7 Things to Do before You Start Selling on Shopify

Once you have finally decided to start your Shopify store and previously invested hard work in it, we are sure that a million thoughts will pass through your mind. This condition is normal because you are both excited and scared. The basic thing to remember is that everything that applies to physical sales also applies to online sales. So, you need to interest potential customers by providing them with a large number of opportunities.

The precondition is fulfilling your legal obligations, providing insight into all the necessary information about your business, products, etc. In that case, you need Shopify to set up, manage and create a promotion for your store. If you want to use the full potential of Shopify, we have some useful tips for you.

1. Get ready for business

Expert advice is that before creating a Shopify store, get everything you need for business. This will significantly speed up the process and your store will look much better. To achieve this, you need to consider your business ideas, business name, logo, products and to read more about all other important things.

2. Make your sale as soon as possible

Although you do not have enough experience in this business, you need to try to make your first sale as soon as possible. You will only be able to do this if you get enough feedback from your customers. No matter how many times you go through every detail of the business, you will not know how customers will react to the products until you expose them to them. That way you will know if your prices and products are good enough.

3. Pre-order

This business move brings with it many benefits to your business. This will affect your final results, all business operations, as well as customer loyalty. Today, customers have a large number of options when shopping, more than ever before. If you really want to increase your sales, each of your products must be available. This is very important for retailers because the competition is fierce. After the customer does not find a certain product with you, he will look for it elsewhere. That’s why you always have to have products in stock when customers want it. This way you will conclude your sale even though the goods are not ready for delivery. You will never have to give negative feedback to your customers again. These orders are also much more flexible, because you will receive a deposit. The ability to pre-order gives you insight into the demand for certain products without risk. Of course, consider the possibility of large-scale delays while processing delivery deadlines. Pre-orders create excitement with customers, which means that you can attract their attention. It is an opportunity to encourage a sense of anticipation among customers.

4. Marketing campaign

When you want to increase customer interest, you will usually use a good marketing campaign. It includes creating professional images, using factory samples, as well as many other professional services that will present your product in the best possible light. Don’t forget about time-limited discounts and promotions. Explore which platform your audience uses the most to promote new products there.

Pay for different promotion methods that will fill the platform with content about your business. When establishing a conversion with an audience, an exclusive pre-sales ordering approach helps. For example, post a loyalty program or something similar. This will help you get closer to your customers.

5. Add sales channels

To take full advantage of this way of retail, you need to find the best social media channels and markets. Focus on those channels that work best for you. Then check their availability. Examples of online sales channels are eBay, TikTok and many others. Each of them connects with your business, which means that you will easily follow orders and all other activities that take place on all platforms.

6. Take advantage of a free trial

One of the great options is a free trial of Shopify. You will have plenty of time to start the store. Best of all, you won’t have to enter confidential information such as your account number, but you’ll need to answer a few questions. Remember that in this process, the most important thing is to carefully choose the name of your store, because this URL cannot be changed later. Your business will not fail if you have not come up with the perfect URL at this stage, as you can customize the domain later. Once you open an account, start adding products, opt for an attractive theme, and configure payment and delivery options.

We are sure that you will have a lot of fun choosing the design for your store, because you will have a large selection of options. Don’t forget that it is best to add your products first, because the entire range of products will determine the look of the store. Then select a topic. Otherwise, you will spend too much time choosing a theme that may not visually fit with the photos of your products. Experts advise that the store be designed in relation to the products, and not the other way around.

7. Create good customer support

Edit your pages so that visitors are satisfied. This means that you will provide them with enough information about the company so that customers have all the answers about you in one place. That way, they will be sure that the store is correct. There are many factors that affect the trust of customers in relation to the company, and the amount of information is a key factor. Homepage is the first thing that customers will see, so try to get the best possible first impression. If they don’t like something, they probably won’t stay on your website for long. Edit product categories and establish clear navigation to view all the content on the website.


So, Shopify has many benefits. It integrates easily with social media, works for any type of store and does not restrict users in any way. It contains various options that allow users to more easily create content and improve search engine rankings. All you need to do is know how to take advantage of these benefits.

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