Why the Premier League is the Best Football League in the World

It doesn’t matter if someone calls it soccer or football we all must agree that it is the most popular sport in the world. No other sport has such dedicated fans, and nowhere else will you experience that much passion than in a football stadium. That being said, for quite some time now, there is an open debate about what league is the best, and while many claims that it is the Spanish La Liga, the majority, at least those objective enough, say that it is undoubtedly the Premier League. But why is that? What makes the English league so special and unique? Is it the fans, stadiums, money, the TV coverage, or all together? Well, let’s look at some facts that will clarify things.

Phenomenal stadiums

Green grass that looks like a carpet and the seats that rise around it indefinitely. Although it may sound like a description of some legendary terrain from the world of imagination, it is not. Almost every stadium in England looks just like that. Even smaller clubs that do not have too much money can boast world-class stadiums, and tradition plays a significant role in all that. Besides a great pitch and marvelous places for watching the game, all stadiums are equipped to make your stay and your game experience on them a true pleasure. Once you get there, you can buy a drink, food, or snack and make watching the game even more interesting. Stadiums are maintained, upgraded, and regularly improved so that they look their best at all times, and it’s not just about the looks, as there is great attention to detail to enhance the game experience. For all football fans, going to one of these stadiums is a wish and a dream come true, as there is no better place in the world where one will get the best game played on the best pitch while comfortably sitting or standing and chanting their favorite team songs than in England. It is one of the experiences that every real fan would like and should experience and retell even to their grandchildren. Because of that, all those who live in England and do it regularly are really lucky, and we can just envy them.

Fantasy Football

The fact that the game Fantasy Football is played by more than 7 million people also speaks of how popular the English Premier League is. The game is such that your number of points depends on the performance of real players from the league, and you cannot influence it in any way. It is up to you to choose those players that you think deserve to be on your team and to hope that you have made a good choice. As nothing depends on you, it is pretty important to follow the matches and the news from the entire league because it is the only way to get info on time if a player will play or not. A large number of people are playing this game from the very beginning, and that number is rapidly growing from season to season. It is one of the significant indicators of the number of football fans who are in love with English football.

Great players

The English Premier League is considered one of the most physically demanding in the world so, in order for someone to play in England, they have to be extremely prepared and in top-notch form. And, since there is no break during the winter, like in most other leagues, players have to be ready to play for eight or nine months per season, plus games with the national team. That is why this league has been gathering only the best of the best that are ready and can withstand the demanding conditions of this competition for a long time, along with the weather, which we all know how depressing it can be. The game is rougher than in other leagues, so physical fitness can be crucial if one wants to stand out, which also explains a lot why certain players that, even though they are exceptional, couldn’t adapt to the demands and everything else that comes with Premier League.

Nonetheless, the majority of the best players are right here, playing in the Premier League, and watching them perform on the field is a real football joy for everyone who is a fan of good football, and it is almost impossible to find a game that is boring. Every team has great players, and it is not that rare to see a favorite losing to the team from the bottom of the table. All this only adds up to an already exciting and amusing league where anyone can really beat anyone. In most cases, the main culprit for that will be one or two great football players who stand out even more after that game. Another interesting fact is that about 20% of players in any major national tournament, like the World Cup or Euro, are playing for clubs in the English Premier League.

TV rights and coverage

Yes, most things today are about the money and whether something is profitable or not, and speaking about EPL, this competition is more than profitable. For many years now, the money coming from the TV rights is what separates this league from any other in the world, gathering over 4.55 billion for three seasons. One of the key moments about EPL becoming so dominant in Europe and the world happened when the top teams agreed to equally, with the whole league, share the money coming from the broadcasting rights. The model is more than fair and pretty simple actually, and as it is today, 50% of the money goes equally to all 20 EPL teams, 25% are divided and given depending on the teams’ position (merit fee), and the last 25% are shared depending on how often games of some team were broadcasted (facility fee). This money model was the best thing that could happen to the struggling EPL in the 90ties, and from that point, everything changed.


One of the famous quotes about football is the one from Italian coach Arrigo Sacchi who said, “Football is the most important of the least important things in life,” and in the world where football is the dominant and most popular sport, EPL is unquestionably the best and most dominant football league in the world. Those who bet on sporting events are pretty familiar with that, and if you want to find out some of the best odds, then checking out bookmakeradvisor should be your next move, as you will find not just the best odds but also the best reviews about the bookies from around the world.

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