A Guide to Skinboosters: Costs and What to Expect

Ever wished for plump, smooth, and vibrant, youthful skin? If so, then getting Skinboosters in Singapore could be your source of respite.

After reading this guide, you’ll know what Skinboosters are and how they work. You’ll also know about the benefits and the average costs of these treatments.

What are Skinboosters, and what are the Treatments about?

Skinboosters are dermal filler injections that are done superficially into the surface of human skin. They help restore your skin’s vibrancy and youthfulness by stimulating collagen and elastin production to be plump and hydrate the skin.

You should not confuse Skinboosters in Singapore with the traditional dermal fillers. As opposed to the traditional dermal fillers, which were injected under the skin to add volume or shape to the face, Skinboosters are microinjection dermal fillers which are done to hydrate and improve the quality of your skin.

Depending on your individual preferences, you can get your skin booster treatments to improve skin quality on your hands, neck, or face. The multiple injections that you get during treatment activate fibroblasts, thus encouraging new elastin and collagen formation.

How are Skinboosters done, and are the Treatments Painful?

Dermatologists use mesotherapy guns for applying Skinboosters. The mesotherapy guns use a 9-point needle system to supply specified amounts of dermal fillers to specific depths.

To ensure even distribution of the dermal filler product, mesotherapy guns leverages suction to bring the skin on the target area to the needles to allow dermal fillers to be delivered up to 1mm into the target area skin.

According to The Artisan Clinic, if you want a full-face treatment, your aesthetician may portion the face into three divisions; upper, mid, and lower sections. Each of these sections would be treated with 1ml of dermal filler product through 33 injection points on each section.

The suction involved during this treatment may reduce the discomfort that you can feel during the treatment. However, we all have varying pain tolerance levels, so your dermatologist may apply a topical numbing agent in the target area to minimize the possible discomfort.

How much does Skinboosters Cost in Singapore?

There isn’t a specific price for skin booster treatments in Singapore. When you go for this procedure, a few factors may affect the final amount you’ll pay for your treatment.

On the baseline, though, you should expect to pay between $200/ml and 800/ml. Here’s a quick roundup of a few factors that may affect the pricing of Skinboosters in Singapore;

Skill and Expertise of your Dermatologist

It’s worth pointing out that skin booster treatments should be done manually to get the best out of the treatment and minimize the possible side effects. It is a time-consuming craft that most dermatologists find challenging, thus the pricing variation.

Most aestheticians in Singapore prefer administering the skin booster treatments free hand to ensure that all the good materials are inserted in the correct layer. If you’re working with a skilled aesthetician who has done the practice for several years, you should expect to pay more than when you worked with a trained aesthetician with lesser experience in the field.

Some aestheticians or even patients opt for an injector gun instead — while the use of an injector gun is easier for the aesthetician, take note that the suction from the gun can cause bruising. Skinbooster treatments done by hand do not cause this side effect. Also, the use of a gun often wastes a significant amount of filler — about 20% of filler are lost, which may lead to subpar results.

The Procedure Details

Depending on the clinic you booked an appointment with, they may help you schedule the appointment with the doctor who will be taking care of the treatment. This may affect pricing if the doctor does the consultation and analysis of your concerns.

You may also have to pay a little more if the doctor helps you with other skin conditions which had been troubling you. For instance, if you’re also struggling with dark spots, they may recommend a comprehensive treatment plan that will take care of that problem and that would affect pricing.

The Quality of Skinbooster Materials to be used

Skinboosters in Singapore get improved regularly. For instance, if you were to go with the traditional Skinboosters, which were originally made of pure hyaluronic acid which the doctor would insert beneath your skin, you may expect to pay between $250/ml and $500/ml. In general, it would require about 2ml to treat the whole face and 3ml for the face and neck. If you intend to treat just certain areas of your face i.e. only cheeks or forehead, you should definitely voice out to your doctor prior to treatment to avoid unwanted costs.

However, if you’re going for comprehensive treatment that would need the improved Skinboosters in Singapore, you may have to pay upwards of $450/ml. For instance, if you prefer the improved ones formulated with stronger anti-aging ingredients like the Stylage Hydromax or Teosyak Redensity 1, you may need to pay between $450/ml and $600/ml. Restylane Skinboosters speficially use Restylane fillers and can only be performed by a certified doctor. Restylane fillers are known to give fantastic results because they possess the right properties which can provide long-lasting hydration and anti-aging effects.

Finally, if you prefer PDRN or Rejuran, which isn’t classified under skin boosters, you’ll need to expect to pay a premium price for the treatment. Rejuran is formulated with salmon DNA, which is also used in anti-aging procedures because of its regenerative effects. They’re more costly than the other options outlined above, and you may pay between $500 and $1200 for the treatments.

It is always better to do some research on your dermatologist to confirm that they’re reputed and justify their prices. This would save you from possible nasty surprises.

The Bottom Line

Skinboosters in Singapore is one of the most straightforward ways of restoring your skin’s elasticity and vibrancy. We understand what it takes to achieve that. If you’re willing to get a skin booster treatment in Singapore, be sure to book an appointment today with us to see how we can help you enhance your aesthetic appeal safely.

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