How to climb in the ranks Faster in League of Legends – 2024 Guide

Wild rift can be a hugely competitive game especially as you keep climbing higher in ranks and encounter high-elo players. Getting out of bronze and silver is easy, especially once you grasp the core mechanics of the game. The real struggle starts at climbing the rank ladder from the gold league. The players in gold league and onwards play a lot better than you’d expect and you can find yourself stuck at your gold or platinum promo, unable to climb the ladder fast enough.

According to, there are several mistakes that wild rift players do both in their macro (map sense, team composition, when to engage) and their micro (your mechanics and ability to land skillshots). That’s why in this article we’ll tell you several tips that you can implement in your gameplay to climb the ranks of wild rift faster than ever before and finally call yourself a high-elo emerald or diamond player.

Focus on objectives rather than kills

Many wild rift players think that taking objectives is the job of the jungler alone and this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Taking early dragons, especially inferno or cloud dragon, as well as barons gives you a huge advantage over the enemy team with their buffs which helps you snowball the game in your favor. All good teams understand this and prioritize objectives with their whole team (yes, even good baron laners come for valuable objectives!). Focusing on a kill on the other side of the map, while the enemy team is taking an important objective will surely give you a kill but make you lose the game. Always ping your teammates to come for important objectives rather than staying in lane trying to get kills and you’ll surely see your win-rate rising up which brings us to…

Always ping your teammates

Did you see someone ward your jungle’s blue buff? Ping it. Do you know where the enemy Rengar is ambushing? Ping it. Do you know that taking the next teamfight might lose you the game? PING IT! Wild rift is all about how well you and your team synergize with each other and since most players don’t use voice chat, pinging is the most viable option. It alerts your teammates about things they may have missed and might even save their lives.

Split push!

Many wild rift players underestimate the value of taking turrets. Turrets are equally and at times more valuable than a dragon or baron. That’s why one of the most important tasks of a baron laner is to split push at every opportunity he gets. If the enemy team is taking a dragon and you know it’s a lost cause to try and engage, or if your own team is more than capable of doing it with 4 members, then you should definitely split-push the lane furthest from the team action. This allows your team to later go deeper into enemy territory and destroy the nexus so quickly that the enemies won’t know what happened.


Climbing wild rift ranks can be hard and we hope this article made it a bit easier for you to reach the rank you want, and if it did, please consider following our website for regular updates!

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