The Sanskari Indian Society and It’s Skewed Perceptions on Divorce

In Indian society, marriage has a high significance and is considered to be a holy institution. Women face more pressure when it comes to marriage and most of them relent to the pressure Regardless of a person’s financial stability, they are expected to get married during their 20s. Despite being a highly populated country, the divorce rate is exceptionally low at 1%.

The bad news about low divorce rate:

Sadly, the low divorce rate doesn’t imply India is a land of happy marriages. Statistics reveal that the rate of people separated is thrice than those divorced, which only means that divorce is still frowned upon to a large extent. A failed marriage doesn’t go through as much scrutiny of the society as divorces.

The low divorce rate is contrarily more problematic. The stigma surrounding divorce has forced people to stay in unhappy marriages. The divorce process is an agonizingly long one. The partners involved have to convince their family before going ahead with legal proceedings, which is going to be one of the most difficult phases in the journey ahead.

In most of the cases, the families aren’t welcoming towards this idea and try all means to dissuade the couple. Divorce also involves taking care of other important issues like alimony, closing joint accounts, child visitation rights, withdrawing name from financial assets etc. If you are stuck up in an unhappy marriage and looking for best legal help check

Their team is equipped with specialists who study your situation in detail before offering suggestions. They strive for client satisfaction and help clients in each step of the process. One’s life is bound to turn topsy-turvy the moment they decide to get divorced. Women in particular are branded as a ‘divorcee’ forever and face more challenging situations than divorced men.

When the couple approaches their family with their decision to divorce, their families continue guilt-tripping them for their decision which adds up to their emotional pain. Most parents and relatives don’t seem to realise that divorce is not the end – It is a full stop to an unhappy marriage. There are several absurd reasons families express their disapproval towards divorce.

Absurd reasons for Indian families to oppose decision to divorce:
  • Societal pressure: Indians are a close-knit community who seek validation from their relatives on important issues. They are worried about how relatives and society perceive them. They don’t want to meddle with the equilibrium and attract negative opinions that would tarnish their family reputation.
  • A threat to respect of the family: For centuries it has been considered that the conduct of a family’s women folk dictates the family’s respect. Women who don’t live with their partner are looked upon down. A woman who walks out of marriage is considered to bring disrespect to the family reputation.
  • The safety of divorced women is on line: Women living alone is still a foreign concept in several parts of India especially in towns and villages. There are safety concerns and divorced women are considered to be seen ‘available’ by men.
  • Women can’t survive alone: Women were generally financially dependent on their partner and divorce came along with much financial unrest. Though the situation has improved, many still consider that woman needs a man’s assistance to fare well in life.
  • Sidelining of divorced women: Married women are given more importance in rituals while divorced women aren’t asked to participate in rituals. They are treated differently from married women.
  • Worried about consequences: Life after divorce isn’t definitely going to be a bed of roses, but neither was the married life any good. Sorting out finances, deciding on child custody, considering remarriage are few of the issue’s families are worried about managing.

Deciding to opt for divorce is bound to be met with much opposition. It isn’t just about the ruckus that follows in the family – The emotional rollercoaster ride involved leaves the couples involved feeling frustrated.  If you are considering divorce make sure it isn’t a hasty decision. Every couple has problems and divorce is like the last resort.

Things to consider before kickstarting the legal proceedings:

Well being of kids:

Divorce can be hard for couples, but it also causes distress among the kids. Children over 2 years are more at a risk of situational stress. Many may blame it all on themselves and start isolating themselves. You don’t have force yourself to stay in a toxic marriage just for the sake of kids, but it is important to be there for your kids and schedule visitations.

You can’t backtrack:

Divorce isn’t to be taken lightly. Once the legal proceedings are done, you can’t go back. Communicate your problems to your partner and try to resolve it before making the decision to part ways.

Truckload of responsibilities involved:

Divorce comes along with a truckload of responsibilities. A divorce attorney would help you sort out every little detail but you’d still find the process ever-consuming. Ensure you are ready to lead your life alone henceforth before taking the leap.

Settle things amicably:

Strive to settle things amicably with your partner. The proceedings would seem easier if the partners involved keep things civil at the end. They would be required to communicate again and having unresolved resentment would make it challenging to communicate.

Ways to rekindle your relationship:

Many couples remain separated due to misunderstandings that can be sorted out with proper communication. Marriage is about companionship and love. Due to busy lifestyle one of the partners may be left feeling lonely leading to separation, divorce and extramarital affairs.  If loneliness is the reason you are contemplating divorce, try these to rekindle your relationship:

  • Learn about your partner’s likes and dislikes and improve your short-comings
  • Make an effort to compliment your partner often – in both private and public
  • Gift them thoughtful stuff on any special occasion
  • Let your partner have their space. Trust your love.

If nothing seems to work in your favour and your marital life continues to be toxic, don’t hesitate to put your happiness in the forefront. Contact an experienced divorced attorney and go ahead with the legal proceedings.

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