Kid-Friendly Alaska Cruises: What To Expect And How To Prepare – 2024 Guide

Alaska cruises offer an unforgettable experience for families with children. The rugged beauty of Alaska’s coastline, towering glaciers, and abundant wildlife make it an ideal destination for parents and kids alike. A kid-friendly Alaska cruise provides opportunities for adventure, education, and relaxation, with a range of activities and amenities tailored to the needs and interests of children.

When preparing for this trip, it is important to consider the ages and interests of your children, as well as the itinerary and amenities offered by the cruise line. Most cruises offer programs and activities for children of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers, including kids’ clubs, supervised excursions, and educational programs. If a Family cruise to Alaska is your plan for your next vacation, check out Also, here are some details that will help you prepare for this trip and ensure the best experience.

The Natural Wonders of Alaska

Alaska boasts some of the most inspiring natural wonders in the world, making it an ideal destination for a family vacation. The state’s towering mountains, vast glaciers, and abundant wildlife offer endless outdoor exploration and adventure opportunities. Families can take a scenic train ride through the wilderness, hike through national parks to explore glaciers and mountains, and go on a wildlife safari to see bears, moose, and caribou. And if you visit during winter, you can witness the stunning Northern Lights in the night sky. In addition to the natural beauty, Alaska’s rich native culture, and history provide a unique educational experience for children.

A family vacation in Alaska provides a chance to disconnect from technology and connect with nature, allowing children to learn and appreciate the world around them. Children can learn about Alaska’s native cultures, such as the Tlingit, Haida, and Yupik, and their history, which includes the Klondike Gold Rush. They can also participate in activities that teach them about the environment, such as learning the impact of climate change on glaciers. Overall, a trip to Alaska is a great way to introduce children to the beauty of the natural world and instill in them a love for outdoor adventure.

Perfect For Vacation with Kids

This is an adventure that offers something for everyone in the family. Onboard activities and entertainment include mini-golf, rock climbing walls, swimming pools, and movie theaters, providing plenty of options for children and adults alike. The ships also offer special programs for kids, including art and crafts, scavenger hunts, and games, and many have dedicated play areas for younger children. Additionally, most cruise ships have multiple dining options, catering to all family members’ diverse tastes and dietary needs.

While onboard, families can enjoy the comfort of their staterooms while taking in the stunning views of Alaska’s coastline. Many ships have large windows or balconies, providing the perfect vantage point for watching whales or taking in a glacier’s beauty. And when it comes to planning shore excursions, the cruise lines offer a wide range of options, from kayaking to dog sledding to visiting local native villages. Overall, it is an adventure providing endless fun opportunities, education, and family bonding opportunities.

Choose the Right Option

When selecting an Alaska cruise for your family, it is important to consider factors such as cruise length, itinerary, and ship amenities. For example, a shorter cruise may be ideal for families with children with shorter attention spans, while a longer one allows for more exploration and relaxation. The itinerary should also be a consideration, as different ports offer different opportunities for adventure and sightseeing. Families may also consider the type of ship, as some are more geared toward families with young children. In contrast, others offer more sophisticated entertainment and dining options for older children and adults.

Researching the cruise line’s policies regarding children, such as minimum age requirements for certain activities and childcare options, is also important. In addition, some cruise lines have dedicated youth programs and facilities, allowing children to make friends and participate in supervised activities while parents enjoy some time alone. You should also consider their budget, as Alaska cruises can vary widely in price depending on the ship, features, and time of year.

Packing Tips

Packing requires careful consideration of the climate, activities, and onboard amenities. Warm layers, including jackets, hats, and gloves, are important as temperatures can be cool, especially during early morning or late evening excursions.

Additionally, waterproof and comfortable shoes are essential for hiking and exploring in rainy conditions. Families should also pack a variety of clothing options for onboard activities, such as swimsuits, casual wear, and formal wear for special events.

Kid-Friendly Activities


Most family-friendly cruise ships offer a variety of activities and programs to keep children of all ages entertained. There’s something for every kid on board, from splash pools and waterslides to arcades and mini-golf courses.

Many options also offer dedicated youth programs, including supervised activities and entertainment for children and teenagers. These programs provide a fun and safe environment for kids to meet new friends and participate in age-appropriate activities while parents enjoy some adult time.

Wildlife Encounters

From humpback whales and orcas to sea lions and bald eagles, you can see no shortage of wildlife. Many cabins and public spaces on board have large windows, providing a perfect vantage point for spotting whales, dolphins, and other marine life. Families can also watch for wildlife during shore excursions and hikes, where they may see bears, moose, and other land animals.

Special Accommodations

Families with young children may have specific needs regarding accommodations on a trip. Many cruise lines offer staterooms and suites specifically designed for families, with features such as bunk beds, extra storage, and connecting rooms. It is important to check with the cruise line beforehand to ensure that the accommodations meet your needs.

The Bottom Line


An Alaska cruise is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for families to create lasting memories together. Whether spotting wildlife, exploring glaciers, or participating in onboard activities and entertainment, there are endless opportunities for families to bond and have fun.

By choosing a kid-friendly option, packing appropriately, and planning activities and excursions, families can ensure a memorable and enjoyable vacation for everyone. From breathtaking scenery to abundant wildlife, an Alaska cruise is truly a unique and unforgettable family adventure.

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