DIY: How Do You Get The Perfect Makeup Base?

In the twenty-first century, there are many advocates of body positivity who claim that people should love themselves the way they are and not conform to the standards of beauty set out by celebrities. Some people have natural beauty, and they do not require any makeup at all. However, there are others who prefer using makeup because everyone desires to look presentable and attractive.

These days makeup products are made up of ingredients that are natural and do not irritate the skin. Moreover, nowadays, there are many DIY (do-it-yourself) videos that are available on the internet. These videos help people understand the basic and essential components of good makeup, and people do not have to spend a large sum of money visiting a beauty parlor.

Natashadenona is a brand that offers a wide range of bases or primers that can be a foundation for good and long-lasting makeup.

Why Is The Base Or Primer So Crucial For A Good Makeup?

Removal Of Natural Blemishes Or Marks On The Face

Most people have a few marks that are spots, blemishes, pores or blackheads on their face. At the same time, the nose is a notorious place for having pores and black or white spots. The cheeks have acne or pimples, especially in people who are in their puberty. For people who are slightly older, that is, those who are in their mid-thirties or forties, the initial signs of wrinkles begin to appear.

Thus, having a smooth, blemish-free face is a rare gift. Hence people of all age groups need to apply a base or a primer before they can apply any sort of makeup on their face. The base or the primer creates an even, smooth canvas on which other makeup, like the foundation or face powder, can be applied.

Reduces The Need For Constant Touch Ups

Makeup needs regular touch-ups because the color of the lipstick, the bronzer or the blush fades with time. However, it can be quite taxing to remember to do constant touch-ups. Also, for people who need to wear heavy makeup and that too for long time intervals, constant touch-ups can become quite irritating and time-consuming. So the easy solution to avoid recurrent touch-ups is to apply a base or primer on the face before applying any makeup.

Show The Right tinge Or Color Of Lipstick And Eyeshadows

Primers are essential because they allow the lipstick or eyeshadow to appear in their actual tinge or Color. Most people have a darker complexion around the creases of their eyes or on their lips. When lipstick or eyeshadow is applied on a darker surface, the overall tinge produced may be very different from what is expected. Hence, a base is a must to get the right color for the eyeshadows and lipsticks.

4 Simple Steps To Get The Perfect Makeup Base

Find The Right Product

It is often said that finding the right product is half the battle won when it comes to makeup. Professional beauticians and parlors spend a significant amount of time and effort in finding the right shade and the right ingredients in a product.

The shade should be in sync with the natural complexion of an individual. Some bases come with vitamins, while others come with natural products like tea tree oil that are helpful in fighting acne. Again, there is a choice to be made between a dewy or a matte product. Dewy products or serum-enriched primers are good for those who have dry faces, and matte products work best for those with oily faces. However, oil-based primers have advantages like they prevent the makeup from smudging and hence these are preferred by many beauty parlors.

It might be quite a challenge to find a shade that goes perfectly with an individual’s complexion. In such cases, it is a good idea to blend two or more shades to make a customized product.

Cleansing And Moisturizing

Cleansing, moisturizing and applying a sunscreen lotion are the routine steps that are followed by all beauticians. Cleansing is very important, and it removes the dead cells, accumulated dirt etc. Moisturizing is essential after cleansing to make a face supple. And finally, a sunscreen lotion is a must to protect from the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays of the Sun.

Correct Way To Apply The Base

The base should be applied from the center and radiate outwards. Most people use clean hands for applying the primer, while some prefer using a clean sponge. If the primer is cream based, it is advisable to use fingers instead of a sponge or a brush. The sponge absorbs the primer, and the resultant application is patchy.

Whatever the means of application, the strokes should be outwards. Strokes that radiate outwards are good for improving blood circulation and lymph circulation, and they make a face appear naturally radiant. Also, the strokes should be in one direction, or else they will leave a patchy impression on the face.

Waiting For A few Minutes For The Base To Set In Properly

People should wait for a few minutes, ideally three to four minutes, for the primer to set in properly before applying any other makeup product, like a foundation.


Today most beauticians have recognized the important role that primers have to play in giving overall great facial makeup. Hence, all of them make it a point to use base makeup and also recommend the same to their clients. Earlier primers were mostly made of silicone products, and those could irritate people who have sensitive skin. However, today most primers are made of natural products.

Moreover, there are several additional elements like Vitamins, Serum, Salicylic acids etc. All these products take care of many issues like acne, dull skin etc. Thus investing in a good primer is worth the money as it ensures that one does not need constant touch-ups. It also protects and treats natural skin issues to some extent; hence visits to a dermatologist also become rare.

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