Top 10 People who got Rich from Football Betting

In the legal sports betting sectors, there are many bettors who like to bet a few games and dream of turning those into a full-time job that can earn them millions of dollars for them! Some sports bettors have made so much money from this unfamiliar career that they become big names in their own way.

The vast majority of bettors will experience failures and have very little chance of winning the bookmakers. However, there are still people who are truly lucky and become millionaires. Even if you gamble legally, Fun88 bookmarkers recommend that you gamble responsibly and master your own behavior. You can download the Fun88 app and register for a free account at Happy thais88 to experience your favorite betting football right away.

In the list below, we bring you 10 people who got rich from football betting and stories to tell about the good and bad that come along with their betting career!

10 famous football bettors in a nutshell

1. William T. ‘Billy’ Walters

William T. ‘Billy’ Walters was named by odds researchers in Nevada as the Great White Shark, one of the most feared and dangerous football bettors in the world.

Profiting millions of dollars from gambles over 4 decades, Walters has his staff posting his bets remotely, primarily on American football. Walters is estimated to earn $300 million through the stock market, real estate, and sports betting.

Unfortunately, his story didn’t have a happy ending, as he is currently in prison after being convicted of insider trading on Dean Foods stock in 2017.

2. Tony ‘Lizard’ Bloom

Holding the distinction as Britain’s richest bettor, Tony Bloom is now the owner of Starlizard, a betting consultancy company.

Cutting his teeth playing cards and earning $3.3 million through tournaments, Tony ‘Lizard’ Bloom took the game to the next level when turned to focus on football betting behind the walls of his betting company.

Words spread out on the street that Tony Bloom won a lot of games, roughly earning £1m for a football match on any weekend and around £100 on average for a year.

3. Haralabos ‘Bob’ Voulgaris

Bob Voulgaris is currently considered the most prolific sports bettor on Earth.

He discovered a secret in the house’s bid, which is that the total points for the first and second half was only half of the total game’s point. Thanks to this discovery, at the age of 25, Voulgaris was said to earn a million dollars a day for sports game gambles.

In 5 years, Bob has earned a ridiculous amount of money with a winning percentage of almost 70%. He has amassed nearly $2 million in income to date.

4. Ben “Parlay Patz” Patz

At just 22 years old, Benjamin Tucker Patz is a rising star of sports betting.

Patz is famous for taking a lot of bets earning close to $1 million in just a few months. Thanks to his success and money, Ben became a phenom in the world of sports betting and has become a celebrity.

However, Parlay Patz’s fortune runs out in 2024. Ben was accused of threatening people’s lives after he was found to have carried out more than 300 death threats against professional and college athletes. The young Parlay Patz has gone from a staggering high to a dramatic low.

5. James ‘Jeopardy!’ Holzhauer

Before 2019, apart from Vegas sportsbook manager, rarely has someone heard of the name James Holzhauer.

Only at the age of 34, James Holzhauer earned his fame in the sports betting field by stringing an epic 32-Jeopardy game winning streak. He has won over $2.4 million thanks to using basic sports betting principles over 32 games of Jeopardy!.

Though he doesn’t have careers like other successful gamblers, he’s helping promote the acceptance of sports betting as a skill-based legal career. No one can become a long-term legitimate sports betting ambassador like this guy.

6. Bill ‘KrackMan’ Krackomberger

Bill “KrackMan” Krackomberger is Las Vegas’s sports bookmaker in the gambling mecca – Sin City. He has been making and selling pick options for more than 25 years.

Thanks to all the swagger with high spending, Bill ‘Krackman’ Krackomberger is a hugely successful sports bettor with multiple million-dollar victories for his name. However, his real key message is to keep your expectations realistic. As a newbie to the betting world, it’s the best advice you can get.

7. Jim ‘Mattress Mack’ McIngvale

Known as “Mattress Mack”, the CEO of Gallery Furniture has a reported asset of $300 million, he has earned some more uncomfortable personality in his second life as a sports bettor.

McIngvale has now suffered a number of losses. Millions of dollars were gone over the past few years. However, he bet big on the promotions of the Gallery Furniture. While his marketing strategy is questionable, there is no offense to the success and development that Mattress Mack’s unique personality has brought to his store.

Mattress Mack is well famed for his erratic betting and has taken to flying into states where sports betting is legal to place a wager, then to fly out again. Sports betting is not available in all US states yet, but is slowly being rolled out across the US and more states, as seen on Over 15 states now allow online and retail sports betting, with more to follow in the near future.

8. Zeljko ‘The Joker’ Ranogajec

The Australian Zeljko Ranogajec could be the richest gambler in our time amassing his billionaire status through casinos and sports betting.

His annual income is estimated at approximately a billion dollars. ‘The Joker’ owns an apartment on One Hyde Park that was sold for more than $170 million.

Despite being known as a private person, Zerj was followed by a reporter who raised concern about his wealth. Zerj’s response is that his bank account was “all just a big exaggeration”.

9. Jonas Gjelstad

Starting out gambling on football at just the age of 4, Jonas Gjelstad was already a very successful sports bettor, making nearly $1 million annually by football betting.

Gjelstad started his sports betting career by finding value bets in the Asian market. Jonas’s biggest wagger win was at the 2014 World Cup. He put $1000 and pulled out $60,000.

Like any other sports bettors, Jonas has to suffer some big losses. However, he still managed to cover up all those losses and become one of the most successful gamblers.

10. Jon Price

Jon Price has a solid background in statistics and a degree in mathematics. Price uses all the skills from NYU degree to ensure that his bank’s deposits are still positive and his net worth is currently estimated to be over $5 million.

Prices prefer to bet on a single result of a game. However, he has also hit big bets on futures gambles at the right time. With all the dollars from victories, Price bought an 8-seat private jet. Purchases like this seem to be easily made when your biggest worry is finding out whether to wager $1 million or $3 million for a game.

Famous football bettors come from all walks of life, but they do share something in common. Everyone who earns a place in the betting world has gone through several trials and errors in order to find the right strategy that helps them to become successful.

Are you on your way to becoming a football bettor? Share with us your favorite choice from our top 10 people who got rich from football betting!

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