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Mark Cuban Net Worth 2024 – Popular Entrepreneur and Investor

Do you like to go watch NBA matches? If so, then you probably know the name Dallas Mavericks. This is the name of one of the 30 clubs in the best basketball league in the world. However, in today’s article the focus won’t be on sports at all, but on one of the key people of this basketball franchise from Dallas. We’re talking about Mark Cuban, a popular and highly successful American entrepreneur and investor who owns the Mavs.

In the following text you will be able to find out some very interesting things about his life, childhood, career, but also net worth. So, if you’re ready, let’s get started.

Mark Cuban Early Life

If you thought that “Cuba” in the name of this famous American had ties to the state of Cuba, then you were wrong. Mark Cuban was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States, on July 31, 1958. Mark’s parents are Norton Cuban, who worked as an upholster in the automotive industry, while his mother’s name is Shirley Cuban.

Interestingly, he descends from a Jewish family, but his ancestors (more specifically his grandfather) left Russia and on that occasion changed his surname to Cuban (formerly Chabenisky).

Mark has been married to Tiffany Stewart since 2002 and the couple has three children.

As for his education, Mark Cuban attended the University of Pittsburgh, but didn’t stay there for long. After one year, he moved to Indiana University in Bloomington. He graduated in 1981 from the Kelley School of Business with a Bachelor of Science in Management.


Mark Cuban made his first steps towards a successful entrepreneur career by selling garbage bags as a child. In addition, he did other business such as selling stamps or running newspapers. One of the key jobs was being a vendor in Your Business Software. After that, he started his first company, MicroSolutions in 1983, which reached a really high value on the market of as much as tens of millions of dollars. Mark later sold his company for $6 million.

The next very important step in his career was the founding of Audionet with his school friends Chris Jaeb and Todd Wagner, in the year of 1995. Over the four years, the company achieved incredible success, so in 1999 Yahoo! decided to buy it. Still, this wasn’t the end. Together with Todd Wagner, Mark founded a new company, 2929 Entertainment, which he didn’t want to sell, but he and Wagner remain the key executives until today.

Cuban is also the founder of AXS TV. We have to mention his sports investments, such as buying the NBA franchise Dallas Mavericks in 2000. Cuban had several attempts to get involved in Major League Baseball by buying a few franchises, but unsuccessfully.

Mark Cuban Net Worth

If you have read this summary of Mark Cuban’s life and career, we believe that you could conclude that he has repeatedly succeeded in founding successful companies that earned him great profits while selling them. Also, investments in sports clubs as well as the management of 2929 Entertainment undoubtedly influenced his wealth. According to recent estimates, Mark Cuban net worth in 2024 is $4.1 billion.

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