5 Tips for Choosing the Right Frame for your Painting

Creating a nice space in your home and office starts with the décor, and we all know that the wall décor is the first thing we notice when we enter a room. There are a lot of things that you can hang on your walls that will create a better look of your room, but we all know that paintings are the number one thing that everyone has in pretty much every room of the house. However, the painting is not the only thing that will make a difference, and sometimes the frames will either make or break the whole feel of the space.

Because of this, you need to be smart when choosing the right fixture for your artwork. No matter if you are a painter, or just you enjoy the art, you need to make the right decision when framing the pieces. Here, we are going to give you some tips for choosing the right frame for your painting. Keep on reading to learn what are the things that will create an even more beautiful composition, and which things can ruin the whole feel.

1. What is the subject of the artwork?

Before you choose the right framework for your art, you first need to look at the painting itself and think about what would go perfectly depending on the composition. Depending on the theme, you can easily make the choice and save yourself a lot of time and trouble.

When it comes to modern pieces that are light or even abstract, you can go with contemporary style structure and items that have thin borders. On the other hand, if you have chosen a classical artwork and you want to follow the style, then you should go with a dark wood structure or even the traditional gold frames.

2. Do you want to create a focal piece?

Some people want their artwork to be the first thing people notice when they go into the room, while others want to just create a flow and not make the pieces too noticeable. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a frame that is more massive or something that is thin and with light borders.

Note that you can combine your desires with the subject and the theme of the artwork, and you should also consider the size of the piece. If your painting is already large, then you don’t need to add too much structure around it. On the other hand, if you are dealing with something smaller, you can make it visually bigger by adding wider borders and opting for a massive wooden frame.

3. Think about the color

You should always consider the color of the piece as well as the frame if you want to create a nice flow. No matter if you want to go with contemporary or traditional pieces of structure, you should always choose the right hue so that you make the art the focal piece, and not only the framework.

If you want to add something simple that will add a lot of depth to the structure and that will create those nice lines, you should opt for black or any dark color. Note that wooden frames are always in style, and they can be found in a lot of different tones. As you can see if you click here, you don’t have to go only for one color, and you can choose a neat design that will add an additional layer to the whole look, especially when it comes to paintings that are not too busy on their own.

On the other hand, if you want to keep the same style for a bright painting, and if you have already light walls, you can go with beige tones or even a white skeleton. Other colors are also interesting, and you can easily choose deep red or dark green to add to the composition and make the whole piece more attractive.

4. Remember that it doesn’t have to be noticeable

Many people fear that they have to choose a larger-than-life frame and that it has to be the focal point of the whole space. In reality, it is up to you if you want to choose a framework that will be in color, or if you want to go with something that won’t be noticeable and that it won’t take away from the beauty of the art itself.

If the artwork is already pretty busy or loud, or if you want it to be noticeable without people paying attention to the frame itself, you can opt for a glass or transparent structure. This will help you preserve the look of the painting, you will still protect it with the framework, and the fixture will not be noticeable at all.

5. Are you going to create an art wall?

The last thing we are going to talk about is art walls. They are extremely popular these days, and you can create them to add a whole new feel to your space. They are practical and they can completely transform your room. However, you need to be extremely careful when choosing the structure when you plan on doing this.

If you opt for frames that are too large or too noticeable, you may only put the focus on the fixture, and not the art itself. Experts suggest that you should opt either for a transparent framework in this case, or you should go with items that are in one color. Black is always the safest option, but you can also go with a wooden skeleton. Note that they should not be too big so that you don’t waste space.

These are the most important things that you should know about the frames you need to choose for your paintings. If you are not sure what you should go with, you can always talk with an interior designer, or you can just go to the gallery where you got your artwork and ask for their recommendations for the specific piece you’ve purchased. Play around with colors and styles, and know that you will know when you find the right one. Trust your instincts and remember that what you think and how you feel are far more important than things that others recommend.

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