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Why do we need Indian Proxy Sites and what is the use of it?

If you want to understand what Indian proxy sites are needed for, at first you need to understand what a proxy server is.

What is a proxy site

A proxy server is a program (not a system one) that can be used with minimal rights to any operating system with a supportive measure. In simple words, with the help of a proxy server, we can go to certain sites, for example: (YouTube), after that, the proxy server processes the information you require, and also gets rid of the cache. Another proxy server protects your computer from viruses and allows you to remain anonymous.

Types of proxy servers

First one is transparent-server-connection, in which traffic or part is redirected to the proxy server by means of a route, during this type of server, the user is given all the benefits of the server.

Reverse proxy-proxy server which, unlike direct, relays client requests from the external network to one or more servers logically located on the internal network. A reverse server is used to balance between multiple websites.

What are the benefits of proxy servers now?

What are its advantages:

  • providing access from computers on the local network to the Internet;
  • cache collection from websites;
  • compression: helps you find the information you need without using extra traffic;
  • protection of the local network from external influences;
  • restricted access from the local network to the external, helps to restrict some websites, which helps save traffic;
  • preserves user anonymity.

A proxy server that can be accessed by anyone on the Internet is called an open proxy.

Benefits of Indian VPN or Proxy Server:

VPN allows: work with games, supports phone, tablet, laptop, protection against hackers, low traffic, high speed and high-quality image, convenient server for work, change of residence, access to blocked sites.

Proxy server: change of residence, quick access to websites, access to blocked sites, change of IP address.

As you have noticed, the advantages of VPN server are more, but which one to use is up to you

The most popular proxy servers:

  • 3proxy — a free multi-platform proxy server that takes up little traffic;
  • cool proxy — practical interface, comprehensive, uses a minimum of cache, suitable for Windows users;
  • handyCache — free proxy server for home use, protects against slate and hackers;
  • kerio control — suitable for operating systems such as: windows, proprietary, Linux, high-quality interface, easy to use;
  • nginx — is one of the most popular proxy servers, multifunctional and secure to use;
  • squid-friendly, multi-platform proxy server that provides cache collection, executes all requests as one non-blocking;
  • traffic Inspector — great to use: proprietary, Windows, low cost, user-friendly interface;
  • usergate — also used for proprietary Windows, a good analogue of traffic inspector.

If you need proxy server for home and work use you should pay attention to TOR- multi-form or

Internet control server. All information you can find on

Situation analysis

Let’s say: you and your family want to watch a movie on the popular American platform Netflix, after you registered, a picture with an error appeared, then you tried through the VPN service, paying for all its services, but the miracle did not happen, why?There are often situations when you want to watch your favorite movie on Netflix, for example, and the proxy server stops working, what to do in this situation? Is it possible to solve the problem at home?

What is a Netflix proxy connection error, and why am I being notified?

Netflix’s content is different for people from different countries, and Netflix has highly developed software so that even after downloading the VPN, there is an error message that blocks access to view. However, there are several ways to overcome the problem.

Ways to fix the problem

The best way to fix this is to find a reliable VPN service that has passed all the tests and is able to unlock server libraries.

Connect to the geographic location of the server, for example, if you want to watch a movie on the same Netflix US platform, connect to the US server.

What problems may occur when working with a proxy server

It happens that after you want to go to a site, the proxy server refuses to accept the connection, this is due to the fact that it stops temporarily or permanently access to the Internet browser. Without human intervention, access itself will unfortunately not be restored, but you can restore yourself without the intervention of a master, and thus save money.

Why does the proxy server stop working?

Keyboard shortcuts entered when setting up a computer that failed due to a sudden computer shutdown, burnout, or other action.

Penetration of the virus into the computer

It is worth noting that even in the event of an error on the proxy server, the Internet may work, but this will be reflected in a long download, which means that you will not be able to watch videos or read information.

What do you still need to do:

  1. Do not panic, and do not immediately turn to computer masters, this problem can be solved by yourself.
  2. You need to clear your browser cache first.
  3. Also antivirus can solve the problem, so if you have not yet had such a difficulty, we recommend that you download.
  4. Clear registry (watch videos from another device for details).
  5. If all of these methods do not work for you, disabling the proxy server may help.

We have listed all the ways to fix the concern, in most cases they work and the “internet connection” appears immediately, but if nothing has changed, you still need to contact the appropriate service. So, in this article we have considered what a proxy server is, its problems and troubleshooting, we hope this information will be useful to you.

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