4 Reasons Why Elastane is Important for your Skin

Elastin is a compound that is found in the skin, and next to collagen, it is essential for the, as the name suggests, the elasticity of the skin. The disruption of the elastin structure that can happen due to many environmental factors, as well as aging, leads to the skin losing on its elasticity and makes the skin prone to wrinkles. Why else this part of the skin is essential will be explained in the text below.

1. Skin elasticity

Elastin is a very long protein, and it is one of the basic compounds in the skin. Not only that, but his protein is also located in the skin, it can be found all over the body, in the cartilage that is in between the bones, and in the blood vessels. It can be found in other inner organs. In the blood vessels, the elastin is vital for their dilatation and constriction and plays a crucial part in the regulation of the blood pressure. As you can see, this protein has a very important role in your blood vessels.

In the skin, the fibers of elastin are located in between the cells of the skin, and it shows elasticity that is up to one hundred times greater than collagen, which we all know is an essential part of the skin. It is produced in cells by need and exits from them to be implemented, and get a proper place in the skin.

As the skin grows old, the elastin production becomes disrupted, this can be due to different external factors but can also be affected by the cell changes. Skin is very prone to damage from the UV rays, and they can cause mutations in the genes responsible for elastin production. This leads to disruption and changes in the elastin structure, making the proteins unstable or a bit different. This leads to decreased elasticity and makes the skin more prone to wrinkles.

2. Skin repair

When it comes to skin repair, collagen and elastin work hand in hand. This does not necessarily mean repairing cuts. Skin is one of the organs (yes, organs) in which cells are continually dividing and are pushing the old cells to the surface that shed and are replaced with the new ones. This process happens every day, and this is why the skin cells are prone to damage. Any damage and stress will lead to disruption of the skin repair and cause the skin to make loose bonds in the elastin and make errors, leading to the changes in the skin structure and the overall elasticity.

The skin under extreme pressure on the parts of the body where it folds, such as sides of the eyes, forehead, cheeks, and smile lines around the mouth, causes wrinkles. While you are young, the skin is faster and more punctual in the tissues’ reparation, so the wrinkles begin to appear later in life, as the skin loses on the punctuality and quality of produced elastin.

3. Factors that have an effect on the elastin

Few factors can affect elastin production and quality.

The first one is, for sure, age. As we grow older, mutations in the body accumulate, and the production of an essential product of the body is disrupted, and the products are changed. This means that the quality of elastin produced in the early ages is greater than the one presented in your twenties and so on.

Besides, UV rays are very harmful to the skin and will disrupt the proper DNA replication causing mutations. Mutations, as we have mentioned, lead to the improper production of the elastin, which leads to a decrease in skin elasticity.

Besides, a diet that is low in vitamin C can disrupt the production of elastin, making very big problems to the ones that are deficient in it.

4. How to improve it?

Many products promise wonders, but which ones work?

Firstly, there are the ones that contain pure substances or substances that are similar to the elastin or trigger the production. Alastin skincare products are the ones that are enriched by active substances that are needed for the proper production of elastin and collagen in the cells. By giving the cells the fresh amino acids and products that can be implemented into the proteins, there is an increase in elastin’s production and quality. That is being produced as well as extracellular space’s implementation leading to the increase of the skin elasticity and younger look. If you are interested, click here to see the products and order the ones just for you.

Secondly, as mentioned, vitamin C plays a crucial part in the proper integration of elastin into the spaces that are designed for it. This means that diet that is low in Vitamin C can be a problem for elastin production—speaking this, not only that the skin in danger, but also other organs and blood vessels. Vitamin C can be put on the skin to assist the natural process of elastin production in the skin. This process needs to be enabled if we want the skin to be healthy and young.

Thirdly, a proper diet rich in nutrients, minerals, and vitamins will help the skin take all the ingredients needed for the appropriate development and repair of the skin.

Protection from the UV rays is essential not only to reduce the aging of the skin but also to reduce the chances of getting skin cancer.


As you can see, elastin is very important for the proper function of all internal organs as well as the skin. Reduction in the production of it, as well as any disruption of implementation, can lead to health problems. In the skin, elastin plays a role in the maintenance of elasticity, and it is an essential part of the skin. Many products can increase elastin production, as well as proper diet and protection of the skin from damage.

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