How to Get Youthful Skin at 40

Do you dread fine lines around their eyes, poorer skin texture, wrinkles, pigmentation, and other signs of aging as you approach your 40s? Well, you’re not alone. Many people, including men and women, desire to have a glowing smooth skin even at 40 and beyond. But unfortunately, many people start noticing signs of aging in their 30’s, which is not always an easy thing to accept.

As those signs of aging become prominent, it tends to feel like you only have two options – accept the signs and move on or lament and lose your confidence.

However, the good news is that there’s a third option: a natural skincare routine to prevent aging. With these natural measures, you can still keep your skin looking radiant at 40 and beyond. And even if you’re above 40, you can undo signs of aging to get back your youthful skin.

You must be wondering, “What are the natural measures?” Well, there are a plethora of natural measures to get youthful and glowing skin at 40. We’ve compiled some of the best right here for you to help you maintain your effervescent glow.

Effective Measures to Get Youthful Skin at 40

Without further ado, check out these useful tips to get youthful glow at 40:

#1 – Try supplementing collagen

Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body and it takes a larger part of your skin makeup. Unfortunately, our natural reserve of collagen drops as we age, triggering signs of aging.

You can take collagen supplements which are loaded with amino acids to boost your collagen level and promote healthy skin, hair, and nails.

As you ingest collagen peptides, the supplement is absorbed into your body and it stimulates your body cell’s fibroblast (this is what makes collagen and elastin in the body). This way, the natural collagen level is boosted, promoting a healthy, glowing, and firm complexion.

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#2 – Take care of your gut

Research has clearly shown that your gut health affects your skin in many ways. If you have gut issues, it might reflect in the form of blemishes or flushing on your skin. The connection is called the “gut-skin axis.”

So as a rule, anything that’s not healthy for your gut (including processed foods, sugar, etc.) can cause an imbalance in the gut bacteria and trigger stress and inflammatory processes. This affects not only the gut, but other parts of your body, including your skin.

#3 – Eat healthy foods

Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet as they are rich in antioxidants needed for a healthy and youthful skin. Some antioxidant-rich foods include kale, spinach, blueberries, and dark chocolate.

Also, try incorporating healthy fat into your diet. Foods like flaxseed, nuts, and avocados are rich in healthy fats which help to replenish your body’s ability to maintain strong cell membranes to protect against environmental damage.

Studies have shown that, “not eating enough healthy fats can cause dry skin and hair.” But increasing your intake of these nutrients may help promote a glowing and smooth skin.

Some other good food options loaded with healthy fats include olive oil, chia seeds, salmon, and whole eggs.

#4 – Drink plenty of water

It is not a myth that drinking enough water helps for overall skin health. In fact, the most often-given piece of advice given by skincare professionals for youthful skin at 40 is, “drink a ton of water.”

Staying hydrated helps keep your skin healthy, moisturized, and glowing. So try to take at least eight glasses of water daily.

#5- Minimize stress

Although the fast-paced nature of our world today puts us in constant stress, you need to commit to a proper self-care routine. Stress triggers a host of conditions, including autoimmune pathways.

So try to take your beauty sleep, exercise, and make time for facials. When you prioritize 8 hours of snooze time, for example, it allows your body to slow down, shut off, and regenerate from a stressful day.

#6 – Don’t smoke

Smoking has huge negative effects on your body generally, including restricting oxygen supply to the skin. This causes a buildup of free radicals, damaging skin cells and increasing your risk of skin cancer.

#7 – Take regular facial massage

Facial massage lessens tension and boosts blood circulation, thereby keeping your skin cells healthy and supporting lymphatic drainage.  So it does not only feel enjoyable, but it helps you maintain a youthful look.

Also, if it’s in your budget, getting regular facials is a good way to maintain a healthy and glowing skin. You can aim for a once in a month routine, as it works in line with the skin’s natural renewal cycle.

#8 – Keep things lukewarm

Avoid using water that’s too hot to wash or rinsing your face. This can strip your skin barrier of its natural oils, making it dry out. Too-cold water is not advisable as well as it might leave dirt locked in your skin pores. So for proper skin cleansing it is better to stick to lukewarm water.

#9 – Quit or limit your alcohol intake

Alcohol causes dehydration, which leads to duller skin. By quitting or limiting your alcohol intake, say you cut out one day’s worth of wine, you will get better and radiant skin. And this healthy habit over time will show great results over time on your skin and overall health.

Other simple measures to help get youthful skin at 40 include:

  • Keep your skin moisturized always
  • Stay active
  • Take enough vitamin C

Closing Remark

These measures highlighted above are simple and effective to keep your skin glowing and free from most signs of aging.

However, collagen levels tend to drop as we age, but taking collagen supplements is a great way to supply your body with collagen peptides needed for skin rejuvenation, firmness, and glow.

Don’t use synthetic chemicals on your skin as these come with side effects and may cause great damage to your skin. Hence, it is better to use organic products filled with natural ingredients.

You can still maintain that glow at 40 and beyond. Stick to the measures above and your skin will stay youthful and smooth.

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