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Does Jumping on a Trampoline Burn Belly Fat – 2024 Guide

Exercising is an activity every person should include in their schedule. The reason is rather simple, no person doesn’t want to be healthy and this is one of the ways to achieve it. Sure, not all people pay attention to being fit, but there’s no doubt all of us want to be as healthy as we can be.

There are numerous ways you can do that. You can choose between various programs and schedules to get the best possible results. That’s why deciding on one or a couple of them can be rather a hard thing to do. It all depends on what parts of your body you want to focus on. Before you do it, conduct research.

We’ve sure not many people would decide on using the trampoline as a part of their exercise. If you want to take a look at these, check here. Now, we want to discuss all you need to know about using trampolines with this goal in mind, with a special focus on burning belly fat. Let’s check them out.

Why are Trampolines Popular?


We can all agree that the global pandemic of COVID-19 has impacted people’s lifestyles in more ways than we can count. Naturally, the most significant one is that we’re staying in-home way more than we’re used to. One of the answers many people who love to exercise have found to this problem is using in-door trampolines.

Saying that this device wasn’t as popular before the pandemic wouldn’t be entirely true. Still, we can see that the sales of trampolines have surged in the last two years. It’s not only because these are great entertainment you can use to pass your time, but they are also extremely efficient for exercising.

For instance, it is helpful in situations when someone has the goal of losing weight. All the movements you will make while jumping on one of these can help with just that. Not to mention that you can save a lot of money you would otherwise spend on paying for training sessions every week.

Do They Help with Burning Belly Fat?


One of the most important benefits of using trampolines for exercising is that you can burn belly fat quite efficiently. However, you need to know that the efficiency of this procedure depends on a couple of things. First, it is important to understand the moves and dynamics you need to perform to be successful.

As you can presume, a different set of workouts can help with targeting certain parts of muscle groups. That’s why it is possible to focus all the work on declining the amount of fat you have in your belly. So, getting rid of the unattractive belly can be done by knowing how to focus on that part of the body.

A way you can do that is by pulling your legs close to your chest and trying to rotate your body to the right as much as possible. In the next set of repetitions, do the same, just change the side you will turn to, and focus on the left. There’s no definite answer on how long this session should last.

More Efficient than Running

Sure, running is a great activity that can help a lot with burning calories and removing belly fat. Still, studies have shown that trampolines have proven to be way more effective than running. One of them states that just 10 minutes of this activity can replace up to 45 minutes of running. Knowing just that allows you to discover the wonderful potential this device has as an exercising tool.

The Benefits of Using Trampoline


There are numerous benefits of using a trampoline as a tool for exercise. Now, we want to discuss the most important ones.

1. Lowers Blood Pressure

A significant benefit of using a trampoline is lowering blood pressure. In a study conducted a decade ago, it was found that three months of regular trampoline training can have quite a massive positive effect on an overweight individual’s blood pressure on two levels, both diastolic and systolic.

But that doesn’t mean that only overweight people can feel this positive impact. It can also be experienced by people who don’t have this problem but have higher blood pressure. If you have this sort of medical problem, then using trampolines is something that we would highly recommend using.

2. Improved Bone Density

When people get older, their bones tend to become much more fragile. That’s why it is crucial to start exercising to improve their density as soon as possible. Naturally, there are many things you can achieve this, but almost none of them are as efficient as using a trampoline. Many studies have confirmed this.

One of these studies has shown that bone density is especially improved at the spine and hip. By improving bone density, you can prevent many conditions from occurring, like osteoporosis. Plus, strengthening your bones can help enhance your resilience to bone injuries while you exercise.

3. Improved Balance

Enhancing your body balance is something that everyone should consider an absolute must. Improving mobility can help with overcoming the stress of potential falling, which can cause significant injuries, especially among seniors. We cannot stress enough how important it is to focus on this element.

A study done on this subject has proven that a few weeks of using a trampoline helps by improving the overall body balance by more than 40%, which is an impressive figure. The motoric skills are on a much higher level after this period as well. So, you can look at this benefit as a prevention of many problems that can potentially occur.

In Conclusion


Trampolines have proven themselves as efficient tools for exercising over and over again. As we’ve mentioned, the lockdown has caused a rise in interest in these devices, especially in-home ones.

Here, you can take a look at all the important points you need to know. Also, we’ve covered the most significant out of all of them, burning belly fat. We’re sure this insight will be of much help in the future.

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