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Roger Goodell Net Worth 2024-How Much Money This Popular American Businessman Earns

Do you enjoy watching NFL games? If so, then you’re probably a big football fan. Suppose you know all the clubs competing in this quality championship, however, do you know who the head people of this organization are? More specifically, who is the Commissioner of the National Football League? This is Roger Goodell, a successful American businessman who we’ll talk about today. In addition to career information, you will be able to find out some details about his life, childhood, family and of course net worth. So, if you’re ready, let’s get started.

Roger Goodell Early Life


Roger Goodell or Roger Stokoe Goodell, is a successful American businessman. This guy was born in Jamestown, New York, as one of the 3 children of the marriage between Charles Ellsworth and Jean Goodell. Interestingly, his father, Charles, was previously a United States Senator.

As we said, Roger isn’t the only child in the family, but has two brothers, Tim and Michael. As for his family, Goodell has been married to Jane Skinner since 1997. The couple have 2 children, twin daughters born in 2001.

When it came to his education, Goodell graduated from Bronxville High School, after which he enrolled at Washington & Jefferson College and earned a degree in economics. Interestingly, his schooling period undoubtedly influenced his career as Roger Goodell played as many as three sports (football, basketball and baseball) during his high school years. Moreover, he was very good in all three sports and was also the captain of his teams.

Roger Goodell Career


Goodell’s career in the NFL began many years ago, when he was 23 years old. It was in the year of 1982 and Roger then became an administrative intern in New York. Over time, he progressed, and in 1987 he became assistant to Lamar Hunt. In December of 2001, Goodell became Executive Vice President as well as COO (Chief Operating Officer) of the National Football League. It was a really big step forward in his career that brought him closer to important positions in the organization.

In the period when Goodell had an upswing in his career, Paul Tagliabue came into the position of NFL Commissioner. He succeeded Pete Rozelle in this position in 1989. However, in 2006, Tagliabue retired and the time came for a new NFL Commissioner. The election was won by Goodell, who officially took office on September 1, 2006.

Over the past 13 years as NFL Commissioner, Goodell has made a lot of progress for the league in terms of expanding it, improving infrastructure, and increasing the overall value of the league.

Roger Goodell Net Worth


Given his longtime involvement in the National Football League, Roger Goodell has been able to achieve truly great results. The changes and advancements he made, have made the league as it is today. However, apart from the obvious progress for his organization, Goodell has also progressed on a personal level, as his career has taken a very interesting path. Thanks to that, Roger Goodell can boast a multimillion net worth today. According to recent estimates, his wealth is $150 million.

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