Digital Marketing Agency – What to Expect in 2024

Outsourcing the expertise of a digital marketing agency like Digitawise can do wonders for your e-commerce business. However, creative agencies seem to be popping up every day, with each of them promising to help you bridge your company’s digital marketing gap. The challenge that owners and managers of e-commerce enterprises face is telling whether a digital agency is as good as it claims to be. Here are some attributes that you should expect from an experienced digital marketing agency.

An Excellent Website

An agency cannot claim to be good at what it does if it doesn’t have a kick-ass website. Experienced digital marketing agencies always have current and up-to-date websites. If an agency uses the best SEO practices, you’ll be able to easily find it on search engine results when searching for providers of digital marketing services in your local area.

Ensure that an agency’s website is not only modern but also engaging. A robust online presence speaks a lot about an agency’s experience. Likewise, an agency should have all the critical elements of a great inbound marketing strategy, such as intuitive navigation, an active blog, a good conversion strategy with CTAs, and a responsive website. This speaks volumes about the quality of service that they can offer to your company.

A Diverse Team of Digital Marketing Experts

An excellent digital marketing agency should comprise a team of experts who are skilled in different aspects of digital marketing. You should check out the team members to ascertain that their expertise is what your company needs. Experienced agencies don’t shy away from highlighting the expertise of its team members on its website.

According to, it’s always advisable to work with a multidisciplinary team comprising individuals who are experts in different aspects of digital marketing, be it SEO, content strategy, PPC, or website design. Besides, check out if the founder or owners of an agency are involved in its projects, and whether they are easily accessible. If this is the case, it means that the agency is experienced and can be relied upon to deliver the results that you desire.

Digital Marketing Tools

In today’s tech-savvy world, there are dozens of high-tech tools that can help digital marketing professionals to attain the desired results. However, this doesn’t mean that all digital marketing agencies use the tools that are available to them when managing campaigns. Some either use the wrong tools or use the right tools in the wrong way.

An experienced marketing agency not only has the right tools in place but also has the expertise to use them. For instance, if you ask an agency about the tools that it uses for project management and what its team uses to evaluate SEO and website performance, tools such as Google Analytics should be mentioned. Likewise, an excellent agency is one that is comfortable with all the tools that are available to it.

Seasoned digital marketing professionals understand from experience that using such tools when managing your campaign will give you a competitive edge. Therefore, they won’t hesitate to show off their capability with those tools.

Strong Leadership

An experienced digital marketing agency Los Angeles should have strong leadership and management structure in place. However, the same cannot be said of non-starters. A strong team that can deliver the results that you desire needs a reliable and experienced leader at the helm to ensure that all digital marketing campaign objectives are met.

According to the clearest indicator of whether a digital marketing agency has strong leadership is its own success. If it is doing well, it certainly means those at the helm are good at what they do. Past projects should be a reference point if you want to know whether an agency is experienced and good enough to deliver your project.

Ability to Manage Your Budget Effectively

Not all e-commerce businesses operate at the same level. Therefore, your advertising budget will be different from what your competitors have in hand. An outsourced digital agency is wholly responsible for the marketing expenditure that your company places with ad platforms such as Google and Facebook. Therefore, it should be able to manage the funds effectively to ensure that you get the most out of your advertising budget.

However, tracking this spend across the multiple platforms that the agency will use is not only challenging but also time-consuming. When you add other tasks such as tracking conversions, the task becomes even harder. An experienced agency can deliver its mandate while ensuring that the available budget is utilized as desired. Your work will be to set the budget and outline your expectations as the agency handles the rest.

Ability to Meet Deadlines

A typical digital marketing agency Los Angeles is likely to have multiple projects running concurrently. Similarly, it might have different redundancies in place. Even so, it should be able to assign multi-person teams to your project to ensure that deadlines are met. Besides, the right automation solutions and software should be in place to support the teams on the ground.

This will give more certainty to the campaigns, thus ensuring that deadlines are met. An experienced digital agency is always ready and willing to respond to any on-demand requests that you might have. Besides, it should help out in planning the development stages of your digital campaigns.

Effective Communication

Communication is undoubtedly an integral component of digital marketing. Experienced digital agencies have perfected the art of effective communication with both ad platforms and their clients. Right from the start, you should be able to tell how effective an agency is as far as communication is concerned. It would be best to reconsider your choice as soon as you realize that the agency you are working with doesn’t communicate with you effectively.

Experienced digital marketers understand the significance of effective communication across the board. This is the easiest way of developing deep and long-lasting relationships with clients and everyone who will be involved in a digital marketing campaign. Effective communication is also an indicator that an agency knows how to develop and execute ideas.

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