How to Organize a High School Reunion

You’ve just learned that your high school class reunion is approaching, and you’ve been assigned the task of organizing it. Don’t worry; we’re here to help! Planning your high school reunion may be difficult, but remember that the result will be a memorable celebration with your old friends. Even though social media has made it easier to remain in touch with people you’re no longer close to, nothing beats getting everyone together in person to reminisce about the good old days.

Organizing a high school reunion doesn’t have to be too hard if you plan properly. This is true whether or not you are a skilled event planner. Reunions can be joyous and memorable if you invest time and effort into preparing. This article will explore the best ways to organize an unforgettable high school reunion.

1. Establish appropriate committees and assign duties


The committees will make the event’s planning and implementation much easier. Determine the most essential roles and responsibilities and allocate them to the volunteers based on their talents and expertise. The magnitude of the event will determine the number of committees required. Once the different committees have been constituted and the right people have been appointed, you can kickstart scheduling essential meetings with the committee members. Some of the essential committees to establish include the following:

  • Reunion chairpersons
  • Finance committee
  • Program committee
  • Communication and advertising committee
  • Decoration committee
  • Food committee
  • Registration committee

2. Create a budget for the event

Create a budget for the reunion before starting the planning process. The organizing committee can better define the scope of the high school reunion if they start the process as soon as possible. If 40% of the class attends the reunion, then approximately 50% of those attending will bring a guest. For example, if your high school graduating class had a total enrollment of 100 students, you might fairly expect forty alumni to attend. It is realistic for event organizers to predict that if 50% of attendees bring a guest, there will be a total of sixty guests present. Once the organizing committee estimates the number of attendees, they will have a better idea of where to start when setting a budget for the event.

3. Conduct research and brainstorm

Based on your budget, consider possible event themes, venues, dates, event program ideas, entertainment alternatives, and activity options. Do you require a low-cost site for the event so that you may spend more money on refreshments and entertainment? Is there space in your budget for event personnel, or will you depend on volunteers to fill service shifts during the event?

Determine the kind of event service within your budget, such as a buffet or a four-course plated meal. Will there be a fully-stocked bar, a half-stocked bar, or a cash bar during the reunion? Giving guests access to an open bar will appeal to them the most, but it will also be the most expensive option to fund. When coming up with big-picture thoughts and outlining the event objectives for the gathering, confirm if there are any unique ideas, events, or activities you’d want to add to your high school reunion program.

4. Choose a date


Class reunions are held at different times throughout the year. Early summer and Thanksgiving are two of the most popular options since they do not interfere with other responsibilities, such as work or school. On the other hand, everyone’s availability is the most important issue. Create a brief list of possible dates. Then, conduct a poll to assess whether or not the majority of individuals are available.

5. Choose the venue

It is best to consider the number of people attending and the activities that will take place when choosing a site. Some people may enjoy their school’s grounds. This is a more practical alternative, especially if you do not want to spend a lot of funds on the venue.

School grounds are not only less expensive than other options, but they also give a more intimate setting. Walking around your previous school’s campus is the most effective technique to revisit nostalgic feelings related to your time there.

6. Decide the activities of the day

With the help of the program committee, decide on any activities or performances that will be included. However, you should ensure that the activities you plan are entertaining and intriguing to all the attendees. Consider novel techniques to attract the audience’s attention. One of the things you can consider doing to spice up the day is introducing some exciting games, especially the favorite games from your school days. This has a great way of bringing back beautiful memories.

7. Decide on the services you will hire

There will be volunteers at the event, but professional support will also be needed. Consider hiring a professional DJ, chef, photographer, videographer, and other event-related specialists. Hiring these professional services will give you the peace of mind you need, knowing that all essential areas are being handled by professionals in the field. To ensure that you hire the best specialists, you can seek recommendations from your committee members. There is a high chance that someone on your committee might have direct connections to one of the services you need.

8. Send out official reunion invitations

You should send official invitations six months before the high school reunion to ensure a higher attendance rate. Create eye-catching invitations to thrill your former classmates, encourage them to purchase their tickets as soon as possible, and make sure everyone registers for the gathering on the appropriate platform. Include information on how to react to the invitation and the reunion’s date, location, and time. You can also use Nuwber to look up the phone numbers of your old schoolmates and contact them directly. For further information, direct prospective guests to the reunion website or Facebook Group. On your event’s website, put the organizing committee’s contact information, important dates, and any other important information your former classmates might need.


All of the above tips will help you organize an unforgettable event for people with whom you spent a lot of time in high school. Pay attention to all the tips to make your high school reunion an amazing place where you will remember old school days and make new memories.

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