4 Biggest Horse Racing Events in the World

Horse racing is one of the most popular competitive sports that people enjoy watching and participating in for hundreds of years. The most interesting thing is that these types of sports events attract people more and more by each day worldwide. Statistics show that this is the leading sports activity type of event on the globe. Aspects of racing were changed through the years, however, the main concept remains the same. There are different types of racing forms, from the ones that are involved in small events to the glamorous and luxurious ones that involve top-prestigious events.

The crucial change when it comes to horse racing refers to betting. Now, since technology development influenced every aspect of our lives, we even have the opportunity to bet on horse racing events through many different online platforms. Betting on horse racing events extended the way we are looking at sport. In case you are interested in this betting type, you should visit this website and in a reliable and legit way bet on the horse you like the most, without actually being obligated to go on horse racing in person. Best of all is that you can take advantage of many great betting promotional offers.

This is exactly where the beauty of experiencing some sports lays in. You both have the opportunity to travel or to follow horse racing on your TV or online. If you are curious to find out which horse race events are the most popular and interesting around the globe, keep reading this article.

You Can Consider stunning Kentucky Derby horse racing

The Kentucky Derby is an incredibly popular horse racing event globally. It offers a price of $3 million. Even though it is not considered as one of the most valuable horse racing events when it is compared to some others that we will mention below, it still made a name and comes with a high standard in the sports world. If you ask any fan that loves watching horse racing, he will surely be familiar with this type of event that is organized. The Kentucky Derby event has a long history since it started to be organized back in 1875. From that period, a fan base just continues to grow every day. We can freely say that this is the type of event that comes with tradition and special authentic history.

This is exactly the reason why this sports event has such value. All fans that want to come on these engaging horse races should know that it is traditionally organized every year from the first Saturday of May at the Churchill Downs Racetrack in Louisville in Kentucky. If you are interested to find out which horse race is going to be the most entertaining, it is called the US Triple Crown of Thoroughbred. This horse racing lasts only two minutes, however, you can barely breathe while watching it. The fans are considering this race as the Greatest 2 Minutes in Sports. There is no even that can stand up to this one race track!

What about magical Royal Ascot horse racing?

The name of this horse racing event says it all! In other words, this is a very special event that attracts so many members of the Royal family. We can freely say that the Royal Ascot horse racing event has a long history that dates back to 1711. Since then, this even become a tradition. This is not only a national institution in Britain. Instead, it is considered one of the crucial days of this country. This event is so highly valued that is considered a festival of luxury.

This means that you can expect everything if you visit this event, and we truly mean everything. You will enjoy fine dining, highly modern fashion, luxurious champagne, and most of all, incredibly high prizes for winners. Is there anyone who would miss the chance to win a mind-blowing $10 million? This is truly a luxurious and glamorous standard for one horse race event. The event lasts five days, and horses all around the world come to this event in the UK. Therefore, we can conclude that this Royal Ascot event is actually the international one.

Dubai World Cup horse racing can blow you away

Dubai is incredibly popular for the economic standard that fascinates a lot of people worldwide. Since it offers so many luxurious events, people enjoy visiting Dubai and experiencing all the thrilling things that it comes with. One of those things refers to the horse racing event that is a tradition in Dubai since 1996. The Dubai World Cup become very quickly the leading destination for horse races in the whole United Arab Emirates. Fans all over the world are coming to experience the entertainment that this even brings.

Best of all is definitely the price, which is one of the reasons why this horse race even stands out from the competition. The price for the winner is $35 million, which is really stunning. As you can assume just by the winning price, this is the richest horse race that is organized in the whole world. There are different kinds of races that you can enjoy, however, the World Cup s highlighted. The race begins every year from January to March, which means that you can enjoy three months in horse racing action.

Check engaging horse racing on Breeder’s Cup

One more horse racing event worth mentioning is this one since it attracts a lot of horse fans and it comes with a price of $6 million for the winner. The most significant thing about this event is that it is organized in different North American venues every year. The main events start from the first Saturday of November and it includes different high-qualifying horse races. The ones that win in these events are actually qualified for Breeder’s Cup events. This even lasts two days and it includes 14 horse races. This is a very engaging and fun venue that attracts a huge number of people. Even tourists from different countries come to enjoy this event.

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