The Link Between E-Gaming and Online Casinos

The expansion of online platforms can be seen in many industries. The impact is especially noticed in the entertainment industry and gambling. Both industries are working towards further integration of advanced platforms that will provide users with an improved experience.

While many people might think that there are no similarities between online gambling and video games, the influence between them is mutual. For example, providers of casino games are using some themes, codes, gameplay, and other features from popular video games, while the most common feature from the gambling industry used in video games today is related to random awards and loots.

The Impact of Online Casinos on Gambling Industry

There is a huge increase in the number of available online casinos in recent years. That is affecting the habits of people. With the development of modern mobile and desktop devices, online gambling manages to provide many benefits when compared to the traditional option.

Firstly, there is no need to visit a land-based casino anymore since you can play numerous games on your phone or PC. Also, the big competition in this market is favorable to users since casinos are using promotional strategies to attract more players, and you can benefit from that by getting the best of these promotions.

Besides that, we have to mention the wide selection of games, all of them available in few clicks on your device. You can play poker tournaments, virtual games, or other popular table games. If you are interested in playing on live tables, check out

Also, developers are constantly working on new features that will make these websites safer, provide even more interesting games, flexibility in terms of payment options, and much more. In that matter, this industry will continue to expand in the future as well.

Importance of Online Services for Video Games

The habits of players changed significantly in the previous 20 years. After the end of the 90s, it became common that every household has a PC with an internet connection. Video games with single-player modes are still dominant during the 2000s.

However, there are already some great titles that made online gaming so popular, such as World of Warcraft, Counter-Strike, Dota, and more. When it comes to recent years, most of the titles introduced are focused on the online multiplayer format.

The result of that is the huge popularity of eSports today. An interesting fact is that we can expect some video games at the next Olympics. Also, game streaming can be an excellent way to make an additional income since it is very popular for gamers to watch professionals while playing.

What is Mutual for Gambling and Video Games?

We have to mention that gambling also represents a version of the video game, except for sports betting. What makes them different is that you will need skills and experience to play video games, while being good in online gambling requires luck.

Moreover, the interaction changing as well. There are already some types of games where you can bet, but that also require typical gaming skills. We expect an increase in the popularity of this innovation. On the other side, modern video games are integrating some systems similar to those available on gambling sites.

They are used for rewards provided to players. It is a common requirement to buy loots if you want to get some upgrades much faster. The background of such a system is like the one implemented in gambling platforms.

One of the best examples is the global powerhouse that is FIFA series. If you want to play a career mode, you will need to collect cards. You can get them through achievements or by buying packages. The cards in these packages are random, and there is no way to guess whether you will get good or bad cards.

Also, buying more of these packages will improve the chance to get the cards you are looking for. That is the same model used in online gambling. The result of winning in looting is getting a better team, more powerful character, high-end gear. For gamers, that is the same importance as winning money for casino players.

The impact of the gaming industry on casinos is expressed in the increased popularity of online tournaments in recent years. While poker tours are popular for a long time, you can now take part in slot tournaments as well. There are different objectives, limited bets, targets, and many other features that make these tournaments interesting.

Another feature that is on the rise in online gaming is VR. Using the VR headset provides players with a more realistic experience when they are playing. Some online gambling platforms already introduced this option.

There are still many players who prefer traditional casinos because of the unique experience. Therefore, the introduction of VR in this industry can attract them as well because a player can have near the same experience as when he is playing in a land casino.

Rise of eSports Betting

The most important thing that connects these markets is the increase in the popularity of betting on video games. Video game tournaments are on the rise. For example, price annual prize pool for Dota 2 tournaments is over 30 million, and that is related only to the biggest tournament in this game.

Other popular options are Counterstrike, Call of Duty, League of Legends, and more. Winning in these tournaments will require exceptional skills and a good team. You can bet on these games in the same way as on standard sports events.


There are some technical features used by both gaming and gambling developers. Also, there are correlations between strategies used when it comes to providing users with results. However, the biggest link is related to betting on eSports.

It is interesting how big was the popularity of this type of betting during 2024 when most of the leagues in regular sports were on a break due to the pandemic. Many people discovered eSports during that period.

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