How to Clean up After a Major Renovation Project

Upgrading your living area is something that people are doing ever since humanity exists, and these days it’s a lot more common, which happens to be a great thing. Renovation Projects have one purpose, and that purpose is to increase the quality of life to those who live in the home that’s being renovated. Upgrading space or simply re-modeling and re-designing your living room or bedroom are all cool ways of keeping things fresh and interesting in the place where you spend most of your life in.


If we don’t make sure our home feels satisfying while we’re in it, then there’s no point to spend time there in the first place. However, this is easier said than done, because a renovation project will definitely make some mess that you’ll have to clean up later. Thankfully, that’s exactly what we’re here to help you with today, so if you’re planning something like this in the near future, or you’re already in a situation in which the cleaning needs to start as soon as possible, this is the right place to be. Let’s take a look.

Purchase sturdy plastic bags


For even the smallest items that’ll come out as a mess at the end of your renovation project, you’ll need plastic bags in which you can place them. The thing is, particles from walls and other similar things that you’ll find in your home if the renovation project included demolishing or building walls will easily penetrate regular plastic bags. To avoid making an even larger mess, try to purchase the sturdy bags that cannot be cut so easily by any sharp remainings.

Filling up plastic bags and then dumping everything into the trash is an easy way to get rid of unnecessary things after you’re done with the remodeling. However, this obviously won’t work with some heavy objects.

Invite some company to help

Everything is just so much easier with the right company, so if you have some friends, neighbors or family members that you can call and ask for help, we highly encourage you to do that. It’s important for you to have enough workforce after a major renovation project because the mess is sometimes a lot more than what one person can handle at a time. If you have no one to call, or you’re looking for professional help instead, you can take a look at junkremovalftcollins.com.


Start with the largest items

Whether you’re trying to get rid of old sofas, wardrobes or huge pieces of bricks that fell off during the procedure, it’s always a smart idea to start with them first, and then focus on the smaller items. These things can block your vision and path, and they simply take up a lot of space, so getting rid of them first will allow you to maneuver a lot easier in your home. They’re the most difficult ones to get rid of, but after you do that you’ll free up a lot of space and make the rest of your cleaning a lot easier.

Prepare the area beforehand

The best way to get rid of the post-renovation project mess is to never cause it in the first place. However, in some situations this is not possible, but what’s always possible is to prepare the area beforehand. A great advice is to place huge nylon pieces on the floor, and when you’re done with everything, simply pack the nylons and throw them away along with all the garbage that’s on top. Of course, this won’t ensure that you won’t get even one piece of a wall or paint on your floor, but it’s going to prevent a lot of it from happening. This is an inexpensive and effective thing that you can do, so keep it in mind for the next time you’re re-modeling, re-painting or re-building your home.

Wear safety equipment

Safety is the number one priority at all times, and we really care about yours as well. This is why we highly encourage you to wear gloves, sturdy boots and even a helmet if you’re moving some very heavy objects or there’s hardcore construction work involved in your renovation project. Being safe at all times is the most important thing, so a pair of working gloves, solid boots and a few extra people by your side are all very crucial things to have.

Most modern renovations aren’t as dangerous, but if you’re building a new floor on top of your roof for example, it means that some heavy-duty work is a part of it, and this calls for safety equipment. Even painting a celling can be dangerous because paint can fall directly into your eye and damage your vision, so wear a visor or safety goggles, and don’t underestimate the process.

Finish by cleaning thoroughly


Simply getting rid of things is not good enough because at the end of every renovation project there’s a lot of dust, construction remainings and paint all over the place. When you’re done picking up the larger objects and taking them out of your home by hand, it’s time to focus on the smaller, much less visible things. Vacuuming is great because you’ll get rid of all the dust, but don’t do this unless you’re sure that all larger and sharp objects are gone, because this can damage your cleaner.

Mopping the floors should also be done after the vacuuming, and chemically cleaning your sofas and rugs is also very important to make sure that no dust particles remain on them.


There are multiple things that you need to do after a renovation project, but one of the most important and significant ones is to thoroughly clean up your home. It’s not an easy task but it has to be done, so we decided to create an article which contains a lot of helpful tips that you might not think of due to the “messy” situation. Feel free to use all of them to make your process easier, and remember to wear safety equipment and stay protected at all times.

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