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Should we Expect a New Floki or … ?

We can all agree on the fact that it does not matter how good is the movie or the TV Show in general, we still have some characters to remember and some characters to forget. Usually, those characters are not the primary leading characters and nor the actors are in the leading roles, but still, whenever we pronounce the name of the show, the associations come with those actors and their characters.

One of such TV shows to mention is Vikings. We all know the story of Ragnar Lothbrok and his Vikings. The TV show was one of the most-watched and one of the most successful for quite a while. While there are definitely quite a few characters which are to remember, some of them are especially outstanding with the acting skills and individualism.

And here we come to the main point. Floki or Gustaf Skarsgard is back, and do not even try to ask who is Floki, because even if you have not watched the Vikings, you should have heard of his acting skills and his amazing character of Floki, who is the shipbuilder and thinks that he is descendant of the Gods.

Floki is one of the most outstanding characters in the whole TV show, due to his charisma and his definite great acting skills. The Vikings owe him particle fame because if there was no Floki, there would have not been many emotions and would have not been any amazed and mesmerized faces.

The end when it begins

The Vikings have come to an end. Despite the death of the main character, Ragnar, the TV Show still continued and while it has obviously become less popular, the rating and the popularity was still maintained by the drastic change of Floki’s character and the completely new storyline of his life.

Thanks to the Vikings, we now all know that Gustaf Skarsgard, who is of Nordic origin and has not once been noticed on the big screen, is one of the best actors and is generally a very charismatic character. This might not be very surprising, as Gustaf comes from the actor’s family, and everyone including his father and three brothers are actors, and all of them are equally handsome.

While on the other hand, the Vikings have become the new source of inspiration for many other TV shows, for cosplays, for games, and even for merchandising. The Vikings have contributed a lot to the gaming world, with becoming the starting point for some VR games as well as online casino games. Viking slot games, including all of nature and the scenes as well as actors from the TV show can be seen on Playamo IN, which was one of the pioneers to feature the Vikings theme games.

The Vikings have been hair-raising TV SHow, with a lot of blood, with a lot of humor, murders, and very interesting characters, one of whom was Floki. The mad man, with a very loyal nature and the very smart mind, yet very religious and a bit creepy. One single actor managed to represent everything in one character and conquered the hearts of the audience very soon.

This is not the end, while we have already lost Ragnar, and Lagertha and many other popular and beloved characters from the Vikings, the story of Floki might come to the end, yet the story of Gustaf or Merlin goes on.

The transformation

The new TV Series, Cursed, is back with the great news, which left us with the eyes wide shut. Floki has gone through the big transformation and now shall present as Merlin in the Camelot Kingdom. With some of the famous actors, such as Katherine Langford, Daniel Sharman, and Devon Terell, who will also be in the leading roles in the show.

The fans are mesmerized, surprised, happy and the mixture of all of the emotions is present. Many of them fixed their opinions and comments on different social platforms. Some of them think that despite the bad start of the Cursed, the TV show should soon get a way bigger audience and scores, as many of us will simply watch it because of Gustaf Skarsgard.

While there is no doubt that Gustaf will present Merlin the way we have never seen and imagined before, it is still very hard to come out of the role of Floki and transform into Merlin. Though, from another point of view, the character and the main purpose of the character still remain similar in both cases.

One way or another, we are all very happy to see Floki in a very new role and the very new content. The Vikings end, but it is the new beginning for Cursed and the new beginning for Gustaf. Though, to be very honest, there are some roles, which never leave the actor and our associations. And even if Gustaf is a great Merlin, which I am sure he will be, Floki will still be the most outstanding and charismatic representation of the actor.

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