Is your Hat Supposed to Match your Clothes

Wearing a hat is not for everyone, yet, everyone who wears one draws the attention of the ones who accompany them, regardless of their gender. Still, we should emphasize that the attention the hat wearer draws can be fueled either by positive or negative reactions. Without question, what you decide to wear on a particular occasion will reflect on the overall impression you make; thus, we advise you to focus on carefully devising your clothing combinations. However, a significant portion of hat-lovers wanders if their hat is supposed to match their clothes. Fortunately, your answers await in the lines below.

The Feel-Good Factor

First things come first, so we should underline right in the beginning that what you wear has a major impact on how you feel. People usually attach to different items in childhood for reasons only known to them, but it does not matter since they keep them calm and potentiate good feelings. Since it is a psychological thing, we should not overanalyze it but encourage you to wear your hat any time you want if that is what makes you happy.

If you think about it, you will notice that some people match the rest of their clothes to the hat they wear, not the other way around. Some people are hard to imagine without a hat, as it was a part of their personality. Thus, if your hat makes you feel good, ignore everything else, because you will radiate nothing but good vibes.

The Occasion

Different occasions potentiate contrasting dress codes, so it is of utter importance to focus on the theme of a particular event in order to get the most out of your clothing combination. Thus, matching the hat with the rest of the outfit is more than welcome when official events and celebrations, such as weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, and similar happenings are in question. In a nutshell, a hat represents a cherry on the top, so it might be unwise to potentiate extreme differences between your headgear and the rest of your outfit if you intend on leaving a positive impression.

On the other hand, when casual gatherings and social events are in question, matching the hat with the rest of what you wear is not obligatory. Still, bear in mind that people you interact with will definitely notice what you wear, both your headgear and the rest of your outfit, so not matching the aforementioned might draw a few curious looks. Now, it depends on whether you want all eyes to be on you, or you prefer not to attract too much attention. Yet, again, there are positive and negative ways to draw the attention of others.

The Style

Namely, if you base your style on combining colorful garments, it would not be inappropriate to wear a distinctive hat, since it would only accompany your vivid clothing style. Forbusite offers a wide selection of models one can adjust to different styles, from formal to casual wearing.

It would be silly to write an article about hats without mentioning the Mad Hatter, from the movie “Alice in Wonderland”. Namely, even though the Hatter’s appearance is extravagant, it suits its character ideally, thus, try to match what you wear with your style, regardless of the initial pieces do not seem to go well with each other. Try to see the bigger picture.

On the other hand, wearing a classical hat alongside a tracksuit would not be as appealing as one would hope for, even though one might feel comfortable matching the two. In the end, you are the creator of your style, so if you reckon it suits you, it does not really matter what the others will say.

The Statement

A person might not remember your name or the color of your eyes, and that is perfectly fine, but what they will notice and remember your for is by what they see. Knowing that allows you to manipulate how you dress and match your hat with the rest of your outfit.

Now, a glamorous hat will attract looks regardless of whether you have matched it with the rest of your clothes or not, while a modest hat can be used as an addition to any specific outfit without disturbing the harmony of the overall appearance. What you should know is that choosing the right piece allows you to manipulate in which way others will perceive you. Consequently, matching the hat and the outfit amplifies the initial effect you want to make. On the other hand, a combination made with less taste will also attract attention, unfortunately, not in a good way.

The Hat Type


What would you say if we told you there are more than 100 hat types out there? Well, there are, so all you need to do is pick up the model that suits your clothing style. Knowing that it is easy to conclude that any clothing variation has a hat type fitting it ideally. Therefore, do not worry that you will not be able to find exactly the right model for your cause, moreover, try to distinguish whether you want the hat to match your clothes, or your clothes to match your hat.

Time of Year

Some hats are envisaged to be worn regardless of what time of year it is, and there are models crafted especially for specific weather conditions. Thus, wearing a winter hat in the summer would not only look silly, but it could expose you to the risk of suffering from a heat stroke. Therefore, choose your hats not solely for their appearance, but also their features.

Hopefully, the aforementioned pieces of information and suggestions have brought you closer to how important it is to match your hat with the rest of what you wear. Naturally, the most important thing when any type of headgear is in question is to feel comfortable, so as long as you enjoy what you wear, worry not about what the others have to say about what they think about it.

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