How To Wear Perfume & Make It Last Longer – 2024 Guide

Smelling nice is one of the most beautiful sensations out there. Don’t let Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher tell you any different. The perfume industry is one of the strongest in the world and it’s all for a reason. Their customer base is broad because perfumes are used by both old and young, male and female, and everyone else in general. There’s no place for discrimination when it comes to perfumes. No, there’s only a place for magic, if you know what we’re talking about.

You don’t? We’re talking about a person who enters the room, wearing a signature scent, and practically leaving a piece of their soul once it leaves. Have you ever remembered a person only by their scent? Sure you did. This is the power of perfume. When it comes to these products it is all about wearing the right one that suits your skin and personality and making it last as long as it can. This is not always easy, and this is why we’re going to write this article. It is all for you. Check out, and tell us what you think of our piece titled how to wear perfume & make it last longer – 2024 guide. It holds some valuable wisdom collected over the years, and we’ll sure you’ll find it useful beyond regular means. Let’s get going. There are lessons to be learned.

Pulse Point Matter

This might be common knowledge but we’re going to start from the basics. We’re having in mind those who are just starting to get into the world of scent. Pulse points are essential when it comes to applying perfume. The first few drops need to be aimed at wrists, elbows, behind ears, knees, and behind and in front of your neck. The reason why we put it there is because of our skin. In those spots, our skin is the thinnest.  Because of this, the perfume will be applied as close as it can to our blood vessels and points where much heat is generated. When you start heating, the scent of the perfume will start spreading faster. The fragrance of your choice will spread faster and further when is applied to the points on your body that generate the most heat. If you didn’t know this, you truly are an amateur in this domain, unlike Al Pacino in his fan-favorite film, the Scent of a Woman.

Timing Matters Too

Putting your favorite fragrance on during any part of the day just won’t do the trick. No, perfumes don’t have time mechanisms, but you not only need to know where to apply them but also to be aware of when is the best time to do it. The best time to put some artificial smell on your body is right after you exit a shower or a hot tub. This is when your skin is most favorable to accept any fragrance you want to apply. You know that your pores are cleaned and opened after being treated with hot water, and thus the scent will stick longer to your body than it would any other time. But, don’t make one of the most common mistakes when it comes to applying perfume after being treated with water. You need to dry first. If you put it on your wet skin, it will last only as long it takes you to dry.

Moisturize The Skin

So, you understand where to put it, and that your skin needs to be dried after showering, but it doesn’t mean you don’t need to have it moist. You do. Of course, this is firstly a lady’s advice, but some men use moisturizers too. The ideal thing would be to use oils or lotions that hold no smell but will make your skin moist. With this approach, you’re giving yourself a better chance of having the fragrance stick longer without being mixed with another smell. So, the recipe goes as follows: take a shower, dry the excess water, moisturize the skin, and apply your favorite fragrance. If you want the best possible solution, a perfume body lotion might be what you’re seeking, and ideal ones can be found at Make sure you visit them, as it might be precisely what’s your body is looking for.

Each Wrist to Its Own

We hope that this subtitle is clear enough. If not, we’re going to explain it a bit further. Like we said in our first paragraph, applying the perfume to your wrist is a must. But, when it comes to this part, many people make a rookie mistake of rubbing their wrists together once the fragrance is applied on both. As you know, rookie mistakes can cost you a career in NFL, and when it comes to fragrances it could cost you the longevity of the scent. Once the perfume is on your wrists you’ll only make the smell disappear faster if you rub the together. Anyone who is even a little adept in the world of perfumes will tell you to never do this. In a case, you feel you applied more fragrance to one wrist than to another, or you want to mix two scents, you can exchange touches between your wrists, but they must be swift, and there mustn’t be any rubbing involved.

Hair Does The Trick Too

By now, you know what to do in a few basic moves when it comes to your fragrance appliance, but we have one last touch to share with you. No this is not a fairy tale, so don’t think Disney, Tangled, Rapunzel scenario is what we’re talking about. No, it’s all about the spots where you can apply your perfume.  The thing is, a perfume sprayed on your hair will last longer than the one applied only to your skin. Of course, you don’t have to put too much perfume on your hair, as it can put a strain on it, and cause damage in some instances. Furthermore, as the hair moves while you walk and do work, you risk having your perfume too much up to your nose.

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