5 Reasons why eSports Betting Sites are becoming so popular

Betting has been popular among people for thousands of years. Back in ancient Greek, Roman, and Byzantine, people bet on chariot racing, the outcome of gladiator fights and so on. Nowadays, people are betting on football, soccer, basketball and all other sports, but also on the outcomes of many events, such as the US election, the election of the next Pope and everything else you can imagine.

In the last few years, we have got a new sport that attracts more and more bettors. And that is eSports. Until 10 or 15 years ago, eSports did not even exist, although gaming was already very popular. But then the eSports industry began to grow so much that today the biggest stars in eSports earn as much as Grand Slam champions or NBA players. Of course, that popularity has led to a lot of people wanting to bet on the outcome of duels in Call Of Duty, Dota 2, LoL and many other games. You can find out what the most popular video games for betting are and the reasons why eSports betting sites are becoming so popular in this article.

Most popular games

eSports betting has become mainstream. In the beginning, only children and gamers watched eSports events, and then over time, the viewership grew more and more. Betting sites have realized that it is necessary to allow people to bet on these events, because they have a lot in common with traditional sports events that people love to bet on so much.

Many betting sites offer dozens of different video games, and certainly the most popular are CS: Go, World of Tanks, Battlefield, Call of Duty, PUBG, FIFA and many others. Which one you choose probably depends on your affinities and how familiar you are with a particular video game, more precisely whether you play it too, so you know the mechanics of gameplay and other characteristics. Also, many people who never play video games bet on eSports, and we will explain why below.

Reasons why eSports betting sites are becoming so popular

If you are surprised why eSports betting sites have become enormously popular, and the value of their stocks on the stock market skyrocketed, after reading the reasons, the situation will be completely clear to you.

1. Odds

Fantastic odds are the reason why many people who are not interested in gaming at all decide to bet on eSports events. Of course, all those who are interested in gaming are even more motivated to bet on such good odds.

There are several reasons why odds for eSports are generally much better than for football, basketball, tennis and all other sports that have been around for over 100 years. The first reason is that bookmakers are much less familiar with what will happen in the Call of Duty match, compared to the match between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics, for example. That’s why it often happens that they misjudge the odds and thus allow you to earn even more money than it is realistic. Also, unpredictability plays a big role. Although, of course, it is known who the best individuals and teams are in gaming world, and therefore who are the favorites, the situation is very unpredictable. So it happens much more often that a lesser-known team wins against famous team than Novak Djokovic or Rafael Nadal losing in the first round of the Grand Slam. This allows you to regularly bet on multiple odds and guess accurately. If you still have questions, you can read more on about odds.

2. Streaming

It is not hard to find a live stream to watch the Free Fire World Series, League of Legends World Championship, PUBG Mobile Global Championship or some other high-profile eSpors event. But for many events there is no live streaming feature available, and for many that are available, you have to pay to watch. But betting sites offer live streaming of almost all events for which they have odds and which are in their offer. Also, when you bet, then watching these streams is free. That’s why eSports betting sites are often the only place where you can watch a tournament or championship for free, making them so popular, and while you’re watching, you can bet.

3. Bonuses and promotions


Although betting on eSports has become mainstream and also the viewership is huge there is still room for improvement. In order to attract even more people, both those who are already betting on traditional sports and those who have not yet tried their hand at betting, eSports betting sites offer bonuses and promotions all the time. You will receive a welcome bonus, but also many other bonuses. Promotions are also often present and all this gives you a chance to make big money with less money invested compared to other types of betting.

4. Entertainment

When you place a bet, you become part of the game. Whether you place a bet before the game starts or you like to bet live, watching eSports will be even more interesting. The level of excitement is always high, but when you wait to see if you will make money, then the level of excitement is at an even higher level. Of course, be careful to avoid frenzy in the moments when the game is most interesting, because that way you can lose money. Stick to your plan and have fun and make money at the same time.

5. It does not require much time

You don’t have to spend hours on the website betting to make money. eSports competitions take place very quickly and you can earn the desired money in just a few minutes of betting. When you bet on soccer, you have to wait 3 hours for the match to end. Tennis does not even have a limited duration. All of this can be too tedious and time-consuming. But that can’t happen when you bet on video games.


The popularity of eSports betting websites will continue to grow uncontrollably in the coming years and decades. It is up to you to choose a safe place to bet by checking the terms and conditions, reviews and other things.

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