Accidents Involving Pedestrians: Why Do They Happen?

Were you injured in a pedestrian accident and incurred serious financial losses? What was the cause of your accident? Many pedestrians face serious losses and painful injuries because auto drivers fail to obey traffic laws. Since the victims aren’t protected by an automobile, there is a greater risk of serious injuries.

The leading causes of pedestrian accidents determine what party is at fault and how each party contributed to the cause of the accident. By reviewing all the causes and conditions that apply, victims can learn what to do after they sustain injuries in a pedestrian accident.

Distracted Drivers and Pedestrians

Smartphones are incredibly convenient, but mobile devices contribute to auto and pedestrian accidents every year. If the drivers or pedestrians are distracted by text messages, phone calls, or social media notifications, the risk of an accident increases dramatically. Laws require drivers to use hands-free features instead of attempting to check their phones and look away from the roadways.

The same laws don’t apply to pedestrians, but they could cause an accident because of these instant distractions. Victims of pedestrian or auto accidents are encouraged to start a claim by contacting right now.

Impaired or Intoxicated Drivers


Driving under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances increase the risk of auto accidents and lead to pedestrian accidents, too. If the driver is impaired, they could lose control of the vehicle quickly and hit someone crossing the street or walking around a parking lot.

State laws prohibit anyone from operating a vehicle if they have a blood-alcohol reading of 0.08% or higher or if the person has taken any controlled substances. If the at-fault driver was intoxicated or under the influence, the claimant could collect compensation through a civil lawsuit and restitution from a criminal case.

Speeding and Reckless Driving

Speeding and reckless driving increase the risk of a pedestrian accident since the driver may not be able to stop quickly enough to avoid the pedestrian. State laws prohibit all drivers from driving at a speed that is higher than the posted speed limit, and reckless driving is also a serious traffic violation.

If the officers managing the accident saw the driver speeding or driving recklessly, the officers may issue a citation. If a driver who is speeding or driving recklessly causes serious injuries, they could face additional criminal charges.

Rolling Stops and Failures to Stop at Stop Signs

Rolling stops and failures to come to a complete stop at a stop sign are moving violations and increase the risk of pedestrian accidents. If the driver doesn’t stop, they could overlook a pedestrian that is using the crosswalk and cause injuries.

A general rule of thumb is to come to a complete stop at all stop signs and then count to 10 while observing traffic before the driver moves the vehicle. The practice can lower the risk of auto and pedestrian accidents and gives the driver a chance to see if there are walkers, bicyclists, or other drivers moving around them.

Unmarked Sidewalks and Crosswalks


The county or city presents hazards by failing to maintain sidewalks and crosswalks. Pedestrians need to know where and when they can cross the streets safely, and drivers need to know when to be cautious of anyone walking on the roadways.

The city or county officials must install signals in these areas to increase the safety of all pedestrians and drivers. Typically, the speed limit is reduced in these areas to make drivers become more aware of people walking around them. If the city or county doesn’t maintain these installations, the officials in charge of the roadways could become liable for an accident.

Jaywalking and Crossing Illegally

Jaywalking is crossing the streets in areas where there isn’t a crosswalk, and pedestrians may not have the right to cross the street. Law enforcement officers can issue citations for the violation and fine individuals who cross the street illegally. Most roadways have crosswalks set up at intersections to provide a safe place to cross the street.

Traffic lights are often present in these areas to tell drivers when to go and when to stop and wait for pedestrians crossing the streets. If a pedestrian is guilty of jaywalking, the judge presiding over the accident case could dismiss the case because the pedestrian contributed to the cause of the accident and their injuries.

Rubbernecking Around Existing Accidents


Many drivers are guilty of rubbernecking when there is an auto accident on the roadway. Unfortunately, the choice to take their eyes off the roadway increases the risk of a new auto or pedestrian accident.

While managing the scene of an auto accident, there are law enforcement officers, wrecker drivers, emergency service drivers and technicians, and the parties involved in the accident moving around the wreckage. By getting distracted by the accident, a driver may hit a pedestrian at the scene.

Adverse Weather Conditions

Adverse weather conditions prevent drivers and pedestrians from seeing around them. While many authorities advise local residents to stay home during dangerous weather, there are many people who will get out in it anyway. Drivers and pedestrians must be more cautious during heavy rain or snow to lower the risk of an accident and injuries.

Pedestrians have the same rights as drivers on the roadways, and drivers must remain cautious in areas where pedestrians are moving around. Many auto accidents involve pedestrians because of one of many factors, and if more drivers and pedestrians do their part to keep the roadways safer, it is possible to reduce the volume of accidents each year.

After a pedestrian accident, the victim needs to discuss their case with a personal injury attorney and determine if they have a viable claim. Several factors could decrease their chances of collecting compensation, including a failure to comply with pedestrian and traffic laws.

If a pedestrian played a role in causing their accident or injuries, the person could lose some of their monetary awards if they win their case. By reviewing the causes of pedestrian accidents, victims can learn more about their cases and what to do next.

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