4 Fashionable Ways to Wear Stud Earrings – 2024 Guide

Earrings are an indispensable part of every outfit, so they come in different shapes and designs and complete the look. They also express your sense of fashion, inclinations towards certain materials, and among other things, it makes many ladies even more feminine.
In some cultures, a woman must always wear jewelry. The power that comes with it is great and it has different interpretation in each culture. For some, it is an indicator of belonging to a certain social class, wealth, etc. However, from ancient times until now, we have encounter earrings since childhood, and this especially applies to women who loved to wear their mother’s jewelry.

Every gril wanted to put on as much jewelry as possible from that mother’s jewelry box in which there were a lot of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc. Today, no one has to wear their mother’s jewelry secretly, but it has become a must-have detail and we always miss “only that piece”.
The piece of jewelry with whom girls most often experiment with are earrings. They are the easiest to wear, since you don’t even feel some of them while wearing them. They are also easy to take off and if I choose some neutral ones, they go well with every outfit we choose.

Therefore, we can single out this jewelry as the most practical to combine with every outfit, but also the most popular when it comes to 2024.
Earrings have become a total trend in the fashion world, and you can notice that with many celebrities who present different combinations both in the daily variants and on the red carpet and thus dictate fashion trends.
You can copy from celebrities, but you can also read below some of our fashion tips for wearing stud ones, which are a complete hit this season.

Fashion tip:

The popularity of wearing earrings as an everyday outfit has reached its peak, and among the different types, stud earrings undoubtedly win. It’s simple, and you can use different shapes that you can fit into different occasions.

1.Multiple that look like one

If you are a fan of chaotic but tidy style, then maybe the right solution for you lies in several ones which look like one. This look will be fantastic if you choose shapes that you can identify with when choosing earrings. It is important that each piece is made of the same material in order to look beautiful along the ear. Make a small change in your everyday look and forget about the rules of wearing just one pair. Play with different ideas.

2. Eye-shaped

These ones are worn in a very similar way as the previous ones, except that these are separate pairs that are not in the same mold. It is an ideal opportunity to experiment, and our suggestion is eye-shaped earrings that look very feminine. Click here to see how they look like.

3. Discreet earrings – silver

Something a little different if you if you prefer the Meghan Markle style and the generally classic style.
So this is a choice for gentle girls how can match earring with their character. This is also good if you only have one ear pierced or if you have only recently pierced your ears so you need to get used to it. It is also great for fitting into the rest of the jewelry and wardrobe, as if they merge with your ear, and yet bring some warmth to the overall expression.
The best thing about this way of wearing it is that you can wear them throughout the day on different occasions, so from the daily business variant, it will not be difficult to combine jewelry for tonight’s date – you don’t have to change your stud earrings you wore all day.

4. Hoop shape

It’s a mix of subtle small size stud ones and large hoops from the 90s. If you do not want to decide on a specific type then this is the perfect solution for you. From elegance, you can go for a totally casual style, because you can easily take these ones out in all ways.
On some earrings, you can also replace the hoop with another shape and thus add certain symbols to achieve a unique look. Another very popular mix is ​​a combination of silver and gold, so you can add a silver hoop (pearls or whatever) to a gold base and vice versa.

Wearing tips:

Choose the right shape for your face

Choose the shape according to the shape of your face. If you have a diamond-shaped or heart-shaped face then it is best to opt for dangling earrings. On the other hand, for elongated faces only suitable are classic studs.

Use them to highlight your best features

They not only help you emphasize the shape of your face, but also its best parts, but you must know how to do it. In case you didn’t know, the striking design on the ears emphasizes the eyes, and the hanging ones emphasize the jaw.
Also, with the help of the bright color of the earrings, you can achieve the effect of an aristocratic complexion and thus visually brighten the skin. Pay attention to skin tone when choosing metal. If you naturally have a pink skin tone, you certainly don’t want an extra red color and so you go for a completely pink look.


We believe that you like one of our ides and thus manage to choose one or more ways in which you can wear this popular type of earrings. As we have already mentioned, the ones you choose reflect your character and this is evidenced by the fact that mostly more withdrawn people usually wear the model that does not attract attention, while more relaxed people with a strong attitude have a desire to be in the spotlight. The good thing about stud earrings is that you can achieve both effects or make the perfect combination of the two.

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