Top 10 Pool Buying Tips in 2024

A backyard pool can make a great addition to your lifestyle while providing you countless hours of joy under the sun. However, buying a pool is a big decision, requiring careful considerations. A swimming pool, once installed, is there to stay. You cannot make any alterations later. It is, therefore important you plan carefully and derive what you want out of your pool. This article gives tips that help you buy the right pool.

10 pool buying tips: Ask yourself these questions

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1. Why do you want a pool?

People want to buy a swimming pool for different reasons. While some want a pool to unwind after a day’s hard work, several others see the pool as the perfect way to get their family together. A pool can be a great place to develop family bonding. Some people prefer to have a pool to experience the healing powers of the water. Yes, water can soothe your body and mind, providing an unbelievable experience. Identify what you want to finally achieve and plan accordingly.

2. What is your budget?

Before considering pool options, plan your budget. How much can you spend on a backyard swimming pool? Once you have a clear idea, start exploring the options available within your budget. You can consult a pool specialist to help you choose the right design, size, layout, and pool finish to sync with your property features seamlessly. Besides the pool, you will also need to pay for the accessories, cleaning, lighting, plus taxes.

3. How do you want to operate your pool?

People looking to buy a pool often ignore this fact. They pay more attention to the pool design and style and fail to recognise the costs involved in operating and maintaining the pool.

While the pools installed 4 decades ago operate under the traditional pump circulation system, today there are efficient circulation systems that can greatly reduce the energy consumption. The modern circulation systems ensure proper water mixing and sanitisation too. Energy efficient water pumps available today are a good choice to make. When you are buying a pool, look for an operating system that ensures excellent water mixing, filtration, and sanitisation. Self-cleaning pools also allow you to have more fun in the water, at the same time enhance the value of your property.

4. How do you want to use your pool?

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The purpose for which you will be using your pool influences a lot in pool buying. There are different kinds of pools, designed for various purposes. For instance, a plunge pool is ideal if you want a pool to relax in the evenings. On the other hand, a lap pool would be perfect if you are planning to have a backyard pool to stay fit. The choice of pool style, design, and shape will greatly depend on your purpose.

5. What type of pool is ideal for you?

Are all pools the same? No! As said earlier, different pools are designed keeping in mind the varying tastes, needs and preferences of the people. Once a pool is installed, you will have little scope to modify it later. So, make the right choice, the first time. There are different options such as concrete, vinyl, and fibreglass pools, but of late, fibreglass pools’ popularity is increasing. Here are the reasons for the enhanced inclination of people towards the fibreglass pools:

  • They are easy to maintain
  • Compared to the other pool options, fibreglass pools are easy to install
  • They are cost-effective
  • They come with a longer warranty period
  • They can be customised

6. Have you considered the extras?

Many pool manufacturers will not include the extras in their quote. Be wise enough to ask for additional costs involved and arrive at the precise number to be able to make the right decision. You can include fencing, heating, landscaping, paving and lighting costs to ultimately know what it exactly costs to buy a pool. You can also inquire about the options available and decide whether you want a particular pool or not.

7. How do you choose a pool manufacturer?

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There are a lot of pool manufacturers on the market. In fact, you will be spoiled for choice when trying to choose one. The right choice here will minimise the risk and gives you peace of mind throughout the process of pool buying and installation.

Before choosing a manufacturer, here are things you need to research on:

  • For how long is the manufacturer operating in the industry?
  • Are his reviews satisfactory?
  • What does his product warranty cover?
  • Is he making pools at least for as long as he is warranting his product?
  • How large is his customer base?
  • What is his USP?
  • What are the services covered?

8. When are you planning to install your pool?

Well, people generally ask for pool quotes during the summer. We understand you want your family to enjoy the cool waters during the summer but please understand it is peak season, and pool manufacturers will be quite busy. You cannot expect tempting discounts. Simply said, you need to shell out what the manufacturer quotes. However, if you plan to install a pool during winter, you can save a lot of your hard-earned money. Pool manufacturers hardly get inquiries during this time of the year. They will even offer you huge discounts.

9. What is the look you want to create?

Before buying a pool, think of the look you finally want for your backyard. The modern pools come in all shapes and designs, they can even be tailored to align with your space. Choose a classy rectangular shaped fibreglass pool for your backyard or go with a contemporary kidney shaped one to complement your lifestyle. If you visit the website, you can take a look at a range of different pool designs. The choice is yours!

10. Think about the later additions

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You may want to postpone adding some features to your pool due to budget constraints. But determining whether the pool you are going to buy is flexible enough to accommodate the changes later. Talk to your manufacturer and identify what you can include and what you can’t later on. Make a decision based on that.

Buy a top quality pool and enjoy with your near and dear ones right in your backyard. With the above tips, pool buying must be a breeze!!

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