Trends to Watch Out for iOS App Development

With the advancement in technology, new and latest trends are becoming a part of business operations. The advancement is not only improving the business’s line of operations, its productivity and growth; it is also elevating the user’s lifestyle, the connection with the brand, and improved relations with the business.

Now that we are discussing the way technology has been transforming our lives, we applaud the plethora of opportunities provided to us by mobile devices. Apart from smartphones, mobile apps have become an inseparable part of our lives. Most of our activities are aligned with a mobile app available on a smart device.

Be it banking, entertainment, shopping, connectivity, gaming or anything, we have multiple apps to get used to and finish the task even at our busiest time of the hour.


The most advocated platforms – Android and iOS have been the first choice of users. While Android has a wider set of the user base, iOS is not lagging. More and more users are inclined towards iOS devices because of the quality it provides. iOS apps are giving tough competition to android apps and facts are there to prove it.

“According to Statista, mobile app revenue will reach $581.9 billion in 2024.”

iOS app development company like Finoit Technologies looks into developing apps that meet user demands while also improving the business’ position, improve brand visibility and encourage a better customer-business relationship.

With so much happening in 2024 and anticipation around the trends, we are going to share a few trends with you that iOS app development company should look out for. Let’s get started!

1. Artificial Intelligence


One of the most notified trends, Artificial Intelligence is giving some real experience to users for the last few years. The pepped-up trend not only entices the users but allows them to interact with the technology fascinatingly. Artificial Intelligence combined with machine learning is another reason why businesses and iOS app development companies are going gaga over it.

For instance – The experts from AnyforSoft report by analyzing the history of a user’s purchase, an app can suggest user items or things that they might purchase. AI trend has been utilized by the Starbucks company to place an order based on their previous orders. Isn’t it fascinating?

2. Internet of Things


Research by Statista claims that the IoT market’s size will reach $1.6 trillion by 2025.

IoT is a vast field that has been able to find its place in Apple devices. From iOS watches to televisions it is encouraging the use of trends in every Apple product. With the idea of providing power to manage all from one single app/device; IoT has begun its rule. The iPhone app development company is now approached to develop iOS apps integrated with the IoT technology so that a user can easily manage its home, car, appliances, etc. easily at their comfort. Users can easily control anything remotely easily and efficiently.

3. File Management App


With a lot going on a smart device, there are tons of files that Apple devices need to maintain and keep it secure. With Apple introducing iOS 11.3 version, we have come across the app- Files. The files app is designed specifically to manage the files on an iOS device. Created with cloud-based technology, the iOS application development company developed a File app so that users could easily store the data, information in a file, access it anytime, anywhere from any device. It is most popular with corporate users as they have the bulk of data and information to store, share, and manage.

4. iOS App Security


App security has always been a point of consideration. With the constant fear of external threats, viruses, hackers, an iPhone application development company needs to be more agile and planned with app security. iOS app developers are in the constant practice of adding strength to the security of every iOS app. Another compulsory aspect – App Transport Security is announced by Apple for enhanced security of the apps. All the apps developed for iOS 13; the developers have configured App Transport Security to ensure an added layer of security thus minimizing any compromise with the safety of the app.

5. iBeacon


iBeacon technology is used as wireless transmitters that send signals using Bluetooth technology. Once the connection is established, a push notification is triggered with a set message that appears on the user’s iPhone implicating necessary details

iBeacon trend can transform the retail app industry and few retail businesses have started to take advantage of it already. One big brand to mention is Macy. For instance – even if a user ignores the messages, banners, ads on the iPhone device, once they pass through the area where beacon technology is configured, the sensors automatically and immediately notify the users. And thus, the customers are always notified of any deals, discounts whenever they are near the store.


The iPhone app development industry is booming as the demand for iPhone devices increases every passing day. The fact that how simple and powerful the device is, the apps are designed to complement the design and quality of the Apple products. With trends circulating and powering the iOS app development company, iPhone apps are growing stronger and better with every development. While few are mentioned in the blog, there are more like cloud integration in the apps, chatbots, AR, VR which enhances the capabilities of the iPhone apps.

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