Outsourcing Marketing (pros and cons)

Most small and medium-sized companies have contractors for various services, and last but not least for marketing. Outsourcing is a fairly broad concept. Everything can be outsourced, from marketing to web development, which is dearly written in the SpdLoad article. Even if there is a marketer in the staff, he rather controls the work of several agencies or freelancers, since one person does not know how to do everything. And in small companies and a marketer may not be.

At the same time, companies of considerable sizes often require these specialists not in the singular. All these positions are partially combined, because the copywriter needs to think like a marketer, the SEO should also understand not only the keywords, but also what they mean, the designer thinks not only about beauty, but also about functionality. This staff is needed both from the very beginning and for conducting Internet business.

What is more beneficial – to have your own staff or contact the agency that completely replaces it?

Agency advantages:

an assembled team of professionals working together;

a portfolio in which you can find samples of work similar to your business;

budget saving – you do not create jobs, do not hire employees and do not pay taxes for them, do not pay for office and equipment, do not pay monthly salaries to each specialist;

get the results prescribed in the contract;

constantly communicate with the individual manager of your project, who is aware of all ongoing work;

the agency is responsible for its work with reputation and money, it works not only with you and wants only positive feedback;

You do not need to closely monitor the actions of each specialist and do not have to think about marketing in general;

You get analytical reports with detailed reports on budget allocation and the effectiveness of advertising channels;

you save time on the search for each professional and get rid of the risks of working with untrusted or young employees.

Agency cons:

an outsourced marketing agency works not only with you – your company receives only the agreed part of the time and functionality, which in some cases may seem insufficient;

to make any adjustments to the course of work, you need to contact the manager, make an appointment, negotiate the terms of the additional payment;

outsourcing is at a stage of development when there are no universal solutions for any company and a lot depends on the experience of the agency in your particular market segment.

Who needs outsourcing:

Startups – they need to raise their own service, they need hands. Giving leverage to freelance is too risky and can cost big financial losses. If you are starting your own business, hire a one-click specialist office, instead of taking a long time to recruit people one at a time.

Expanding companies that need to introduce new products. More hands are needed, but hiring people in the state seems hasty – go to the outsourcer and hand over old tasks to him or vice versa – new ones.

Companies wishing to increase Internet commerce in all directions, but not having the right staff.

Entrepreneurs who want to save the budget and receive the full range of services from one supplier.

Pros and Cons of Your Own Marketing Department

Own staff that is always at hand. On any day, you can request a personal report of any team member, ask him more about what he is doing at the moment.

The state only works for your company. Day after day, the team only deals with your tasks, which allows you to do the job efficiently and quickly.

Specialists work under one roof and it is easy for them to discuss tasks among themselves.

Time to look for all the professionals – the best have already been grabbed, nothing is clear with the new ones. There is a danger of turnover – they just recruited staff, and then everyone began to diverge.

The costs of maintaining the staff, the payment of salary and deductions to the state treasury.

You do not need all the specialists in the state every day, but you pay for each day or work with a freelancer who does not give any guarantees.

What is marketing outsourcing based on?

Why is outsourcing in the field of marketing communications so in demand? The fact is that, unfortunately, the level of domestic education in this area so far does not satisfy the needs of the market for talented personnel.

Most marketers with diplomas are not ready to get started and perform practical tasks without additional long training.

Marketers working in the field of outsourcing have already managed to get the necessary experience and are now doing exactly the thing in which they are good. In addition to theoretical knowledge, such specialists have practical skills and know how to bring the company to the highest possible positions in relation to competitors using all kinds of tools:

smm promotion

seo optimization

contextual advertising

targeted advertising

content marketing

mobile marketing

Live streams on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram

These are the most popular and effective promotion methods for today, but cool specialists are definitely ready to offer you something that competitors do not yet have. Or at least work with existing tools an order of magnitude higher than your opponents did.

The entire promotion chain is being completed by the sales department, which is ready for these same sales. This is one of the most important tasks – to form a team of managers that will be able to retain and process the flow of customers, and expand the customer base.

Why is the sales team so important? Just imagine what path you have to overcome before the customer wants to buy your product. You invest most of the budget in promotion, marketers say that they work efficiently, back it up with reports, but no sales.

Often this is exactly what happens when managers are not competent enough or simply not ready to work with a client. Therefore, the functions of the sales department also often go to outsourcing.

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