Can You Wear A Waist Trainer During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a complicated and lengthy process which involves the ultimate amount of care and affection for the foetus. Soon to be mothers have to take tremendous amounts of measures so as to keep healthy. Everyone’s body is different, and different practices suit some but do not suit others. An excellent and universal way to stay healthy is to ensure that the body gets some exercise. In order to work out, you may wear shapewear normally. However, the question arises whether you should wear it while you are pregnant.

Shapewear And Trainers


Shapewear and trainers are typically compression gears worn by individuals while they are working out or even post workout. The reason for such equipment is to provide a higher amount of blood flow in the region where they are worn. It also helps to maintain a healthy posture by contracting muscles. Such contraction always helps in reducing the risks involved with exercise. The primary threat to the muscles during exercise is injury from stretching the tissues beyond the ordinary. Compression gear like waist trainers available on keeps enough blood in the muscles to reduce the tearing of muscle tissues.

Other than the waist trainers, another essential feature is that waist trainers may be worn as shapewear. Shapewear technically aims to keep the waist in a toned way. The average human core may not be as firm as ideally expected to be. Therefore, shapewear plays an essential role in ensuring that people who want to have a tight waist may try shapewear. These shapewear items compress the belly and waist by about an inch or a half. More visibly, the fat around the waist gets evenly distributed and allows people to wear their outfits in a neater manner.

Pregnancy And Its Implications

Pregnancy comes with multiple risks and immense conditioning of the human body. Although it is a natural process, the inputs that the body receives affect the entire process in every little and significant way. Things like shapewear may be enticing to pregnant women as it does provide some additional support.

However, wearing tight compression gear may turn out to be uncomfortable and also may turn out to be degenerative for the foetus. There are many other factors that must be considered before buying clothes or similar wearables during pregnancy.

What Are The Problems That May Arise?

One of the prime features of compression gear which may cause an issue in pregnant women, is that it might hinder the respiration process. It is evident that respiration is essential for the mother and foetus both. Thus, wearing such gear constricts the ability to breathe as freely. This may turn out to be really adverse in the long run.

If you use a non breathable fabric, it may cause skin problems on your waist. A breathable material allows the skin to have enough air to dry it off. A moist and warm atmosphere is perfect for the breeding of bacteria, fungi and other pathogens. You definitely do not want to build up such microorganisms over your waist that will cause further medical problems. Such build up leads to fungal rashes or may even cause clogged pores which may turn inflamed. Inflammation of clogged pores will be painful while they last. Sweat is another primary reason why such rashes may develop over time. A breathable fabric is an essential.

If the waist trainer is too tight, it may keep pressing onto the foetus and also onto your internal organs. The foetus is usually protected well by the placenta and amniotic fluid. Your organs, however, do not have the same level of protection. Wearing extremely tight waist trainers may cause your lower abdomen organs to have severe ailments in the future. The damage may as well be permanent. Therefore, you should only select a waist trainer during pregnancy that fits you well.

Prerequisites Of Buying A Waist Trainer

A waist trainer usually is modified for pregnant women. The pregnancy waist trainer is modified quite differently from the stock trainers. These unique gears fulfil the particular needs. The very first feature you must look for in any trainer is the fabric. The fabric must be good enough even to qualify. Ensure that the material around the womb is meshy and light. Having a meshy fabric will not only allow you to have more aerated skin, but it will also minimize the pressure on the womb.

The next thing that you should aim for is the availability of an extension for the womb. Depending upon the stage of your pregnancy, you must see if there is an allowance for the womb or not. If there is an allowance, it means that the trainer is going to hug your waist lightly instead of sticking to it too tightly. This feature varies in separate brands.

A good trainer for pregnant women will always have an actual amount of cushion to support the back as well. Whenever you look for wearables, you look for support. It must not be a case where you need to apply additional effort just to manage the wearable. A high quality waist trainer will provide an actual amount of support to your lower back which is constantly under tremendous pressure to apply effort. Thus, support is the third most crucial element to look for in a waist trainer.


Lastly, you must find the right size so that the entire shapewear fits you well. It must not be too tight and also not too loose otherwise, it will lose its purpose. Besides, it would be best if you always looked for a trainer who can be cleaned effectively by washing. Cotton blends are always preferable. The higher the percentage of cotton, the better it is for your skin. Other fabrics are not so easy to clean comparatively. Thus, you can find the perfect weight trainer for pregnancy which you can wear for short durations.

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