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What is the Fastest Production Snowmobile?

Two snowmobiles are battling it out today for the title of the fiercest and fastest snowmobile on the planet. Equipped with turbocharged 998cc engines, both are powerhouses capable of generating up to 200 horsepower.

So prepare yourself to meet the two contenders for the fastest production snowmobile ever:


The SRX LE has consistently retained the title of the fastest snowmobile on the planet for three years in a row. Spotting the iconic Yamaha sporty blue look, it continues to crush the competition on appearances alone.

On subsequent yearly updates, the engine on the SRX LE models does not undergo much change. Most improvement efforts are focused on the track and suspension, which according to users, leads to remarkable performance differences.

For instance, on the SRX LE 2024, Yamaha revamped its ski type from the Turner III to the new Yamaha Styke Single Keel. The rear suspension also received an upgrade to the more capable Dual Shock SR 137.

Top Specs

When it comes to specs, the SRX LE is star-studded. Delivering unmatched top speed and acceleration is the turbo 4-stroke 998cc engine rated in the ultra-performance class. Introduced in 2016, the YSRC Clutch continues to set apart the snowmobile from its competitors. It’s an improvement of the CVT system and comes with a primary clutch and secondary roller clutch.

The chassis features an independent double-wishbone front suspension designed to limit chassis roll and make for more predictable handling. Front shocks still utilize the Fox 1.5 Zero Intelligence quick-switch system that affords riders three different suspension settings. The drop-link style Dual Shock SR 137 rear suspension is both lightweight and makes for a smoother ride.

SRX LE features the Ripsaw I from Camso, though some sellers may include the Ripsaw II track. Both tracks offer excellent traction and durability, thanks to their hard-wearing lugs.

Key Benefits of the Sidewinder SRX LE

Incredible power: The Genesis turbo engine still retains its reputation and respect as the industry’s definition of quality. It features a nickel alloy turbine body capable of withstanding elevated temperatures. Another unique feature of the engine is the intake system composed of three separate throttle bodies to ensure a quick response with almost no lag.

Efficient power delivery: Calibrated for durability and cool operation, the YSRC crutches efficiently transmit the massive amount of torque from the Genesis turbo engine while still minimizing early belt wear.

Easy handling: The lowered ride height keeps the sled stable in tight corners and at higher speeds. Yamaha centralized the mass to make for a well-balanced sled that is fun to throw around in all conditions.

Brand new single keel ski: The newly-designed ski tries to balance light-weight steering effort without sacrificing the precise handling.

Enhanced comfort: For leg comfort and positioning during long rides, Yahama retained the two-piece, tapered tunnel design with running boards equipped with aggressive foothold alterations that keep your boots in place while offering excellent snow removal.

Heated seat:  Riding on the coldest of winter days will be more comfortable thanks to the seat warmers with two settings.

Ergonomic controls:  Much focus was placed on making the throttle and brake levers easy to operate and fully ergonomic.

What is the Price for the Sidewinder SRX LE?

The starting cost for the Yamaha SRX LE is $17,999. Do I need the Sidewinder SRX LE? Well, it depends if it meets the list of considerations that you need to make before purchasing a snowmobile.  Read here for more information.

What’s the fastest production snowmobile top speed?

According to some of the user reviews shared in forums,  the  SideWinder may be capable of reaching speeds of up to 121 miles per hour.

See more official specs from Yamaha.

1.  ZR 9000 Thundercat 137 ARS, 2024 – ARCTIC CAT

Yamaha SRX LE’s claim as the fastest production snowmobile has been disputed by the ZR 9000 Thundercat.  In fact, both machines share more similarities than differences. They both have the same turbocharged 980cc, 200-horsepower engine from Yamaha. Fox IQS Shocks from RIDEFOX grace the front and rear shocks in the two snowmobiles. Still, the ZR Thundercat utilizes other components that set it apart from its production partner. Arctic Cat is also an American brand of snowmobiles, and the company was founded in 1960.

Top Specs

The ZR 9000 Thundercat ES features a C-TEC 4-stroke engine with three turbocharged cylinders, an electronic fuel injection system, liquid coolant system, and a push to start button.

Taking a different approach to the drive system, the ZR Thundercat is equipped with the Team Rapid Reaction Boss driven clutch and the Rapid Response II drive clutch. Its breaks are controlled by a stealth hydraulic master cylinder. You get the same Ripsaw II track type from Camso on the ZR Thundercat. Buyers will also access two color options to match their style.

Key Benefits of the ZR 9000 Thundercat ES

Comfort: For its comfort features, the ZR 9000 Thundercat ES comes with goggle holders. hand and thumb warmers, and heated seats. It has an easy-to-access and water-resistant tunnel bag that offers extra storage under the seat. The 12V power port can be used to power a range of devices.

Handling: Designed on a lightweight and rigid chassis, the ZR 9000 Thundercat offers increased cornering bite and sufficient ground clearance. Riders will particularly enjoy the ARS™ II FRONT SUSPENSION that features forged aluminum spinders and a sway bar for predictable cornering.

Safety: High-beam LED headlights allow you to be highly visible on the trail. Arctic Cat included handguards that protect your hands from debris and the harsh cold. The 11 in mid-height windshield also offers sufficient protection though it can be retrofitted with after-market options.

High-quality parts: The manufacturer included the 1.25″ RIPSAW II™ TRACK that offers the best handling and acceleration across the industry. The Thundercat models also feature RIDEFOX shocks.

What is the Price for the  ZR 9000 Thundercat ES

The recommended manufacturer’s retail price for the ZR 9000 Thundercat ES is $17,695 though it may differ depending on accessories, freight fees, finance cost, etc. For instance, if you add the trailblazer kit, it costs $18,155.

View official specs on the ZR 9000 Thundercat ES

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