Fastest Ways to level up faster in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is a multiplayer MMO action game developed by the people over at Bungie Game developers. It is available on Steam, and it is one of the most popular games to be there at this moment. A lot of new players join this action-adventure every day. It’s also helpful that the game is free to play.

With so much traction and traffic that this game is indulgent of, players often ask themselves, ‘How do I stay ahead of my competition?’ This is especially a question that newbies ask since leveling up is quite a priority at that time. So here we are, and we shall tell you how to level up faster in Destiny 2.

Presenting The Beginner’s guide to level up faster in Destiny 2. You can also get the guide from Lfcarry.

Let’s begin.

Boosting Services and Player Assistance

There is a service available in Destiny 2 called Destiny 2 Sherpas where a player of a considerably high ranking, often professional ones, assists other players to complete tasks in the game. Hence, new players who require assistance can take the help of professional players or in-game experts to complete missions and attain more items.

This is a considerably helpful feature, as some items, mostly weapons, might be difficult to get alone in the game’s initial levels. Hence, taking help from them makes it easier and improves your player stats by sheer experience with them.

You can also access new gear and learn new skills when you play alongside them.

While these require money, it is one of the best ways to emerge as a leader in the game in less time than your competition.



Another surefire way of leveling up faster in Destiny 2 is earning bounties at every step of the Game. Bounties are the prizes you claim after finishing challenges. You may get up to five thousand XP from a single bounty, and it is no mere feat. The missions range from killing opponents to gathering items, and there are bounties to every one of them.

It not only levels you up but also enhances your in-game skills.

Weaponry and Gears

Don’t get too attached to your guns and armor at the earlier game stages. Uncommon and rare gear do not level up along with you. That means that at every level you acquire them at, they shall be staying there. Instead, have a basic idea about the weapon types and what works for you eventually as a player. This helps with understanding your playing style and improves your status as a player in the game.

XP Farming


While an activity that may be frowned upon in the game, XP farming is alright if done right. Farming is one of the best ways to earn consistent XP. Always have a farming technique with you that would place you in the best locations throughout the game.

For example, let’s take XP earned by killing enemies. Your farming technique should focus on doing maximum damage with minimum effort, known as Rinsing and Repeating.

Similarly, always have a farming technique for all the different missions available.

Daily Challenges

There are options available in models in the game which offer Bonus XP-based challenges. They are the quickest way to gain XP regularly. Make a note of the games that offer such challenges.  Always play the daily challenges. They refresh every 24 hours and stay new and consistent throughout the game’s runtime.

They are also the safest way to level up. And the most convenient ones.

Legendaries and Exotics

Always be aware of Legendary Shards and Exotics, as they are the direct level-up keys in Destiny 2. But there is something that you need to take note of. While your level gets boosted immediately, keep in mind that you need to keep infusing your favorites to keep them at the same level as you.


While you will get immediate, Legendary, and Exotic token drops after activities, they won’t come as frequently or consistently to be your sole source of primary level-ups. What you do need to do is collect Vendor rewards by cashing in Tokens.

Where, in the first game, their slow leveling made Vendor rewards an occasional bonus to be collected every so often amid your main business of chasing drops, in Destiny 2, the opposite is the case. Turning in Tokens will level up your loyalty fast, and loyalty levels lead to loot. And we all know what good loot can fetch us.

You’ll get planet-specific Tokens from most activities, and you’ll also find them in Region Chests, and Lost Sector stashes, so explore and treasure hunt as you keep busy with the main game. Always check your map for missions on the go.


So, now that we are very much aware of what we have to do to level up faster in Destiny 2 let’s see if you can utilize these points and reach places where you would not just stay ahead of your competition but also show off your achievements with that being said.

Let’s Go Gaming!

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