Skin Fade Haircut Varieties: Understanding Types and Gaining Pro-Level Execution

Hairstyles are always something that describes a person to a certain degree. That is why you will see many people who want a unique one, right? For instance, you will see numerous cases where people go to the extreme when pursuing the one that will complement their personality. Of course, those individuals will invest a lot of time and effort until they finally find something they like. Sometimes, people might commit ages to this.

But at the same time, you will find many people who have, let’s say, generic hairstyles. However, that does not damage their personality, quite the contrary. The commonest aspect you will find within these styles is skin fade. Still, we want to say that skin fade is not something you will be able to achieve at first. If you want to make this process easier and understand how to do it properly, visit Revlon Professional.

We are talking about a style that surprisingly originated in the US Army. It started in the forties to depict all the soldiers similarly. By doing so, the army staff wanted to enhance the unity between soldiers by promoting same-level status. But it became a part of popular culture in the nineties and became so widespread. Today, we want to discuss different skin fade haircut varieties. Without further ado, let us get started.



You will find high skin fade in the first, among the commonest varieties. We are talking about the level between short to long hair. However, we want to emphasize the main point. The hair will sit upper on the head. It is easily among the most drastic ones out there for a simple reason: the differences between these. That’s probably the main reason why this style is so popular among so many people from all over the globe.

The rear side of the individual’s hair will be cut completely, while the top will stay short but significantly higher. In some situations, you will see the beard as long as the hair, or even higher. It all depends on the individual’s needs and preferences. Yet again, you will find some people shortening the upper parts of the beard while keeping the lower parts longer. There are so many elements that can differ.

High Drop


The next variant we want to touch upon is high drop. We are talking about combining a high fade and a classic one. Some even deny the existence of this variant by simply calling it a regular one. However, experienced stylists will tell you there is one aspect that makes it unique. We are talking about a line dropping below the ears. Therefore, it deserves the stature it has among stylists today as unique.

The one thing you should understand is that the fades need to be extremely short in this case. Of course, only the most experienced hairstylists can pull off this. The transition between these two elements makes a significant touch to make it as stylish as many people consider it to be. What attracts many people to this one is that the stylists, even though they need to be well-versed, can pull it off quickly.



Even though many people would consider taper and fade to be completely different things, we beg to differ. The truth is completely different since most barbers would describe taper as a fade with a touch of fading near the neckline or even sideburns. The beard aspect is essential in this case.

The difference is that the beard is not trimmed how we are used to. Instead, we are talking about a completely different approach. Beard doesn’t have to be long at all. Instead, the hairstylists will cut the beard in a way that it fades slowly. If you, the individual, want to keep the beard long, there is the possibility of creating a fade near the ears, where the beard and hair connect.


The mid variant was quite popular for a long time but lost some of it over the years. Thankfully, there are indications that this one might make a comeback. Compared to many other variants, this one requires high precision and skills to make it possible. The reason is simple: hairstylists must be patient enough to make clean cuts without simultaneously damaging the rest of the hair, which is quite hard.

You will see many people considering it to look exceptional on its own. But when you scratch the surface, you will see that adding certain elements to the original concept will make it more attractive. Naturally, there are countless options you can choose from, and you will need to navigate through them until you find the one that complements your style. Knowing how to make these will become obligatory for hairstylists in the coming years.

Edge Up

Lastly, we need to discuss the variant known as edge-up. What makes this one distinct from others? Well, it is quite simple; the lines at the edges of the hair need to be as sharp as possible. You will find this one becoming significantly popular after Will Smith popularized it back in the nineties. Until today, it has preserved its position as one of the commonest options millions of people choose whenever they cut their hair.

Of course, we want to point out that not everyone can get this. It is because it is possible only for individuals with a certain type of hair. Another point we want to make is that this one looks perfectly good when paired with a beard trimmed similarly. You can find countless examples of this. Numerous celebrities have chosen this variant, and we have no doubt it will continue to be popular in the future.

In Conclusion

Experienced hairstylist needs to understand numerous options before it becomes possible for them to provide their customers with the best possible service. Here, we focused on the question of skin fade. We dive deep into various varieties that will help you understand the differences in the concept. We are certain you will consider this insight to be of much help.

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