How to Solve Complex and Chaotic Business Problems with AI?

Artificial intelligence is applicable in many business aspects, and very often it can come to so obvious solutions, we couldn’t even see before. Every business is different and we all meet with different issues as we run it, but if the AI is properly implemented, a lot of the business challenges we met can be resolved in a short time. AI often goes together with machine learning, and they are a great combo that can provide objective decisions, create new approaches when something needs to be promoted, how to identify the proper solutions about a particular issue, which tools to use, how to create the right approach, and how to protect your products, and all the data related to the products and privacy should be protected.

Data science is known about the capability to make the decisions for you, even better than you and your whole team can do that. Or at least faster. It uses the known parameters and values, to accomplish faster and more accurate results. We all dream about robots who are capable to work, but on the other hand, it’s the people who create them, assigning them with the appropriate code, so they can work properly. But, we can’t deny the fact that AI is widely used, and will be used in the future too, with significant improvements as time goes by. It delivers a great job, which saves time and money too, and gives you an important insight into what was done, how the customers behaved, and what you can do to improve the performance over time.

Hiring an expert in AI to work with you is one thing you can do to heal and boost your performance. Sometimes, you can go for outsourcing companies that will optimize the whole process for you. is a nice example of how these things can successfully work out when they are implemented properly.
And if you are still not sure is there any benefit of using AI in your business, here are a few things that will assure you its efficiency:

1. Predicting customer behavior and leading them to act as needed

The AI, if properly implemented, can help the customers make the right decision, based on their activity on your website. Also, artificial intelligence can use big amounts of data about a particular user, so they can create a custom offer for them. The everyday user will assume it’s just a coincidence you are offering what they are looking for, but experienced ones will know that your AI solutions are analyzing and utilizing the whole process.

2. Protects you from scams and fraud

Let’s be real, there will always be some customer who will try to scam, so they can get a refund or something extra. Tracking down the whole activity will give you enough information if they are telling the truth, or they try to scam you. The technology behind AI can help you speed up the whole process, track the shipping and transactions, and come up with solutions if something bad happens. They will protect you from spammers and people who are just asking a lot of questions, and never order anything.

3. Support that every customer can hold onto

It’s completely fine to have a group of employees who will provide customer support through phone or email. But, it’s also always better to incorporate AI solutions that can track down the keywords, and recognize what the customer is asking for, and give them some solutions they can use to fix the issue by themselves. Also, if the problem is bigger than it seems, AI can assign the customer to the agent who works on that issue, so they can resolve it together. It creates trust and support every client wants. It’s almost a human-like experience, and usually, all the things are resolved at the initial stage, with an exception when it’s too big, and experts should be involved in the process.

4. Personalization and customization

Customers enjoy online shopping from every device. The AI’s role, in this case, is tracking their activity and behavior, so they can personalize the offer, and provide an exceptional experience to them. It’s really nice when the generic message mentions their name, it’s polite, and gives nice and clear instructions on what to do. Also, the same data can be used for future promotions and personalized approaches, even when a real agent contacts them for some offer. Many scientific results showed that customization will always result in increased sales and profits.

5. Improving the overall productivity

Using the known data about the customers’ behavior, demographics, and preferences, AI can provide better productivity in the whole company. You shouldn’t expect a miracle and significant results over one night, but in a long term, there will be important gaining, and improvements, especially when it comes to productivity. Artificial intelligence is meant to make people better at problem-solving, fixing the damages they made due to bad decisions, create a different approach when they want to take a bigger step, and preventing the potential issues that can come because of the different choices.

6. Automation of the processes

When things are automated, the performance will be better anyway. AI can do that because of the detailed data analysis. Can you imagine learning about behaviors and preferences for thousands of customers? It’s completely impossible, but if you implement the data analysis properly, you will have no problem improving your service by any aspect, like technical solutions, deals, offers, and models, that will enhance the overall performance. It can be used in eCommerce, marketing, healthcare, insurance, financial service, and many other businesses that require an immediate, but still an efficient decision.

At the end of this article, we will only conclude that the tech improvements over time will always have benefits for our businesses if we implement them nicely and properly. It may take some time until you find the right combination of tools that work for your business nicely, but once you do that, you can only wait for the great results to come.

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