7 Best Hunting Resources for New Hunters

Hunting is an amazing hobby, and for some people, it’s more than that, it’s an entire lifestyle. Hunters have a way of connecting with nature and enjoying all of those hours searching for their prey. If you know someone who enjoys this activity, especially if they started just recently, then you’ve come to the right place.

We all know that if you’re trying to go hunting, you’ll need the right equipment to make your time enjoyable and efficient. Without the right tools and resources, you won’t be able to stay on top of your game, but that’s exactly what we’re here to help you out with. Hunting blogs and websites from enthusiasts and pro hunters like Lunde Studio, Big Game Hunting and Hunting Life provide you tips and tricks for a safe and exciting hunting journey.

Even if you are not hunting yourself, but instead you want to help out someone who does, we’re going to list the seven best resources that you can purchase as a gift for a person that you care about. If you’re interested in making someone’s life better and making them love their hobby, even more, you’re more than welcome to keep on reading until the end. Let’s take a look.

Waterproof boots


You never know what kind of terrain you’re going to encounter while out in the wilderness, but high boots help you out a lot. Sometimes you have to move through thorns, other times you have to be knee-deep into the water, so waterproof boots are considered a must for even the most experienced hunters.

In almost every hunting store, you will be able to purchase special boots that are made from a comfortable material from the inside, and strong and durable from the outside. The colors will vary depending on the camouflage if you want ones with a camouflage print in the first place. If not, you will most likely be able to find them in one solid color.

A mountain backpack


Going out with a regular backpack into the wilderness is not a good idea, and here’s why. Firstly, you won’t have enough space for all of your equipment, meaning that you’ll have to leave something at home, and the less gear you have the higher the risk of your safety is. Second, they are not as comfortable as the ones designed specifically for long-time use, and third, they can give away your position due to the bright “casual” colors. This is why you have to pick one that’s specifically designed for hunters.

Water bottle


Some might think that a regular water bottle will do the job, but we tend to think otherwise. If you’ve ever used a regular plastic bottle, you know how much noise it can make when you press it a bit harder with your fingers, or if it somehow ends up slipping out of your hands and falling on the ground. Well, being a hunter is all about stealth and making zero noise, so this is definitely out of the question.

However, some specially designed water bottles are made out of quality material, and they keep your drinks at the right temperature for a long time. Also, their colors are often the right ones, so you shouldn’t worry about giving out your location.

Now, they might be a bit more expensive than the regular plastic bottle, but we think that this is an investment that’s going to pay off in the long-term. Besides, you get a few extra features, such as a mechanism that allows you to attach this to your backpack, etc. Pretty cool stuff.

A high-quality scope

You cannot set your sights on something that’s far away unless you have the best scope on the market. This item is the signature one for every hunter, so you shouldn’t even think twice about getting one.

All of them come with different features and crosshairs, so we really cannot tell you which one is the best option for you, but if you want to make a great choice, feel free to visit Targetfrog.com

Remember, these things are not very cheap, so making the right decision is crucial for your hunting career. You don’t purchase a new scope every day, so make sure to get one that’s going to serve you for a very long time.

A pocketknife

Every man should carry a pocketknife when going out in the wilderness, but if you are a hunter, you need an especially durable one with a lot of functions, and this is exactly what we suggest that you should get.

Pocketknives can often save your life if you get in a sticky situation, so whether you’re stuck in some thorns or you need to craft something, they’re always here to help you out. This item can be found in almost every store, but if you want some specific model, you’ll have to visit the nearby hunting shop.

A sharpening stone


This item is heavily connected with the one we listed above, which was the famous pocketknife. Sometimes you will have to sharpen your blade, and the best way to do it is by carrying a sharpening stone in your hunting backpack.

The great thing about a sharpening stone is that it doesn’t weigh much at all, and it doesn’t take a lot of places either, meaning that you can store it somewhere and completely forget about it until it’s time to use it on your knife. They’re inexpensive as well, so getting one shouldn’t be a problem.

A meal box

Last but not least, it’s time for something that a lot of people tend to forget as a part of the essentials, and that’s a metal box. A long walk through the woods can be very tiring, especially when you’re chasing the prey for hours.

A meal box will contain the essential nutrients that you need to be energized at all times, and most importantly, if you end up getting a quality one, it’s going to keep your food warm and untouched. In most hunting shops there are special meal boxes made with different sections inside them that will allow you to sort your food properly if you don’t want it to get mixed.

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