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Top 10 Best Speargun 2024 – Reviews & Buying Guide

The kind of gear you buy depends on a lot of factors. But there are only three important ones involved in the selection process of the best speargun.

The first being the type of underwater creatures you’re after. The second factor to take into account is the depth of the water. And the third is whether you’re scuba diving or free diving.

But why am I telling you this? It’s because you should know that shorter, smaller guns give you a low range with less power. But, at the same time, they are better in terms of maneuverability.

You can use them in wrecks, caves, reefs, and rivers. As for the more powerful, longer spearguns, they are an ideal pick for big game of the ocean.

Now that such an important fact is out in the open, it’s time to delve into more specific details. And the only way to do so is by getting to know the top models available on the market right now.

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The 10 Best Spearguns Reviewed For You

In this section, I have discussed in detail every crucial aspect of the top 10 spearguns. Each model is placed under the scanner. So you can achieve a fair and more elaborate understanding about the weapon. Along with its manufacturer!

 Name Price Type Shaft
Cressi ComancheSpeargunCressi ComancheSpeargun $$ Band Single Flopper
AB Biller Wood Mahogany Special SpeargunAB Biller Wood Mahogany Special Speargun $$$ Band Double Flopper
Mares Sten Pneumatic Spear GunMares Sten Pneumatic Spear Gun $$$ Pneumatic Double Flopper
Hammerhead Proteus SpeargunHammerhead Proteus Speargun $ Band Single Flopper
Cressi Apache Lionfish Spear GunCressi Apache Lionfish Spear Gun $ Band Single Flopper
Riffe Mahogany Competitor Series Spear GunRiffe Mahogany Competitor Series Spear Gun $$$ Band Single Flopper
Cressi Geronimo Elite SpeargunCressi Geronimo Elite Speargun $$$ Band
AB Biller Stainless Steel Professional SpeargunAB Biller Stainless Steel Professional Speargun $$ Band Double Flopper
Mares Bandit Sling Band SpeargunMares Bandit Sling Band Speargun $ Band Single Flopper
Cressi SL Star Spearfishing SpeargunCressi SL Star Spearfishing Speargun $$ Pneumatic

1. Cressi ComancheSpeargun – The Best Speargun for Beginners

Cressi ComancheSpeargun

Why is the Cressi ComancheSpeargun a relevant selection for beginners?

The answer is quite straightforward. The product falls in the category of the budget-friendly picks. So you don’t have to spend big money on heavy-duty equipment when you’re just starting off.

Also, Cressispearguns are easy and convenient to handle and load. But don’t let this lead you to believe that it’s no good for skilled hunters.

Thanks to the top quality materials, the construction is quite impressive. So experienced spearfishers can also make the most of it!

Furthermore, the gear is built using aluminum tubes that are anti-corrosive in nature. That means the thing won’t bend. Plus, it’s sealed to provide maximum resilience.

The handgrip and point are equipped with a long-lasting thermoplastic material. So you know that the speargun is lightweight and precise.

In terms of accuracy, you might also value the lower-placed bands and anatomical muzzle. They help in lining up those shots in the most accurate manner. And lastly, the bands are extra-reactive.

Meaning they deliver nothing short of remarkable power and speed! So you’re in for a treat with the Cressi ComancheSpeargun.

The highlight here is the smart construction and design.

The fact that you get hands on great accuracy makes a huge impact. And this is exactly what beginners want to hear. Even experienced spearfishers swear by the high performance of this particular pick.

All you have to do is load the gun, point it, and shoot.

But the durability of the Cressi Comanche is not up to the mark.

The different parts of the spearfishing gun are prone to cracking, coming loose, or breaking.

So if you’re serious about buying this option, you might as well be prepared for such shortcomings.

  • The Cressispeargun is created for incredible firing accuracy.
  • The shaft release mechanism is very gentle, hence smooth.
  • Quick, highly-reactive bands are a major plus.
  • Pulling back the bands is not easy.
  • Durability is weak.


2. AB Biller Wood Mahogany Special Speargun – The Best Durable Speargun

AB Biller Wood Mahogany Special Speargun

If you want to use one of the most powerful spearguns, you’re reading the correct review. The AB Biller Wood Mahogany Special Speargun is very popular on the current market.

And the reasons for its popularity are justified. So let’s find out what they are! The best part about this option is that it’s available in 7 different sizes. Ranging from 24 inches to 60 inches! That means you choose based on where and what you’re spearfishing.

The next praiseworthy component that I would like to focus on is the unique mahogany construction. And that’s not it. This mahogany material is treated with a polyurethane coat.

So you get all the durability you demand from the best speargun. Along with noiseless and recoil-free performance! The groove present at the top also helps in reducing noise. After putting it to use, I marked that it improves accuracy as well.

Then comes the stainless steel equipped double barb and trigger of the rockpoint designed tip. Such a structure is proof of the fact that AB Biller stands for nothing but quality.

What you’re dealing with here is a highly customizable speargun. You get access to different lengths, different tips, and the chance of working with 3 rubber bands.

On top of that, the use of mahogany wood attracts the attention of spearing champions and experienced spearfishers.

Now here’s the problem with the AB Biller Wood Mahogany Special Speargun. The shorter sizes are not so high on accuracy. But the longer ones definitely are.

  • The AB Biller speargun features great craftsmanship.
  • Stringing it up is easy.
  • Lightweight and convenient to handle.
  • Loading the equipment is not easy.
  • Shorter length fails to provide optimal accuracy.


3. Mares Sten Pneumatic Spear Gun – The Best Lightweight Speargun

Mares Sten Pneumatic Spear Gun

I’m going to start by stating that the Mares Sten Pneumatic Spear Gun offers the shortest option on the list. The sizes begin from 16.5 inches and go up till 39.4 inches.

The former is an ideal pick for shooting smaller game and reef fish. And for the purpose of snorkeling as well! (Diving into Bluewater Spearfishing) But what’s so great about this best pneumatic speargun?

Well, to be honest, it’s the remarkable power, precision, and reliability. The gear is equipped with every component required for the task of spearfishing.

This includes holster (for shorter models), shock line, and pump. You can use varying spears with the Mares Sten Pneumatic depending on the game you’re hunting. The air tank capacity is quite high. And that translates into achieving many powerful shots on a single charge.

Due to easy loading and performance optimization, this model is perfect for both advanced and amateur hunters.

The shock-absorbing, ergonomic components are the ones responsible for allowing you to shoot with maximum precision. In fact, they combine to provide you with the opportunity to hunt bigger fish as well.

So don’t be disappointed in that or any other major aspect.

The characteristics that I like the most have a lot to do with speed and recoil. When the former is fast, it becomes easier to indulge in the spearfishing activity. And when the latter is low, performance level improves to a great extent.

The bonus points present themselves in the form of good range and lightweight design.

Unfortunately, the string of the spearfishing equipment is made of plastic material. So you can’t get much use out of it. So it’s quite a relief to know that the package also includes another better quality string.

  • The Mares speargun is perfect
  • for big game.
  • Size is a convenient factor.
  • The shock line technology absorbs most impact.
  • Leg holster lacks enough holes for a better fit.
  • The plastic string is pretty much useless.


4. Hammerhead Proteus Speargun – The Most Powerful Speargun

Hammerhead Proteus Speargun

The Hammerhead Proteus Speargun is one the very few models suitable for beginners. So if you’re a newbie wanting to shoot larger game, you can do so with this best speargun.

It helps in improving spearfishing skills. Plus, you don’t even have to spend a lot of money on this particular pick. It comes with an affordable price tag. So what is it about the Hammerhead Proteus Speargun that makes it perfect for beginners?

The addition of an excellent closed muzzle and effective X-change designed band. As a result of which the loading/reloading process becomes easy and fast.

Since it features a single flopper shaft, you get the opportunity to use different spears across a broad range of situations. But what’s even better is the heat-treated, high-quality stainless steel equipped barrel.

The line release, single shooting line, and safety mechanism are features that also make operation easier. You’ll be glad to know that the handle of the gear has a reel-ready structure.

So to sum it up, the Hammerhead Proteus Speargun is plenty powerful, adaptable, and versatile.

Allow me to describe the Hammerhead Proteus Speargun in simple words.

The gear is capable enough to handle the most fluid situations. Even the loading/reloading action is something that feels easy to perform and control. All thanks to the exceptional muzzle and band design.

The only complaint I have about the Hammerhead Proteus Speargun is that it doesn’t feature a reel. But to make up for the loss, the manufacturer has supplied the handle with a reel-ready design.

  • The Hammerhead speargun offers easy reloading.
  • Accuracy is top-notch.
  • There’s no reel included.


5. Cressi Apache Lionfish Spear Gun – The Best Speargun for Budget-Friendly Users

For an entry-level pick, nothing fits the bill better than the Cressi Apache Lionfish Spear Gun. But that doesn’t mean advanced hunters can’t use it to their advantage. More often than not, experienced spearfishers opt for such a model as their second gun for hunting larger fish.

Now lets about the features responsible for performance! The single band mechanism and closed muzzle simplify and quicken the loading process. The single flopper designed tip emphasizes speed, which means you can indulge in reef fishing.

What’s more about the invaluable ergonomic muzzle is that it helps with aiming as well. Apart from making loading easier, the muzzle delivers optimal accuracy during aiming. And to make things even better, there’s the line drop and trigger safety components.

As for construction and durability, the corrosion resistance goes a long way. Thanks to the use of the anodized aluminum barrel. With low maintenance and sufficient length, the Cressi Apache Lionfish Spear Gun exceeds all predictions.

Once you put it to use, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

You’re looking at a small, compact speargun that’s easy on the wallet. So just because you plan on taking up spearfishing, you don’t need to shell out big money.

And just because you’re buying a cheaper priced model doesn’t mean it’s going to be of low quality. Poor performance is not a part of the hunting experience at all.

Everything about the Cressi Apache Lionfish Spear Gun is up to the mark. Except for one thing; power.

  • The Cressispeargun is simple to work with.
  • The anodized sealed barrel provides corrosion resistance.
  • Molded, ergonomic handle enables easy maneuverability.
  • Trigger mechanism fails to lock to the shaft.
  • It lacks the power for even small fish penetration.


6. Riffe Mahogany Competitor Series Spear Gun – The Best Speargun for Expert Users

Riffe Mahogany Competitor Series Speargun

If you’re an experienced spearfisher, you’ll value the Riffe Mahogany Competitor Series Spear Gun.

The model is specifically crafted to meet the demands of skilled hunting. But the presence of the side-mount loading sounds great if you’re a beginner too.

So it’s safe to use for both demographics. Now it’s time to pay attention to the high-quality teak construction. The lamination is also a remarkable design quality.

You can use this best speargun for bottom diving, holes, and reefs. In terms of structure, there’s the heavy-duty handle built using ABS plastic.

Along with the stainless steel equipped trigger!

Moving on to the bands, they are completely abrasion-resistant. And that allows you to shoot through rocks quite effortlessly. In that regard, you might also enjoy the automatic loading of the spring.

There’s no other component that brings such a lot of convenience into the picture!

Shooting fast is possible due to the nylon shooting line. And shooting long is possible due to the inclusion of two line wraps and three bands. You couldn’t have asked for more!

Riffe is a brand that manufactures hardwood spearguns. And more often than not, they are suitable for all types of spearfishers.

But to be honest, the Riffe Mahogany Competitor Series is more inclined towards the professional/skilled hunter.

But don’t let this news discourage you if you’re a beginner. As a newbie, you’ll be relieved to know that the side loading is not only present but convenient too.

All thanks to the automatic loading mechanism of the spring.

Let me bring to your notice that the Riffe Mahogany Competitor Series Spear Gun is equipped with a Hawaiian, not Tahitian, flopper shaft.

And rumor has it that the former produces a “clicking” sound during application. This might spook your game before that spear hits. But the chances of something like that happening are pretty low.

  • The Riffe speargun features a standard, hence easy set up.
  • The heavy-duty construction offers tons of durability.
  • Abrasion-resistant bands provide a huge advantage.
  • Hawaiian style flopper shafts are not completely noiseless.


7. Cressi Geronimo Elite Speargun – The Best Speargun for Accuracy

Cressi Geronimo Elite Speargun

If you wish to gain more accuracy, you won’t find anything better for the job than the Cressi Geronimo Elite Speargun.

Cressi is considered to be the best speargun brand in the current industry. And there’s no reason to believe that the product at hand is any different.

The high-end gear offers plenty of versatility in terms of customization. You get the opportunity to work with circular bands as well. That means an inevitable increase in power.

But maybe I should be more specific. The Cressi Geronimo Elite Speargun features a new muzzle design. The incredibly compact and hydrodynamic formation of the muzzle performs many functions.

These include blocking the shaft region against that barrel and exploiting the elastic band tension. Along with eliminating irritating vibrations!

Moreover, the professional safety catch and line release are excellent additions. The barrel is built using heat-treated, hydro-formed, corrosion-free material. In simple words, you get access to balance, firmness, and hydrodynamics.

This way, the carbon models don’t stand a chance in terms of performance. What you’re looking at is an updated version of the Cressi Geronimo Elite Speargun.

Even the handgrip and release mechanisms have been subjected to improvements. So you don’t need to raise any doubts related to the design of the heavy-duty equipment.

Well-constructed, easy to operate, and accurate. These are the three most important qualities of this best speargun by none other than Cressi.

The Geronimo Elite features a professional safety catch and line release.

With a corrosion-free barrel! And that brings high-performance into play.

The problem lies with the band of the Cressi Geronimo Elite Speargun. It’s quite difficult to pull. So you might have to replace it with something lighter.

  • The Cressispeargun delivers consistent accuracy.
  • It shoots quite far.
  • The body and its parts are plenty flexible yet do not bend.
  • Reel is not included.
  • Pulling the bands is not easy.


8. AB Biller Stainless Steel Professional Speargun – The Best Speargun for Easy Aiming

AB Biller Stainless Steel Professional Speargun

The AB Biller Stainless Steel Professional Speargun has a lot in common with its wooden counterpart. Especially when it comes to the attractive visual appeal and high quality!

This steel version consists of hardened quality stainless steel equipped double flopper shaft. I would also like to mention that the option is the correct choice for seasoned and beginner hunters.

So there are no restrictions in terms of usability. Features like the swivel tip, rockpoint, etc. are also well taken care of. But what’s the most compelling is the redesigned trigger mechanism and grip.

These components have been subjected to improvements over the years to leave no room for error. Without a shred of doubt, it’s a highly recommended pick for easy aiming.

All you have to do is look down that shaft. The invaluable guide rail located in the center improves accuracy to a great extent.

This is why I chose the AB Biller Stainless Steel Professional Speargun to be the best for easy aiming.

The one major issue that you might encounter is the inability of the safety feature to lock. So there’s hardly any resistance to it. And that can be slightly annoying to deal with.

  • The AB Biller speargun can withstand rough use.
  • It is a powerful tool with optimal mobility.
  • The tip does not facilitate deep penetration.
  • Safety feature is no good.


9. Mares Bandit Sling Band Speargun – The Best Speargun for Small Fish and Short Game

If you’re not aiming big, then you might want to go for the Mares Bandit Sling Band Speargun. It’s the perfect option for beginners and intermediate spearfishers.

The proof of that is the entry-level price tag of the product. It’s affordable; hence you don’t need to spend a lot of money when you’re only just learning the skills. The five different size options are created so you can choose a model based on your needs and preferences.

When you compare these lengths to other spearguns, you’ll notice something unique. That they all fail to cross the 50-inch mark! That means this particular option is specifically created for smaller game.

Moving on, the double notch system allows you to customize the power levels.

The single flopper steel shaft is again perfect for small fish and short range. Next in line is the Dyneema wishbone construction. So the equipment is plenty forgiving during shaft loading. Even the firing and safety locking mechanisms don’t disappoint.

Overall, it’s an incredibly accurate speargun capable of lasting for a very long time.

Why should you check out the Mares Bandit Sling Band Speargun? Well, there are many reasons. The swivel-equipped shark clip enables easy attachment of the float line.

An invaluable closed muzzle design presents the opportunity to increase power. Then comes the highly durable firing mechanism for greater reliability. So to get your hands on something comfortable and easy, look no further.

The most disappointing part is that the useful safety feature fails to stay in a single position. So you have to go through the trouble of holding it there.

  • The Mares speargun allows you to add an extra sling for more power.
  • The Dyneema wishbone material increases safety.
  • Line bungee is made of rubber to eliminate recoil.
  • It doesn’t generate enough power for big game.
  • The safety component tends to slip around.


10. Cressi SL Star Spearfishing Speargun – The Best Speargun for Long and Short Range

The last pick is a pneumatic option created to work well for both long and short range. And just like the other Cressispearguns, the SL Star also boasts of a reliable and high-quality construction.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or expert at spearfishing. The current pneumatic-type speargun is crafted for all kinds of divers. (Spearfishing tips)

The Cressi SL Star Spearfishing Speargun is a model that keeps getting updated. So what you’re dealing with here is a simple to use, ultra-light hunting weapon that fires quickly.

The high, anatomical grip handle allows you to hold the gun properly and quite effortlessly.

On top of that, the strong eyelet line attachment on that handle makes room for a lanyard. In practical terms, it even helps with the process of shaft loading. To eliminate accidental firing, Cressi has supplied the gear with safety catch.

So the only time that line release will release shaft line is when you pull the trigger. So it’s a well-constructed pneumatic speargun that doesn’t empty your wallet like most expensive spearguns on the current market.

Did you know that the Cressi SL Star Spearfishing Speargun is perfect for poor visibility conditions? It’s because of the optimal size of the model. The spear portion doesn’t protrude past its muzzle.

Unlike the band version of spearguns!

Even aiming and loading the gear are quick tasks. In my opinion, that’s easy usability right there!

The negative feedback here is associated with the safety of the Cressi SL Star Spearfishing Speargun.

Given the high quality of the rest of the equipment, you’d expect this particular feature to also be the same. But, unfortunately, that’s not the case.

  • The Cressispeargun is ideal for tight space hunting.
  • Grip is bright yellow to add better visibility.
  • Precision and durability are excellent factors.
  • The barrel plastic clip is prone to breaking.
  • Safety lock is of bad quality.


Choosing the Best Speargun in the World (Buyer’s Guide)


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1. Different Types of Spearfishing

The first and most important factor is the kind of spearfishing you indulge in. This means deciding between scuba diving and free diving.

The most powerful speargun is the model that offers the longest range. It performs exceptionally well when it comes to killing large fish accurately and quickly.

On the other hand, a lesser range is considered to be little powerful. That means it’s perfect for spearing in shallow water or targeting reef creatures.

So now you know that you should desire for a more powerful spear when dealing with big fish. But the best speargun for beginners is the one that features smaller range.

And that’s because they are more likely to stick to smaller fish and shallower areas.

2. Different Types of Spearguns

You get two options to choose from in this category; pneumatic and band. When spearguns came into existence, they were constructed using thick rubber equipped bands along with wood.

In fact, such traditional models are used even today. So let’s find out more!

  • Pneumatic Speargun

The best pneumatic speargun utilizes compressed air for the purpose of firing the spear. It is smaller in size, which means easy carry. But this comes with a downside. The compact design of pneumatic spearguns makes them more complicated to load.

  • Band Speargun

These spearguns are built using rubber material, which implies quiet application. The only drawback here is that rubber material requires frequent replacement. So it all boils down to your personal preference for selecting between pneumatic and band. But more often than not, people prefer working with band spearguns.

3. Length of Speargun

The outcome of spearfishing and length of speargun are directly associated with each other. Allow me to elaborate. Beginners use smaller spears as they are simpler to control when learning the skills and mechanics of the sport.

The shorter speargun is more suitable when exploring tight spots like caves. While the longer version is a handy model for big game fishing and deeper waters! Also, keep in mind that the latter is more powerful with a greater range.

4. Shafts of Speargun

Not all speargun shafts are created equally. The design depends on their manufacturer. Typically, there’s the Single Flopper or the Double Flopper.

  • Single Flopper or Tahitian Style

Such shafts feature a spear with only one barb. They rank as the fastest in performance, which makes them perfect for reef creatures. Upon testing, I also found them easier to pull out from the game.

  • Double Flopper or Breakaway

These shafts consist of double barbs on both the sides. They are heavier than their single flopper counterparts. And more suitable for large species!

5. Muzzle of Speargun

This particular component is found only in band spearguns. The muzzle is either open or closed. The latter includes a front end hole that is used for the rubber material band to pass through. It makes the process of loading the speargun easier.

All you have to do is hook the band to the shaft notch.

On the other hand, open muzzles demand hooking the sling or band in the same position as well. These types of muzzles are present on spearguns that make use of more than a single band. An anatomically designed muzzle helps in lining up the shots and aiming with accuracy.

6. Price of Speargun

There’s no need to buy the most expensive speargun if you’re new to the sport. As such a model is high-powered and at the top of its range. Opt for something like this only if you know you’ll be getting into deep waters. But don’t forget that handling more power requires a certain level of experience.

So I would recommend you to choose the best speargun with a heavier price tag only if you’ve got your eyes on big game.


Firing a gun underwater and on land are not the same. Both require different sets of skills. The way you handle a speargun is not the same as handling a normal gun.

For beginners, the best speargun is a basic model.

As they don’t tend to hunt off the boat! But for more range and power, you need something versatile. To be more specific, a speargun that allows you to add more rubber bands over a period of time. But don’t forget to keep your budget in mind as well.

All the affordable options discussed in this article don’t compromise on value and quality. So you can go ahead and pick the Cressi Apache Lionfish Spear Gun.

It’s a compact, entry-level model crafted to hunt medium to small fish. The closed design of the muzzle simplifies loading and improves accuracy. Then comes the sealed anodized barrel, which takes care of corrosion! Whereas the molded, ergonomic handle enables fast muzzle pointing and easier maneuverability!

Even the stainless steel equipped shaft is a well-constructed component. It features double notches to initiate variable power for loading. Or to make room for an extra band that provides additional power. So whichever way you look; the Cressi Apache Lionfish Spear Gun is an exceptional choice.

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