Best Elliptical Trainer under $200 in 2024

In the present modern life, one and all easily suffer from obesity – a silent killer, which results in a negative effect on health. Meanwhile, people need to strengthen the body to fight with the competitive world. In order to get rid of complex health disorders and to gain strength, everyone would like to do exercises.

Due to insufficient time to practice workouts at the gym, both men and women desired to procure the best exercise equipment for their different needs. Are you the one who want to do workouts at home? And going to shop for workout tools? Then I suggest you purchase an elliptical trainer.

The elliptical trainer is known to be one of the most effective and friendliest equipments available in today’s market to obtain more and more physical and mental fitness benefits. While coming to exercises, all we start with basic movements of cardio exercises such as walking and running right!!

You know the elliptical trainer includes both cardio within a single machine. Of course, you can either walk or run on the elliptical machine and all you have to do is keep your step on the pedals and run or walk.

6 reasons to use an elliptical trainer


However, while hearing advice to use the elliptical trainer for losing calories to get fit body structure, everyone should ask why you need to utilize this machine, you too right!! Okay, here are the top 6 reasons for using the elliptical trainer.

1. Less joint impact

Due to the low joint impact, you can recover much faster than your regular running.

2. Great Quadriceps initialization

If you have weak low quadriceps (Group of 4 muscles located in front of thigh) or weak quad, then workouts on elliptical trainer help you to improve and bring leg muscles back into the original alignment.

3. Build stronger butt and hip muscles


If you want to build stronger butt and hip muscles, then walking on an elliptical trainer is the best option.

4. Maximizes the training effect

You may have heard that treadmills and elliptical results the same, but elliptical trainer assists you to maximize the effect by increasing stride length.

5. Works all at the same time

An elliptical machine involves all parts of your body such as upper and lower body, muscular stamina, core and more at the same time, so you can save your lots of time.

6. Consumes less space


Have you only less space to locate the elliptical machine? No problem, it’s more enough.

I hope after reading the above-stated reasons, you surely decided to procure an elliptical machine for your home right. Okay, while coming to the elliptical trainer, plenty of options are offered in the market. Therefore, it might be difficult to choose the right product.

Meanwhile, when going to purchase an elliptical trainer, one yardstick that you should consider a lot would be the price. People who are living in budget life must look for an elliptical trainer at an affordable rate, for instance under $200. If you’re the one seeking for an elliptical machine under $200, then exactly this is the right place to get a list of machines.

5 best treadmills under $200

Stamina In-Motion


Stamina In-Motion is the stunning choice if you’re looking for the elliptical which has no downsides.


  • Stamina In-Motion includes a monitor screen that shows workout performance details about the number of strides per minute, total pounds of burned calories, the final number of strides and the duration of the exercise.
  • This kind of elliptical trainer burns the same pounds of calories that you will burn throughout jogging, but without any injury to the knee, hips, and back.
  • It’s easy to adjust the resistance value by dialing.


  • Stamina elliptical trainer allows doing both forward and backward positions
  • Very simple to assemble pieces
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Can store easily under a desk
  • It shuts off automatically

FitDesk Under Desk


Do you want to lose weight while sitting? Then FitDesk Under Desk is the perfect option for you.


  • To practicing walking without any strain in the legs, FirDesk is designed with the lowest height for pedaling.
  • It includes built-in wheels to pack and transport to anywhere easily.
  • Both fluid forward and backward shuffle motion is availing in the FirDesk elliptical trainer.
  • The high-velocity flywheel in this elliptical machine keeps balanced pedal movement with smooth and murmur quietly.


  • It’s very easy to assemble and consumes only 15 minutes
  • There is no need to use oil under the wheels to get rid of noise because naturally, it’s doesn’t arise any noises
  • Able to fit easily under the desk
  • Can make use of FirDesk elliptical trainer while sitting at the chair
  • Walk on the elliptical machine while working with a computer, hearing songs or talking with someone on


  • A complaint with the FirDesk elliptical trainer is that the wire connection from the machine to display at a certain height of the table is may short.

Exerpeutic 1000Xl


If you want to do more challenging workouts on the elliptical trainer, then Exerpeutic 1000XI is the best.


  • From the largest LCD window, you can easily check the burned calories, duration of workouts, speed rate, and distance.
  • Additionally, you can also figure out your heartbeat rate from the specially designed target zone monitor.
  • The dual directional flywheel allows you to walk at both frontward and backward directions.


  • It eliminates any playful movements which will occur in another elliptical trainer
  • Provides zero-impact movements with no pain on joints and hips
  • Offers the benefits of upper body practicing with dual action arms
  • Exerpeutic elliptical trainer is pretty compact


  • Assembling the pieces of Exerpeutic elliptical trainer consumes 3 hours to complete and it needs to tighten the bolts and nuts to prevent the loose connection.

Body Rider BRD2000


Do you want an elliptical trainer with a comfortable seat adjustment facility? I like it so, then buy Body Rider BRD2000.


  • Body rider is designed with seat adjustments in both vertically and horizontally to fit various body heights and sizes.
  • There is an electronic console system to track burned calories, workouts speed, how much time and the distance you were practiced on the elliptical trainer.
  • By using the intensity setting, you can change the difficulty levels of Body rider machine


  • Produce only less impact on joints
  • Offers two options in the same machine bike and elliptical
  • Pretty good small piece of equipment


  • Some user feels that the handles in the body rider are a little bit short

Sunny Health and Fitness magnetic machine



  • The sunny health magnetic machine also has a meter to record speed, distance, calories, and time.
  • Weight capacity of the magnetic machine is 220 pounds


  • Tone upper and lower body
  • Provides low impacts
  • Easy to set up


  • Can’t able to keep a book, iPad, phone or other things easily

Final words

The machines that are listed in the above best elliptical trainer under $200 are selected based on one of a factor as price. In the meantime, purchasing an elliptical trainer according to their price is not always good. Hence, I have decided and present machines related to its price with specifications and features.

Moreover, by using the above-mentioned trainers, you can prepare own course profile. Fitness trainer in all over the world utilizes this elliptical trainer to recover from health issues and to stay fit.

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