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Marty Lagina is one of the brothers from ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ research duo. He is a successful businessman from America, but the audience knows him from the reality show. It is much less to see that he is a vineyard owner. He gains his popularity thanks to History Channel and the famous series ‘ The Curse of Oak Island.’ He is the leading star and producer of the reality show, but you probably did not know that he has a company named Heritage Sustainable. This company has a task to make 60 turbines in Michigan, and make them the largest wind energy producers. In his vineyard, he grows particular grapes for several red vines. If you want to find out more about Marty Lagina’s life and his salary and net worth, continue reading this article.

Early Life

Marty Lagina was born on 25 January 1952 and raised in Kingsford, Michigan. Today he is 68 years old, his height is 1.75 m tall, and weight is 79 kg. There are no traces online about his schooling and education, but we know that he is an engineer. His mother also was an engineer, so that was his inspiration for life’s occupation. He has a brother Ricky, whom the public even knows from the ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ History Channel show.

His wife’s name is Olivia, and they have been married for decades, blessed with two children, Alex and Maddie. Alex, the older child, is also an engineer, like his father, and he takes care of a family business, Mary Vineyards. All family members take part in the business of maintaining the vinery. They got some specific kinds of grapes which they manage to produce in Michigan, a place which has not reached the proper soil for that.


His first job was as a petroleum engineer in the Amoco Production company, and there he becomes the expert in that area. After that, he founded his first company Terra Energy Ltd, and they were producing natural gas. The expertise of Terra Energy Ltd. was extracting natural gas from the Antrim shale, and this was the largest company of natural gas in Michigan. Before the popular show, Marty was in the energy business with his company, where he builds turbines for the exploitation of wind energy. He was very successful, but his brother Rick Lagina suggested him to make a series with the topic of treasure hunting after Prometheus Entertainment stood behind them. After the success of the treasure hunting series, the brothers came out of the shadow and got national recognition. The series on the History Channel has elements of mystery, and it’s so exciting that you can’t wait for the next show to take a look. When the brothers first read in Reader’s Digest Issue about Oak Island and the island’s related mystery, they knew what to do. The legend said that on the island are hidden Shakespeare’s work and Marie Antionette’s jewels among the other treasure. The fans are watching Season 7 on the History Channel, and in the last two episodes, the crew of treasure hunters with Lagina brothers faces the massive hurricane, Dorian. The storm disrupted their excavation plans and flooded the swamp; they had been draining for an extended period, but there is no receding exploration.


Awards & Achievement

Marty Lagina did not receive any kinds of awards, but his business achievements are numerous. He has several different businesses that are very successful, even though they are not related. His vineyard business is running successfully, also thought he spends so many days on Oak Island in Canada searching for the old treasure.

Net Worth and Salary of Marty Lagina


At the moment, his net worth is around $ 120 million, which is impressive. At the beginning of the year, he sold one energy company and successfully ran two others, the vineyard, and the TV show business. Marty is a smart and intelligent businessman who sees the opportunity when it comes to the road. Most of his income is from appearing in the popular show ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ on History Channel now. He also has income from the Mary Vineyard, and his company Heritage Sustainable.

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