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What is the Best Alternative to Granite Countertops?

Granite countertops have always been the most popular choice for all households. This surface provides several advantages to homeowners, but our favorite is that it is inexpensive. Overall, the slab can cost between $40-$200 per square foot. Keep in mind this includes the installation costs. However, if homeowners are looking to try out a different countertop. Here we are going to tell you what is the best alternative to granite countertops.

Sometimes choosing the countertop can become overwhelming because, in the market, there are too many options. First, it is crucial that homeowners already know which style they want to achieve in their kitchen and calculate their budget. This process will help them narrow down the list.

If homeowners already like the characteristics of granite countertops, when looking into other alternatives, there are some things they should keep in mind. Starting from the basics, make sure that the surface is scratch, heat and stain-resistant. That way, it won’t get damaged during daily activities. Also, if possible, look for a non-porous material, which will prevent any water damage.

With all these things in mind, let’s look at what is the best alternative to granite countertops.

What is the best alternative to granite countertops?

In this list, homeowners will find great countertop options for their kitchen. Plus, some pros and cons about each surface to help them decide.

1. Marble


The first one on our list is marble because it is a fan favourite amongst homeowners, even though the  price is a bit higher. This surface will give any kitchen a timeless style and enhance an elegant design. The veining pattern is delicate, and homeowners have the option to choose between a variety of tones. In general, a marble countertop could cost $40-$100 per square foot. However, some manufacturers offer more affordable alternatives.

The only downside of quartz is high maintenance because its surface is porous. This means it needs to be sealed a couple of times during the year.

2. Quartz


When people start looking at what is the best alternative to granite countertops, they usually end up looking at quartz. This engineered stone is composed of a combination of a natural mineral and a variety of resins. Even though it is a manufactured product, it resembles the look of natural stone. Further, it offers some significant benefits.

Quartz is a material that can be easily maintained by cleaning it with a wet cloth and some mild soap every night. Plus, the surface is non-porous and can last for many years. The disadvantage of quartz is that the countertop could get damaged from a thermal shock. For instance, placing hot pots on top.

If homeowners want to read more about the comparison between quartz and granite, visit Caesarstone.

3. Butcher Block


The butcher block countertop is not something new. It may surprise you to learn that this option has been around since the beginning, as it was once standard in all kitchens.

Why?  This material is perfect to prepare any type of meal, and it does not require high maintenance.

A butcher block countertop can cost around $40 per square foot. However, keep in mind that this could change depending on the type of wood and its thickness. Further, wood needs to be oiled to preserve its quality at least once a year. But, on the bright side, a butcher block surface is the perfect accent piece for a white kitchen.

4. Concrete


A concrete countertop is a great option for all homeowners who like to try out new options and are brave enough to take a risk. We know this might sound weird at the beginning because this material is the same one that sidewalks are made of. However, there is no need to be worried because the surface may be customized.

Concrete is also very versatile and can adapt to different kitchen designs. This type of countertop needs a couple of minutes of maintenance every day. Further, to preserve its quality, sealing is necessary.

5. Soapstone


When homeowners ask, what is the best alternative to granite countertops? They are usually expecting a stylish option but at the same time one that is affordable. In this regard, a soapstone countertop is perfect. This material comes in dark tones such as greens, blacks, and even greys.

The best part is that it has some similarities with granite since it is stain and heat-resistant. But, homeowners should be careful with the surface since it can easily get scratches.

6. Stainless Steel


A stainless steel countertop is ideal for those homeowners who want to feel like home chefs. Even though this is a material we commonly encounter in professional kitchens, it also works great inside households. It has a unique style, and it is easy to clean up after preparing a meal. A great advantage of stainless steel is that it can also work as a backsplash.

Some people might think that it is difficult to purchase decor for a stainless steel countertop. But, that is not true. This material can highlight almost any piece and matches a variety of colours.

7. Tiles


Tiles are a common material for many flooring designs, but they also work great as a countertop alternative. What homeowners love the most about tiles is that they are easy to customize, and it has the option to combine several colours.

A tile countertop is an ideal option for all homeowners who like DIY projects. However, a piece of advice, have the design ready and try it out before the installation.


In this article, we have done our best to answer the main question that many homeowners have: what is the best alternative to granite countertops? These seven options share some similarities with granite but also offer some unique benefits. Remember that when purchasing any of them, it is crucial to ask for the installation cost and the product’s durability.

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