime accumulation.

You’ll be surprised by one more thing. Some don’t even notice how cigarette smoke affects their taste receptors located on the tongue, reducing the intensity of the taste. When you start vaping and put cigarettes aside, the blood circulation inside the tongue increases, resulting in food becoming tastier than ever. It’s exactly the reason many ex-smokers put on weight as soon as they quit. Why wouldn’t they, when the food finally gets its taste again? Also, nicotine pouches are a new class of tobacco product which is employed similar to a kind of smokeless tobacco pocket. To know more about this product, visit

2. Breathing becomes more comfortable, and there’s no more passive smoking

Having no crisis for nicotine, you start breathing again as a result of switching to vape pens. Normally. It’s not a secret that the toxins from the cigarettes are seriously damaging your lungs, making unconscious action, such as breathing one hell of a job. Tiring, even. Hydrogen cyanide prevents the lungs from cleaning the usual way. Toxins cause lung swelling, narrowing down the circulation of oxygen. Vaping pens are free of all these toxins, enabling lungs to regenerate themselves.

As a result of no toxins, you’ll notice the blood circulation is normal again. Carbon dioxide is no longer preventing oxygen from reaching your vital organs. It’s no longer accumulating in your blood vessels. And all this time, you’re vaping.

A burden you used to carry as being the smoker of a house making everyone else around you a passive smoker, suddenly stops. Since vaping is toxins free, you can smoke all you want, wherever you want, without being haunted about suffocating other people.

3. Financial reasons

When you calculate how much you have spent on smoking at the end of the month, you realize this money could have been used for a much better cause. Finance is the most common excuse for people neglecting themselves. The reality is many are allocating money for less important habits, like smoking. Once you switch to vaping and calculate the expenses at the end of the month, you’ll be surprised to notice that for a price of 20-40 tobacco cigarettes, you can buy almost a hundred e-cigarettes. For the same amount of nicotine! It’s also not a secret that smoking is the leading cause of premature death, influencing the costs of your life insurance, as well.

We come to the conclusion that vaping saves you money in many ways, by getting cheaper life insurance and not spending as much money as before on cigarettes.

4. Normal social life returns

It’s a fact that smokers carry tobacco stench wherever they go. It goes deep inside the skin pores. No matter how many showers one has, it’s inexhaustible. Besides having cool shapes, which you can check out on, vape pens don’t stink. On the contrary, they smell the way you want them to smell. Meaning that you can choose what kind of flavor you want, based on which you’ll smell. Say goodbye to stinky clothes or an ashtray breath. People will no longer run away from you, avoiding to tell you why. You may save your environment from burnouts for the same reason. You no longer need an ashtray; therefore, you’ll reduce waste.

In the beginning vaping was allowed everywhere. However, some venues prevent it now. In any case, you’ll have more possibilities of enjoying indoors.

5. Addiction reduction

A few studies have been made to test how vaping influences the reduction of the smoking habit. Two groups of people were tested. One was given a nicotine substitute of their choice (bubble gums, stickers, and other things) for three months. The other was given a vaping pen with a four-week supply. Both received psychological support for a month. The results have shown those who vaped decreased smoking habit by 50%.

Surely, those who already switched to vaping can add at least a couple of more points to the list of benefits. Now it’s on you to make the right choice and start vaping.

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