Best Indoor RC Helicopter Under $200 in 2020

Nowadays, most people use the RC helicopter for indoor or outdoor fun, because the price of the RC helicopter has down and also available under $200. If you’re looking for an indoor RC helicopter, then several options out there. So, which is the best indoor RC helicopter? The answer to this question is highly based on the price, features, brand, and like more.

However, if you’re a beginner at flying an indoor RC helicopter, then there few things to know before paying for it. For example, the RC helicopter in a smaller size is perfect for indoor fun. Likewise, you need to consider some more features to ensure the best buy.

Stay here and keep continue your reading to find important features to consider and few best recommendations on indoor RC helicopter.

Features of indoor RC helicopter


In order to pick the best option, it is very important to check some important factors on the RC indoor helicopters. For instance, if you’re serious about at flying an indoor RC helicopter, then buy an RC helicopter with at least 4 channels.

Below are some other important features to focus on while purchasing an indoor RC helicopter.

1. Ready to fly


It is somewhat complicated to assemble the remote control helicopter, so it is always better to buy a ready to fly a helicopter. There are so many helicopters come with a fully assembled manner to reduce the complexities in setting up the parts of the helicopter, so beginners no need to worry about assembly.

2. Battery life

There are different types of RC helicopters available such as battery-based, fuel type, and electricity-based helicopters. So, you have to take the right decision on which type of RC helicopter you need based on the facilities.

3. Camera

A very important feature is a camera so that you can able to capture images. But, when it comes to indoor activities, this is optional. If you need a camera, then check it.

4. Flight controls

This is one of the things to consider because it shows the direction of the helicopter. If you bought an indoor RC helicopter with 6 directional controls, then your drone moves up, down, left, right, forward and backward directions.

5. Stability

There is a gyro flight balancer in the helicopter that increases the stability of the remote-controlled helicopter. So, check the stability of the helicopter to get balanced fun.

These are some of the features that you can expect from the indoor RC helicopter. So, ensure these things while paying for indoor RC helicopter.

Price ranges

The indoor RC helicopters are available at various price ranges in these days market, so you can look helicopter under $200 too. Therefore, based on your budget, you can buy an indoor RC helicopter at $25, $50, $50, and up to $200.

Our top recommendations

If you want to buy an indoor RC helicopter under $200, then here are some of the best available options for you.

1. Air Hogs R/C AH-64 Army Apache Havoc Heli Indoor Infrared Micro Helicopter


If you want to buy a battery-operated an indoor helicopter, then this is one of the best choices for you.


  • It requires 6 batteries for remote control
  • It is very easy to operate
  • This is great for beginners
  • Made with crash-resistant foam construction
  • It comes with required batteries

2. FXD HG-90 ‘World’s Largest’ Electric Remote Control RC Helicopter


If you want to buy big sized electric motor equipped remote control helicopter under $200, then this is the only option for you.


  • This is available at 3 and a half feet long
  • It is equipped with a powerful 380 type electric motor
  • It works with high power Li-Po battery
  • It has a balancing bar for maximum stability
  • It includes gyroscope
  • It provides 3.5H radio controls

3. UDI U818A WiFi FPV RC Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera


If you want to buy a drone with HD camera and other advanced features, then don’t wait and simply buy this RC quadcopter drone, because it meets all your needs.


  • It has 2MP forward-facing HD camera
  • It is designed with low voltage alarm for recharge
  • It features one key return home function
  • It is very easy to use and safe too
  • Its gravity induction mode offers 4 directions to fly
  • It comes with a bonus battery and power bank

4. Spinmaster Air Hogs Battling Havoc R/C Helicopters


Now, you can fight fun with an indoor RC helicopter using laser battling. If you’re interested in this, then choose the Spinmaster Air Hogs Battling Havoc R/C Helicopters.


  • It comes with 2 complete sets of helicopters
  • It requires 6 AA batteries to operate
  • This is made with crash-resistant foam
  • It offers 6-way directional controls
  • Dual rotors on the top of the drone offer expected stability
  • It uses infrared beam weapons for battling

5. UDI U842 WiFi FPV Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera


The UDI U842 WiFi FPV Quadcopter Drone comes with an HD camera and also allows using a headset. Apart from that, it also includes the following features.


  • You can shoot photos and videos at 720P high definition
  • It allows wi-fi connectivity
  • It offers up to 7 hours of battery life
  • It comes with a bonus battery for longer lifetime
  • It is very easy to fly with this drone
  • It is equipped with a 6-axis gyro stability system

6. Big Size SPY HAWK 3.5CH Metal RC helicopter


This is a big sized RV helicopter available with a lot of features such as spy camera, 1GB SD memory card, Gyro stability and like more.


  • It has a built-in high-resolution video camera
  • It has a 3-channel gyro system
  • You can use this for both indoor and outdoor
  • No assembly is required
  • It has on and off indicator light

7. Babrit Uplay FPV Wifi RC Quadcopter Remote Control Drone


If you want to buy a headless, auto-return button and other options, then Babrit Uplay FPV Wifi RC Quadcopter Remote Control Drone is the right choice for you.


  • You can attach mobile with this drone
  • It comes with a built-in camera
  • It is equipped with the latest 6 axis gyro system
  • It is made with headless design
  • One-click auto return button returns your drone back to you


Many different features are available for buyers of the indoor RC helicopter. But, because of the popularity of RC helicopters, there are thousands of options available in the market. So, you have to focus on every feature and parts of the RC helicopter before deciding helicopter for you.

Thus, refer to this guide for checking features or choose any options given in the best indoor RC helicopters.

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