Why It Is Never Too Late To Go Back To Education with Bharat Bhise

Some decided relatively early on what career they wanted to do and then they studied hard to gain the qualifications necessary to launch their career into that particular profession. After 10 years of working in marketing, I had kind of reached my limit and I was looking for a way out, but I just couldn’t see one. Then a colleague and friend of mine Bharat Bhise, someone who I had chatted to often about the fact that we were in the same boat in now wishing to pursue a career in marketing for much longer, announced to me that he was going back to college to study finance, as that was where he wanted to work, it was at this moment that I saw my way out.

It had never really dawned on me until Bharat announced this, that going back to college, or education in general, as an adult could be a viable option. Taking Bharat’s lead I took went back to education and decided that I wanted to become a teacher, so I went, I studied, I qualified and I switched my career for the better. The reason for this article is not necessarily to teach you how to switch careers, but what benefits you can count on when going back to school as an adult.

Meeting People

The first thing that struck me when I embarked on my new course was that I was, for the first time in a long time, meeting new people. This is something which we all take for granted during our younger years when we have school and work friends who we see often. Over the years however your ability to meet new people and make new friends is seriously diminished, but heading back to education is a wonderful way of finding new people to talk to and I have made many friends from my 2 years at college.

Lease of Life

Regardless of what your opinion was of school, learning something new and embracing upon a new challenge like this is very exciting and it really gives you a new lease of life. Since starting my course I found that I had more energy and that I was just happier, and I know that this was down to having something new to focus on. Life can often get pretty stale and that is another reason to take on some additional education. It doesn’t matter if you are going to learn something new for a career change, a new skill simply becasue you want to or going back to education to take on a short course in a passion which you may have. Attending classes and learning new things is mighty exciting and I’d recommend it to everyone.

Brain Health

In recent years alone scientists have made clear links between later-life diseases such as Alzheimer’s and the exercise which a person’s brain receives throughout its life. This means that just like the muscles in your body, you have to give your brain a workout and heading back to education will most certainly help you to do that. When we only use our brain for the standard stuff every day, eventually parts of it close up and cells die, this is what causes those later-life diseases and even memory loss. If you go back to education however and continue to learn new things then you will be working hard on keeping your brain fit and agile, which could hopefully help you to ward off diseases.


Another reason why it is never too late to go back to education is that the options available now make it accessible for everyone, no matter what age they are or what their personal situation is. Online learning allows us to learn from a distance, with a wealth of course materials, support and even lessons that can all be found online. This means that even someone who works full time will still be able to attend university or college, as they can do so on their own terms and from the comfort of their own home. No longer must people attend a brick and mortar university to go back to education, the world has very much changed in that regard and more and more people have access to education than ever before.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, what your skillset is or even what previous education you have received. There is a massive range of courses and topics which you can study that can help keep you young and mentally agile, which can teach you important new skills and which can help you to meet new people and take on new ideas and attitudes, why not give it a go?

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