5 Tips How to Take Care of your Eyelash Extension at Home?

What became a big hit in the beauty industry lately is the lash extension. Women who had to glue fake lashes every time they want to experience long, beautiful, thick lashes they always wanted, no longer had to through the troubles of putting them on correctly. It was quite complicated to remove the glue leftovers afterward. The eyes looked ugly because they needed a couple of days to recover from the lashes.

Many salons now offer the lash extension service, and as you already know, this beauty treatment sets you free from applying mascara for at least 6 weeks! Best of all, is they are glued to your natural ones. The treatment is performed by a professional who uses tweezers to apply one by one silk lash to your natural ones, using a special kind of glue. The extensions are longer and thicker than yours, so the effect they create is a complete success, just as you have applied the best mascara you could ever find. Read more about the lash extension products on

The extensions stay on your eyes for as long as your natural ones do. When your lashes fall off, the extensions go with them, as well. You are probably familiar with the fact that lashes tend to fall off from time to time, due to the natural process of being replaced by new ones. The same process applies to your hair.

However, some things or better-said habits we have can influence their longevity. You need to adopt a new routine, to make your extensions last as long as possible. Here are 5 tips on how to take care of your eyelash extensions at home.

1. Regular combing

Once you get your lashes done, you need to inform yourself about the proper care habits you should adopt to avoid running to the salon every week. They need proper care and some TLC. One of the most important habits you need to adapt to properly take care of the extensions is combing.

Combing needs to be performed every day, without excuses. Why? Well, because we all have restless nights when we toss and turn in the bed, sleeping restlessly. Naturally, this affects the lashes resulting in tangling. Sometimes we tend to scratch our eyes during sleep or touch our face, affecting the lashes. Combing will untangle them and position each lash to its place. This way your extensions will always look neat and beautiful. Make sure the comb you use is not the thick one, you would normally use for natural lashes. Best to use the normal one you apply mascara with. However, it should be new and clean, without any mascara or other products on it.


2. Washing

As we wrote in the previous point, you should avoid applying mascara to the extensions. If you do, then make sure you only apply it on the ends, taking it off every time you go to bed. To keep them clean is very important. After all, the natural role of the eyelashes is to protect the eyes from impurities coming from the air.

Washing needs to be performed with care, where you also need to be extremely gentle, avoiding the circular motions on your eyes, in order not to damage them. You can use plain water and soap, to give them a proper wash, but pay attention to direct washing upwards (from the root, towards the ends, gently). When the washing is finished, gently collect the remaining water from your face with a towel, tapping it all over your face and eyes, not rubbing.

3. Avoid oil-based products

The oil will affect the longevity of your extensions. It affects the glue directly, by decomposing it, resulting in extensions separating from you lash and falling off. So, don’t use any of the products based on oil, even micellar water, because some can also have a small percentage of oil inside of them.  Mascaras are also oil-based, this is why it’s best to pause with applying mascara when you have extensions. After all, you chose extensions to avoid applying mascara all the time. Women who enjoy applying to make up have to be extra careful when they have extensions. Aside from mascara, many other make-up products are oil-based, which is why you need to avoid applying eyeshade, eyeliner, even some eye pencils. This is probably the only flaw of extensions. The eyes are already accentuated enough, but sometimes you just wish to play more and add some color to them, especially on some occasions.

Also, check the ingredients of your face creams, they surely have oil inside. But you can always avoid applying it on the eyes, just circle around.

4. Avoid hands-eyes contact

At one point we mentioned that rubbing your eyes with hands can cause tangling or extension falling off. Rubbing your eyes, even when they feel extremely itchy is a no, no. The facial skin naturally has oils to maintain moisture, and its secretion can be further stimulated by rubbing or touching the face. Then it reaches the eye, and you have the same effect described in the previous point. The only contact allowed during the time you wear your extensions is with a fresh towel, during your morning and evening face and lash cleaning routine. It’s good to avoid bathing in salty water, such as the sea, even the swimming pool can affect the quality of the lashes. However, those who enjoy swimming never listen to this advice and after a couple of days go to the public pool.

5. Refill on time

Extensions can last up to 6 weeks, as was mentioned in the beginning. What your cosmetician will advise you to do, is visit the salon for a refill, every 2 weeks. If you really enjoy your new look, you will listen to advise and refill regularly.

Following these 5 simple steps should put you on the right track with maintaining the perfect look, for as long as possible.

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