6 Ways to Wear a Headband Wig With Confidence – 2024 Guide 

Many men and women experience hair loss throughout their life mainly due to health problems or aging. Most of them say that losing their hair feels like losing part of their identity and that it affects the way they see themselves. Hair, especially for women, is an important part of their self-esteem and image. That’s why many of them resort to wigs as the first effective solution. Despite the popularity of wigs, many people still feel intimidated by their use and they lack self-confidence while weari2ng them. You should know that wigs nowadays come in all sorts of shapes, colors and you can even personalize them according to your preferences. We are going to let you learn more about the history of wigs and start your journey of wearing one confidently. As we are going to see, wigs have new trends throughout history and today is no exception. The newest trend today is headband wigs. You can check them out immediately at

1. Learn the Origins of Wigs

The best way to embrace your new headband wig is to know the origins of wigs in general and what they used to represent in human society. Some anthropologists speculate that wigs are 25.000 years old. They base this speculation on anthropologist’s findings of a mammoth ivory carving of a woman’s head that was found in France. It was found in a French village called Brassempouy, hence the woman’s head was named Venus of Brassempouy. It is one of the earliest known realistic representations of a human face and yes, she probably had a wig.

Ever since the Venus of Brassempouy, wigs were found in many civilizations and cultures. Probably the most famous ones were Egyptian pharaohs and French monarchs. In ancient Egypt, there were no many means to protect from heat so while exposed to the scorching sun all day, they couldn’t grow hair. So, they would shave their head instead and mostly use wigs as protection from the sun. Now, the nobility had to find a way to distinguish themselves from commoners so their wigs were made of human or animal hair and decorated with gold and ribbons. They were even buried with them to appear more appealing in their afterlife.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, wigs were more of a trend than a necessity. Two persons were the main drivers of this trend. French King Louis XIV and English King Charles II. Both had hair loss problems but thanks to their popularity and influence, once they put the wigs on, the whole of Europe followed up. It became a mandatory dress code for court officials. It was like that until the French Revolution when people raised against monarchs and all of their symbols including wigs. After that, the more natural look of an ordinary man was embraced.

As we can see, wearing a wig was a way to show your social status and wealth. It used to present much more than a hair loss or a more appealing look. We don’t know the nature of trends so it is likely that the wig trend might appear again.

2. Learn the Difference Between Human and Synthetic Wig

Part of being confident with your headband wig is to know which type suits you the best. The common trait for both is maintenance. The more you use them, the shorter their lifespan will be. The same applies to the washing.

Here are a few things that you should consider when buying a human hair wig. The first thing that you should know is that they cost more. They are also harder to maintain and sensitive to external natural factors such as wind, heat, and rain just like every natural, human hair. One of the best benefits of human hair wigs is that you can style and dye them as much as you want. Once the wig is on your hair, it simply feels natural and it could last around one year if maintained properly.

Let’s now talk about the things you should consider when buying a synthetic hair wig. They are cheaper but less durable. If maintained well and worn often, they last between 4 and 6 months. They cannot be styled and have a low tolerance for heat. Yet there are heat-friendly, synthetic wigs that can maintain a higher degree of heat. Now, the good part about synthetical wigs is that they are easy to maintain, high-quality ones look very similar to the natural hair, you can’t style them but you can buy a couple of them due to their cheap price so you get a more versatile style.

3. Enjoy the New Style

Both men and women have a desire to have some hairstyles that they can’t pull off with their natural hair. This is where a headband wig comes in. Switching from straight to curly has never been easier.

4. Quick To Put On

It takes only 10 minutes to put on the headband wig which makes it more practical than a lace wig that takes between 1 and 2 hours. So be confident that you don’t need much time to get ready to go out. You can be open and available for any emergencies.

5. Lighter and more comfortable

Though they cover the whole scalp, human headband wigs are lighter than the regular wig which makes it feel more natural and more suitable for hot weather.

6. No Glue or Lace

No need to spend time on cutting laces at all and you don’t need to use glue on your scalp to attach the wig. That way you can protect your scalp from anything bad that might occur. You can apply your headband wig straight on and be confident that it would stick to your head.


The new technologies are enabling us to dramatically decrease the problem of hair loss and help us deal with them more comfortably. The time it takes to apply wigs improved and the styles you can wear became more diverse than ever. It became so convenient that many celebrities, actors, and singers are wearing them out of pure fashion reasons and the latest trend in the wigs world is headband wigs because of their practicality and beautiful aesthetics.

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