Bucket List Sports: 6 Events Every Fan Must Experience

Years ago, experiencing a sporting event from anywhere other than in a stadium would be madness. Today, many spectators use live streams and feed as supporters sit in seats.

Still, nothing beats the atmosphere of watching an event as it unfolds because the drama and suspense are insane. It’s even better in another country where the customs are foreign. As a result, it’s worth adding the following to your bucket list. If you get the chance to attend these, you’ll never forget them!

The Monaco Grand Prix, Monaco

Monaco is a small principality within the geographical borders of France. Mostly, it’s notorious for the glitz and glamor of its famous residents. When Grace Kelly is the Prince’s Mom, it’s bound to attract a certain clientele. This doesn’t stop the circus that is Formula One from arriving yearly and turning the tight streets into a 320kph dash.

The street circuit means the drivers are constantly on the edge, as a single mistake is often the line between immortality and failure. It even makes up for the lack of overtaking opportunities. Combined with the luxurious yachts of the mega-rich and the exotic surroundings of the Mediterranean Sea, there isn’t a race more widely anticipated on all the calendar than the Monaco GP.

The Superclásico, Buenos Aires

Soccer might not be every American’s cup of tea, yet it’s hard to argue with the sport’s reach. Usually, it’s the English Premier League that holds the limelight, with the EPL boasting a fanbase in the billions. Indeed, increased TV audiences, thanks to the introduction of technology, 4K resolution cameras, and screens, are part of the reason for the game’s popularity.

Thankfully, people continue to enjoy watching the ‘beautiful game’ as it was supposed to be played, including in Argentina. In Buenos Aires, two huge rivals contest the Superclásico, with the capital city essentially shutting down for the day. That’s how passionate the supporters are, and how means the result means. After all, the clubs are estimated to command 70% of the nation’s football supporters.

The King’s Cup (Muay Thai), Bangkok

Thailand is a hotspot for several sports, including foreign sports such as soccer, badminton, and golf. Regardless of the event, Thais get behind their countrymen and women because honor is at stake. However, although these events are popular, they pale in comparison to Muay Thai, the number one contest sport in Thailand.

The King’s Cup is undoubtedly the blue-riband feature of the calendar since as many as 300,000 people attend to see which fighter will be the champion in Bangkok’s Sanam Luang Park. The fact that it celebrates the former king’s birthday, Bhumibol Adulyadej, is another string to its bow, not to mention that it’s a one-day, single-elimination style tournament where eight fighters must win three bouts to be crowned the champ.

Not only is watching sports traditional in Thailand but so is betting on sporting events. Nowadays, the range of sports and types of bets are varied, enabling residents and visitors to gamble on Muay Thai events through an operator that accepts customers based in the region. Thanks to the best Thai sports betting sites outlined by Asiabet, and the accessibility of modern internet connections, it’s possible to be in the arena on King’s Cup day while placing a wager on who you think will be the king of the ring. This adds dimension to the a tmosphere because you can use what you see in front of you to weed the men from the boys, potentially improving the odds of selecting the winner.

The Gold Cup, Cheltenham

Horse racing is popular throughout the world, yet the UK and Ireland are synonymous with the sport. The Kentucky Derby might be more glamorous; however, nothing gets the heart pumping like the National Hunt season across the pond. Which festival is the pinnacle of the year? It’s The Cheltenham Festival and the Gold Cup.

With around 75,000 spectators attending over four days – 68,000 racegoers roared home Al Boum Photo in 2020 as he became the first horse since Best Mate to claim back-to-back titles – the atmosphere was electric. Plus, it wouldn’t be England without a bit of pomp and ceremony. That means donning your best tweed jacket and flat cap in the Gloucestershire countryside!

The Super Bowl

Even if you’re not the most avid follower of American football, the Super Bowl is a worthwhile experience. This is the absolute pinnacle of the sport, the elite final game where the biggest names in football come together for a final that is watched by virtually every family in America. Even if your team does not make it to the final, it is worth getting tickets for the big event (if you can).

During the Super Bowl weekend, the city that hosts the game goes all out. You’ll find street parties, cultural events, and all sorts of raucous activities put on by the host city to keep you busy before the big game. Once you’re inside the stadium, you’ll find an electric atmosphere like no other.

All of this is certainly helped by the iconic Super Bowl Half-Time Show, which usually features some of the biggest music acts on the planet for a 15-minute extravaganza like no other. Half-Time performers in recent years have included Eminem, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Dr. Dre, Jennifer Lopez, and Shakira, just in case you were still wavering on whether or not to buy tickets for next year’s Super Bowl.

Tour de France

If you’re more into the idea of combining slow travel with high-octane sports, the Tour de France should be at the tippy top of your bucket list. This is the event in the world of elite cycling, one in which thousands of racers from virtually every country descend on the idyllic French countryside to out-compete each other across 2000 miles of rough terrain.

You can follow the Tour de France across the country during the three weeks that it takes place, stopping by picturesque villages, isolated country chateaus, and even exciting city destinations such as Paris, Lyon, Marseilles, and Cannes. This is a sports travel experience like no other.

These events might be a little different, but you don’t want to keep on going to the same matches. Remember that spontaneity is the spice of life.

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