5 Indoor Games To Make Your Life Better 2024

Nowadays, healthy living has become a hot topic in both informal and formal settings. Often, it’s easy to come across people discussing the importance of outdoor activities as compared to indoor ones.

This’s because they tend to hold that only outdoor games can positively impact their lives. But that’s not the case. Indoor games are equally good and with amazing benefits.

In this article inspired by, we compile for you 5 best indoor games for your health and wellness. Read on!

1. Ping Pong


Ping Pong, also referred to as table tennis is a great indoor game that can be enjoyed by both adults and kids. But it’s not only the fun side of it that makes this game amazing, but the benefits it presents are also out of this world.

The game can be played in singles or doubles, and it’s characterized by fast-paced playing. It’s through the great playing rate that players get to experience tremendous health and wellness benefits that include burning calories and keeping fit. Visit to know more about this game.

But that’s not all, ping pong also helps to improve hand-eye coordination, while at the same time encouraging the player to remain alert and sharp in strategizing. Improved reflexes and great bonding opportunities are additional benefits. It’s also gentle on the joints. So if you’re recovering from knee surgery, handling some back pain issues, or your ankles can’t feel too much twisting, then ping pong is the ideal game for you.

2. Foosball


The other name for foosball is table soccer. And like soccer, it’s characterized by a lot of fun, making it a perfect indoor bonding game for family and friends.

The game is usually played on a foosball table, and you will be doing a lot of hands and eye work. But that’s not all. Foosball also offers numerous health and wellness benefits to its players.

For instance, if you’re still recovering from any physical condition, table soccer will aid in fast recovery. It helps you master the art of hand and eye coordination whenever playing. And while at it, you get to keep your body as active as possible.

The simplicity and ease to learn attributes of foosball make an ideal pick for individuals suffering from health conditions such as arthritis, injuries to the brain, joint, and bone issues.

3. Backgammon


Backgammon is an indoor game that highly depends on luck. You can play the game with one other person, and each one of you should have 15 pieces each. The board on which the pieces are played consists of 24 spaces. So they typically move like rolls of the dice.

Because of its nature, the game helps to sharpen the mind. This doesn’t come as a surprise, as it is usually the case with board games. You always have to think on your feet, and learning never stops. Also, when you’re focused on playing backgammon, you take your mind off daily stressors, something that gadgets can’t help you solve.

Practicing mental skills, which you acquire through playing backgammon, is of great help to the elderly as this safeguards them against physical and mental diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. Besides, you get to meet new people, which could lead to the formation of lifetime friendships and learn how to deal with conflicts.

Therefore, this qualifies backgammon as a mental workout sport. And no matter how you look at it, there’s no denying that the little complexity it presents at its advancement stages, adds value to life.

4. Shuffleboard


Have you ever watched people playing shuffleboard all your life and wondered why they find it interesting? Well, you sure have been missing out a lot.

Shuffleboard is an undoubtedly exciting indoor game. It will not only help you pass the time but also experience some of the amazing health benefits the game presents. The game involves pushing of weights down a customized smooth wooden table, to access the scoring area.

And as you do this, you perform some hand movements, which help in toning your arm muscles. As well as improve the coordination between your hands and eyes. Also, since you get to move your body a lot, it helps to boost the movement of blood within your body, which is an excellent workout on its own.

Not good in cardio workouts, shuffleboard is one game you should add to your workout list. Yes, it might not be as intense as you would have wished, but it will still help you achieve your objective if you remain constant.

5. Chess


This is one of the most popular indoor games. It has been around for ages, and playing involves players.

Chess makes use of a specialized checkered board complete with 64 squares. It’s a game for all. Both young and old can play, and its concepts are quite simple to master.

Most individuals play chess for fun, not because of the health and workout benefits it presents. But that doesn’t mean nothing is going on in your body.

Did you know that when you play chess, you’re exercising the two parts of your brain? Let’s break it down for you;

You use the right side of your brain to recognize the various patterns.
And your left side of your brain helps you recognize items. So the more time you spend playing chess, the longer time you spend in boosting the development of both parts of your brain. And within no time, you can effectively use them to solve various life situations.

Also, chess makes an excellent game for stroke and growth development rehabilitation patients when applied as a form of recovery therapy.

Wrap Up

Being active is the best reward you can offer yourself. But if for some reason you can’t spend much time outdoors, then you can still get busy indoors, playing indoor games. If you are one of those peoples who can not decide which indoor game to buy, then there is also solution for that also. Websites such as are giving you the opportunity to buy multifunctional tables for different type of games.

The games mentioned above are just examples of some of the best indoor games that can help make your life better and happier. There’s still much more you can add to the list. So please don’t hold back from exploring our subsequent articles.

Do try them out and share your experience with us in the comment section. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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