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7 Best Tactical Flashlights 2024 – Review & Buyer’s Guide

When unusual situations are around the corner, then there is a need for some special handy equipment in order to tackle such situations. Tactical flashlights are the most essential among the special equipment that needs to be there in your regular carrying toolbox.

These flashlights not only irradiate the darkest situations but also provide a significant expedient of self-defense.

There are many conspicuous features that make these tactical flashlights different from the usual ones. One of the most important is the longest performance time and portability. These flashlights have various modes of lights that can be used according to the situation.

Market is filled with different types of these tactical flashlights but to help you out in choosing the most accurate one, in this article we are going to review the best tactical lights, so stay till the end.

Our Picks for Best Tactical Flashlights

1. OLIGHT Warrior X Pro 2100 Lumens Tactical Flashlight – Smallest Tactical Flashlight

OLIGHT Warrior X Pro

Olight warrior is the best tactical flashlight having high technological features. This flashlight has the ability to lighten up dark places with a maximum brightness of 2100 lumens.

The feature of a magnetic USB charging port makes it travel-friendly. Moving towards the construction of the flashlight, the length is 5.85” inches.

Being durable and reliable, the head and body tube of this flashlight is made of aluminum that is further covered with gunmetal grey.

This flashlight has the capacity to throw light about 500 meters. Further intensifying the performance, the flashlight has a 21700 lithium rechargeable battery along with a customized battery of 5000mAh.

The feature of a strong magnetic tail switch helps the user to choose in between low and high modes. The flashlight is relatively sturdy, making it shockproof and protecting the light.

There is an indicator of vibration in this flashlight that vibrates when the battery is low. The fast-charging cable of MCC3 enables it to give 2amp maximum output, making it the fastest performer.

Olight warrior tactical flashlight has a warranty of 5 years due to its high 3-meter drop test, making it suitable for harsh conditions and body made of a thick layer of IPX8- aluminum alloy increasing its durability.

  • Magnetic USB charging port
  • MCC3 fast charging cable
  • Brightness of 2100 lumens
  • Expensive


If you are looking for an allrounder flashlight that satisfies most of your needs in case of emergency, then OLight warrior is the best flashlight with high brightness power of 2100 lumen.

The flashlight is highly durable and sturdy that can be fastly charged with the cable of MCC3. In the case of a low-power battery, the flashlight has an indicator of vibration.

If used carefully, the 5 years warranty can be increased further.

2. SOG Dark Energy Flashlight – Best LED Tactical Flashlights

SOG Dark Energy Flashlight

This tactical flashlight is considered to have the best battery life that serves the user for a long time period.

This flashlight is not only used in the military but also is considered to be the best self-defense equipment for citizens as well.

Being rich in the most advanced features, this flashlight gives a high light output of 687 lumens.

Moreover, the overall construction of the flashlight is of premium quality aluminum. The waterproof property of the flashlight is due to IPX-7 and is considered to be indestructible and shockproof.

This flashlight has 4 various light modes that are suitable for every type of situation. Further depending upon the battery the brightness of the flashlight changes.

At the full battery, the brightness of the flashlight is at its highest level but as the battery gets lower, the output level of brightness is 40%. The flashlight has a pocket clip that makes it handy and travel-friendly.

The flashlight is cool and white having R5 LED bulb along with an aluminum reflector and polycarbonate lens which is safer for the eyes are further updated features of this flashlight.

  • 687 lumen light output
  • 4 modes of operation
  • Polycarbonated lens
  • Heavy in weight


Having the best and healthy battery life, this flashlight is super powerful with 687 lumen light output. It has 4 different modes that can be used according to the situation.

This flashlight has an R5 LED bulb that provides white cool light and a polycarbonate lens inserted in it protects the eyes from harsh light rays. In an affordable price range, this is the best tactical flashlight.

3. SureFire G2X Series LED Flashlights with Tough Nitrolon Body – Top Tactical Flashlight

SureFire G2X Series LED Flashlights

Another best self-defense tactical flashlight is the bestseller in the market with higher capabilities of defense is the Surefire LED flashlight which is obviously the most demanded flashlight if self-defense is concerned.

The blinding strobe light of this flashlight is suitable in unsafe situations and use for catching the attackers.

This flashlight is mostly used by police, military, and security guards. Further for increasing the light output and longer performance time, the flashlight has an indestructible LED emitter regulator.

Moving towards the intensity of brightness provided by this flashlight, it has one 15 lumens of performance time and 600 lumens of maximum light output.

The dual output tail cap click switch of this flashlight is used for multi-purposes like constant-on low, momentary-on low, switch for high and off.

The flashlight creates an optimized smooth beam with the help of a precision micro-textured reflector. The durability of the flashlight is increased due to the anodized aluminum bezel and a sturdy Nitrolon body.

  • Precision micro-textured reflector
  • Nitrolon Body
  • Indestructible LED emitter regulator
  • Not waterproof


This flashlight has many capabilities of providing self-defense. It is used by police, security guards, and the military. It has incredibly the best battery life that can have an extended life of 10 years and is rechargeable.

Further, the tough Nitrolon body of the flashlight makes it highly durable and shockproof. Hence if you feel anything uncertain then for self-defense, this is the best tactical flashlight to opt for.

4. MIKAFEN Tactical Flashlight 1200 Lumens LED Weapon Light – Best Rated Tactical Flashlight

MIKAFEN Tactical Flashlight

On an opposite side of an expensive tactical flashlight, MIKAFEN is the most affordable option available in the market. This flashlight has many functional capabilities that contribute to make it the best tactical flashlight.

Having a beam distance of 200 meters, this flashlight has a maximum light output of about 1200 lumens. The Li-ion battery of 18650 is included in this flashlight having a rechargeable capacity of 2600mAh.

In order to facilitate the users, this flashlight has a Micro-USB cable for direct charging of the flashlight. It also has 4 modes of operations consisting of the momentary pressure switch, strobe function, and accessible power button.

Moving towards the construction of the flashlight, it is very tough and durable due to the high quality of materials used during manufacturing.

Hard machined aluminum alloy is used for making the body of the flashlight. It makes the flashlight shockproof and does not get damaged if falls from 1.5 meters.

Another most noteworthy feature of this flashlight is that it can easily be used underwater for 1 hour or 2 meters due to its IP7 waterproof property. This flashlight can also be used in frozen or the lowest temperatures.

  • Micro USB cable
  • Rechargeable capacity of 2600mAh
  • Affordable
  • Opening for the battery can wear out with time


The dual switch tail cap of this flashlight is one of the satisfying features for military and police, making them easier to use the light with a single hand.

Having mounting options, the flashlight can easily be detached and attached with the help of a QD cam lock. The flashlight being travel friendly has a wrist strap and pocket clip which makes it easy to carry.

5. Streamlight 88052 ProTac HL USB 1000 Lumen Professional Tactical Flashlight

Streamlight 88052 ProTac HL USB

Last but not the least, another best option of best tactical flashlights is the Streamlight professional flashlight.

In order to have the highest running time during uncertain situations, this flashlight comes with a USB charging cord through which the user can charge the flashlight directly in the spot.

Also for more convenience, it also has an AC adapter.

Moving onwards, this flashlight is usually used by professionals due to its more advanced and high technology features.

It gives three light outputs within the range of 85 to 850 lumens of brightness along with a high-performance time of 12 hours. But overall the brightness power of this flashlight is almost 1000 lumens.

For making the flashlight light, abrasion-resistant and durable, the material from which it is manufactured is the aluminum housing consisting of military-type II anodizing.

CD4 LED is inserted in this flashlight that provides maximum cool and white brightness. IPX4 makes the flashlight waterproof and can easily be used underwater for one hour.

In order to prevent the light from rolling, the head of the flashlight is Anti-roll.

  • AC adapter
  • Military type II anodizing Specs
  • Anti-roll head of the flashlight
  • Light modes are non-differentiable


The Streamlight tactical flashlight is the best tactical flashlight having updated features. It is light and durable due to the best quality of aluminum used during construction.

CD4 LED provides a cool yet bright light consisting of a polycarbonate lens that keeps the eyes safe from harsh rays of light. 12 hours of performance time makes it suitable to use during uncertain situations and dark places.

Factors To Be Considered While Buying The Best Tactical Flashlights


While looking for the best tactical flashlights, brightness is the most important factor to look for. Lumen tells the intensity of light.

The brightness level of the flashlight ranges from about 3500 lumens is considered to be the best tactical flashlight to opt for. So before buying the best tactical flashlights, do test the brightness.

best tactical flashlights

Battery life

Some of the flashlights have rechargeable batteries or work on disposal batteries. Flashlights being lightweight that work on AA or AAA batteries provide a long performance time.

While rechargeable flashlights are most common nowadays where the users can directly charge the flashlights through USB cable ports. So while buying the flashlights, do consider the battery life as well.

Weight And Size

While buying the best tactical flashlights, opt for those that are highly portable, travel-friendly, and lightweight. Flashlights that are operated by a single hand are the most convenient to use.

The pocket clip and wrist strap of the flashlights make them easy to use and can be carried easily anywhere.

Water Proof

Another one of the most important factors to be considered while buying the tactical flashlight is its property of being waterproof.

Flashlights with IPX4 ratings make the flashlight resistant to water splash. Also, this waterproof property of flashlight makes it suitable for users to use it even underwater for almost 1 hour.


best tactical flashlights

How many Lumen should a good flashlight have?

A flashlight having 120 lumens of brightness is considered to be the best one to opt for. This level of brightness helps to shed the light on such dark and unusual situations and also helps in self-defense.

How many Lumens does police flashlight have?

Tactical flashlights for police have a specific range of lumen which is 3100 lumen of light output.


Enlisted the best tactical flashlights that are the most effective tools used by hunters, police, military, or even by citizens to protect them from unusual situations.

These flashlights are different from the usual ones due to their tactical capability and functionality. For helping you in choosing the best of the best tactical flashlights, here are our top three recommendations for you:

  • OLIGHT Warrior X Pro 2100 Lumens Tactical FlashlightOLIGHT Warrior X Pro 2100 Lumens Tactical Flashlight is topping the list due to its high-performance time and highest lumen rates.
  • SureFire G2X Series LED Flashlights with Tough Nitrolon BodySureFire G2X Series LED Flashlights with Tough Nitrolon Body is best known for its functionalities of providing self-defense.
  • Streamlight 88052 ProTac HL USB 1000 Lumen Professional Tactical FlashlightStreamlight 88052 ProTac HL USB 1000 Lumen Professional Tactical Flashlight used by professionals having the highest battery life of 12 hours that contributes to long time performance range.

Here are some other interesting models that you might like:

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