Major Sporting Events in the World for 2024

The sporting world and everything that goes around has had its fair share of troubles and challenges for the better part of 2024. Due to the now infamous cancellations and measures brought upon by the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the major leagues, tournaments, and competitions were either cancelled entirely, postponed and played at a much later date, or shortened so that they could be completed at least to some extent. The world began to recover and almost everywhere athletes played without a single fan in attendance. Astonishing moments happened on the pitches and courts with no live witnesses in the stands.

Sports in 2024


With the onset of 2024, things began improving. Luckily, the world came together and the Tokyo 2024 Summer Olympics are now going on, a full year behind schedule. They are still being advertised as such to keep the sense of the four-year cycle, and because everything was ready for last year. The biggest event in the world of sports has so far been with its own challenges with hundreds of players, staff, and media testing positive, but it is shaping to be one of the more memorable iteration of the Olympiad in recent memory.

When it comes to other sports in 2024, all the domestic football leagues finished, the NBA is also done, and the tennis tournaments are going on as scheduled. The second-biggest thing that took place in 2024 was the EUROS, again a full year behind schedule, with Italy taking home the crown after beating England in the finals. Around the globe, things are looking up.

Looking Ahead

However, what about 2024? Are things going to get better and what major sporting events await us next year? It is certainly fast approaching as we have less than five months of 2024 left. Therefore, better start marking your calendars! In the article here we are going to explore the biggest sporting events that await us in 2024. It will definitely be one of those big years for the most popular sports, meaning there is a lot of room for excitement. To learn more about what is coming as well as where you can place sporting bets on all of the matches and games throughout the year, make sure to check out Wetten.com.

Qatar World Cup


By far the biggest event in the world of sports next year is going to be the next iteration of the football World Cup. The biggest football stage in existence this time around takes place in one of the United Arab Emirates, the beautiful and amazing Qatar. They made great strides in technology and comfort as the hosts because there was never a hotter and more difficult place picked as the host nation. They have been preparing for years and finally, the tournament is around the corner. It will be held between November 21 and December 18, another change from the norm because it usually takes place in summer. Four matches a day, all in a radius of only 46 miles, a perfect set-up for the fans and the players.

This is not all when football is concerned. Do not forget about the domestic leagues and cups, the UEFA Champions League and Europa League, which will be slightly different to navigate and play due to the World Cup being played in late autumn instead of summer!

FIBA EuroBasket


For the fans of basketball, especially those in Europe, the EuroBasket competition hosted by Czech Republic, Georgia, Italy, and Germany and featuring 24 national teams will be a fest. Slovenia will try to defend its crown from 2017, with Serbia, France, Spain, Lithuania, Greece, and a few others all looking to take one of the top three spots. Some of the biggest names in this sport are from Europe, which will draw interest in this tournament well beyond the borders of the Old Continent.

Of course, this is not all basketball has to offer. The next NBA season is shaping to be one of the more interesting ones with the Milwaukee Bucks as the new champions to beat. The NBA Draft took place already and we are now entering the craziness free agency with teams loading up and looking to strengthen their rosters.

Beijing Winter Olympics


Summer Olympics are more popular, without a doubt, but there is a lot to look forward to when winter sports are concerned as well. These athletes deserve same recognition and support as the ones in other sports, which is exactly why they have their own version of the biggest sporting event on the planet. Beijing becomes the first city in history to host both the Summer and the Winter Olympics, as they have already hosted the 2008 Summer Olympiad. All sorts of skiing sports, hockey, ice skating, bob sleds, there is certainly no shortage of fun disciplines to watch, cheer, and bet on!

Commonwealth Games


Although not on the same level as other international competitions, it is still one of the few multi-sport events in the world that features numerous stars and amazing stories from the sporting world. The games feature countries that make the Commonwealth of Nations, a political association of 54 member states most of which used to be territories of the British Empire. They started when the empire still stood and continued even after Great Britain lost all of its territories. Now as independent countries, they battle in many different sports and represent their country in this very special type of games. From athletics and gymnastics, to swimming and tennis, there is something for everyone. Basketball, beach volleyball, judo, weightlifting, there is plenty to watch in this fascinating event.



Just like every year, a new edition of the ATP and WTA tours await us. Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon, and US Open all await us for a brand new run, new shocking upsets, and living legends of the sport. Then there is the World Tour Masters 1000 to be played as well as numerous other tourneys from the Tour 500 and Tour 250. As always, the ATP Finals in London round up the calendar year as the final tournament to be played for 1500 more points. Davis Cup and Fed Cup (Billie Jean King Cup) are also on schedule.

Other Sports

Yearly competitions like the Formula 1 Grand Prix, Moto GP, NASCAR, Daytona, and many others are all coming back, hopefully without any further restrictions and laws imposed by the pandemic. Cricket, one of the most dominant sports in the world, returns in all its glory, and the NFL, NHL, and MLB seasons are all back with the All-Star games and Playoffs full of historic moments as always. There is always something to watch and bet on, no matter the year, but 2024 will really be one to behold!

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